Which Are the Best Online Gadgets Stores?

Which Are the Best Online Gadgets Stores?

Are you excited to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Do you need a gift for a geeky friend? No matter what you are looking for, I hope you find your inspiration and get some valuable gadgets and electronics by visiting the following store.


DealeXtremeFounded in 2005, DealeXtreme is one of the best web stores created in China. It was established as a direct business to consumer e-commerce retailer and is now known as a specialty leading retailer that specializes in a mind-boggling variety like networking products, electronics, accessories, tools, flashlights, toys and so many more. Commonly known as DX, the company has now reached over 1 million customers and is now backed by over 3000 suppliers. With over 210,000 items, 1000 categories and 1000 new daily additions, the company has been ranked among the top and most diverse catalogs in the industry.

Customers particularly appreciate their impeccable customer service, which is usually available 24 hours a day 7 days per week through the Customer Service Express. The company is also known for having the best warranty in the industry. In addition, they offer free shipping worldwide. Sounds amazing, right?

People’s Reviews:

“I’ve made several (4 or 5) orders on dx.com and all of them came on time (2-3 weeks). I was able to track the package. They had a bug with my user account (couldn’t see the ‘My Account’ section), I sent a message to support, they contacted me 2 days after to tell me that the problem was fixed and asked me to check if it works so that they could close the ticket. I was really surprised. I’ve already recommended the site to my friends and a couple of them already successfully bought some things from them.” – From Marko

“I came across this site by accident and so glad that I did. They have a huge selection of items. I was after a large air pump for an aquarium and they had a lot to select from at very competitive prices. Having already done a fair bit of research I decided to buy a 4 outlet pump which was cheaper than what I had been paying for a double outlet. I ordered on the Tuesday afternoon and received it early Thursday morning, my normal mail isn’t that fast! The pump is working on 2 large aquariums and going strong. Communication with them was fantastic also. I was very impressed with this company, good prices, great range of goods, very fast delivery so I’m going back for more.” – From Sharon

“I’ve bought items before and while there was always a 4/6 week delay they always arrived. This time the package arrived in country at the beginning of December 2021 according to their tracking number but after a month nothing had changed. I contacted them at the end of January and was assured that if it had not arrived in two weeks a refund would be issued. There was no delivery and now my emails are being ignored. Not happy !!” – From Peter

“Horrible customer service, i wanted to cancel an order and opened up a request, they did not reply so i made another ticket, and they still didnt reply and they shipped my order out instead. I asked on the forums and people gaslight you into thinking its your fault because dx.com has this strange system of pushing back requests if you try to update it. Any normal customer would update a request if no one replies to it! DX.com doesnt tell you their strange system of pushing back requests if you update it at all. You can potentially end up not having anyone reply to your request at all because you update it a week later to ask for support.” –From S.M

“I have ordered from DX several times. I have ordered Cree LED flash lights, ******* battery chargers and 2.5″ USB HD enclosures. All items arrived just as described and in good working order. Most of the time in padded envelopes but well protected for shipping. I will order from them again when I need some handy gadgets.” – From Tim





Is ThePhotoStick® a Scam

Is ThePhotoStick® a Scam

Nowadays, we all take pictures and videos ALL THE TIME. Thanks to technology, we collect memories without using film or filling many albums. However, it’s easy to lose them this way. What’s the easiest and safest way to save and archive digital files? ThePhotoStick® promises to do that with just one click, avoiding the risk of losing your files forever. Does it work? Let’s find out in this review of ThePhotoStick®.

The pain of managing photos and videos

We all take pictures with a camera or even a smartphone. Indeed, technology has completely revolutionized our relationship with photography. According to studies, we take an average of 10 photos per day, which means a total of about 3,650 images per year.

Times have changed. Do you remember the time when you filed our photos in massive albums? And those albums stored in the drawers of the living room dresser or a closet? Maybe the younger readers don’t even know what this is all about.

Now it seems imaginable. Have all those photos developed every year and filed in albums? You’d spend your whole life there. Not to mention the cost of the operation…

There are programs on the internet to store your photos, but they are not free. What’s more, they are not very efficient… Not to mention the risk of your data being exposed on the web.

You could also use a USB key or a hard drive to store your photos. That’s what I tried to do. But I found myself in the same situation. Instead of having disorganized pictures on my computer, I had disorganized photos on my external hard drive. So not much progress.

You’re probably the same way, or you wouldn’t be reading this article!

You won’t regret those 5 minutes of your life you spent reading this. Indeed, the solution presented to you now will change your life!

ThePhotoStick®: the solution to avoid lost photos

Today, we will introduce you to the USB key that allows you to store and sort your photos. ThePhotoStick® will make you forget the classic solutions mentioned above to keep your shots in perfect condition.

No more problems with organizing your photos; ThePhotoStick® takes care of it for you! It is a USB stick developed by an American brand that connects to your computer.

ThePhotoStick® allows you to load and organize all your multimedia files with a single click.

Moreover, this innovative device allows you to secure your photos without paying a monthly subscription. You can use it only from your computer. But there is another stick for your cell phone.

ThePhotoStick® is compatible with Windows and Mac. Its affordable price makes it one of the best products in this category on the market.

But this is only a glimpse of the advantages of this photo backup. Indeed, this USB flash drive will allow you to organize your photos in one click. Yes, just one click! You will save precious time to procrastinate a little more or others!

How to use ThePhotoStick®?

The advantage of ThePhotoStick® is that even your grandmother could use it. Indeed, the device is optimized so that even the worst of us can use it without difficulty.

Below is a short instruction manual to make it even easier. Here are the steps to follow to use ThePhotoStick®:

    1. Connect the USB stick to the USB port of your computer.

    2. After a few seconds, you will see a window open. Click on start.

    3. You are on the interface. Click on “go”.

    4. Wait for ThePhotoStick® to finish collecting and organizing your files. You can have a coffee.

    5. That’s it, you can drink another coffee.

Good prince, I’ll give you some more information:

    – On the software, you can access the options. For example, changing the format can change how your photos are collected.

    – ThePhotoStick® is available in several versions that depend on the device’s storage capacity. Choose the stick’s capacity according to the number of photos you have.

    – Thanks to its ingenious technology, ThePhotoStick® does not collect duplicate photos but only the original ones.

    – With ThePhotoStick®, you can store your files on devices other than your computer.

What types of files are accepted?


This gadget recovers both photos and videos. By default, only the most popular files are found and saved. But in the settings, you can select all these formats. Let’s see what formats are supported.

    – Photo files:

        ◦ .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif

        ◦ .heic

        ◦ .gif

        ◦ .png

        ◦ .bmp

        ◦ .tif, .tiff

        ◦ .ico

        ◦ .crw, .ned, .raf, .orf, .mrw, .dcr, .raw, .pef, .srf, .dng, .x3f, .cr2, .erf, .sr2, .kdc, .mfw, .mef, .arw, .nrw, .rw2, .rwl, .iiq, .3fr, .srw (raw files)

        ◦ .psd, .pdd

        ◦ .pct, .pict

    – Video files:

        ◦ .mov, .qt

        ◦ .mp4, .mpeg4, m4v

        ◦ .avi

        ◦ .wmv

What are the advantages of ThePhotoStick®?


After a lot of research, I have to admit that I haven’t found a better solution than ThePhotoStick®. I have been using it now for a few weeks. Here are the advantages you can enjoy.

    – You can connect ThePhotoStick® to your computer as well as to your phone.

    – You don’t need a password or to have an account. You connect the device to your computer.

    – It is straightforward to use.

    – It organizes and stores your photos automatically and instantly.

    – You don’t need an internet connection.

    – You don’t have to pay any subscription.

    – Your data is protected from hackers and viruses.

Why use ThePhotoStick®?

With so many photos, it’s hard to track them all.

You certainly know the feeling. That need to recall a specific memory to enjoy the moment’s nostalgia fully.

Thanks to computers, we can now store our photos easily. The problem is that we all tend to keep them and nothing more… For my part, I have thousands of pictures in all directions. As a result, I spend a lot of time in front of my screen trying to find a picture. And I’m never sure if I’ll find it in the end!

When, after two hours of searching, I finally find THE picture, I look at it for 3 seconds. Because I’m too consumed by frustration, I close it…

When you think about organizing your photos, you probably think about creating folders. That’s a great idea! But do you really do it? No, you’re like me. You know that the task will take you a lot of time. And you prefer to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Mind you, and I’m not judging. I’m the same…

Real moments of my life went away while sorting through my photos. You could start by deleting a lot of them. But you know that once a picture is deleted, it’s over; you’ll never see it again.

I don’t have the discipline to take the time to organize all my files. It’s always in the back of my mind. I always tell myself, “tomorrow I’ll take care of it”. And the next day, I do it again. If I’m not the king of organization, I’m a master of procrastination…

ThePhotoStick® is made for those who want to save themselves long hours organizing their photos.

ThePhotoStick®: Prices and versions

ThePhotoStick® is available in several versions depending on the capacity you need. You can connect it to any computer, Mac or Windows. The price is affordable for everyone.

Moreover, you, my dear readers, can enjoy a 50% discount! You can buy ThePhotoStick® directly from the manufacturer’s website. 

Only the capacity of the USB stick varies, not its software. Let’s see which ThePhotoStick® will suit you best:

    – 8 GB – to store up to 4,900 photos

    – 64 GB – to store up to 39,000 photos

    – 128 GB – to store up to 78 000 photos

Here you go. Hope you enjoyed this post; please leave your comments in the next section.

Clean Robot

Clean Robot Review 2022: Cleaning Without Effort

Clean Robot Review 2022: Cleaning Without Effort

Why vacuum yourself when you can use the Clean Robot? Yes, from now on, you don’t need to start cleaning your floors. No more bending over backwards to clean in the corners. You currently have a robot vacuum cleaner that does it all for you. This post will talk about the Clean Robot and explain why you should be getting yours immediately. 

What is the Clean Robot?

Now it’s time to ask yourself what this device is… Well, today, this product will revolutionize your household! No more need to vacuum the floors of your home yourself. You now have a little vacuum cleaner robot that does it for you.

Yes, this kind of product has been on the market for a while. But the Clean Robot offers additional features, such as its three operating modes or the ability to detect obstacles in its path.

Whether you want to clean, disinfect or purify the air, you can rely on this small autonomous robot that runs on batteries. Its program is so well designed that the device returns to its base to recharge itself when its battery is low.

Moreover, you can remotely control the Clean Robot from the provider’s mobile app.

In short, it’s easy to use, very useful, saves you time and… What’s more fun than seeing a little robot do the cleaning for you!

The features of Clean Robot

Don’t you see the advantages that a device like this can offer? Let me give you my opinion on the subject by summarizing the main features of the gadget:

 – Double rotating brush: the powerful double brush of the cleaning robot allows it to clean all surfaces, even the most rigid ones like wood and marble. So you have a complete tool that will suit your home, even the surfaces you had doubts about.

 – As powerful as it is silent: the Clean Robot’s quiet operation allows you to enjoy the peace of your home while ensuring that your house stays clean.

 – More than adequate autonomy: Thanks to its powerful battery, the device can last a two-hour cleaning session without needing to be recharged. It will automatically return to its charging base when the battery is low. Moreover, according to the supplier, these batteries have more than two years of life.

 – Advanced obstacle detection: Where most similar robots have to bump into obstacles before establishing a new route, the Clean Robot can accurately map your home to avoid collisions and determine the best path for cleaning.

 – 3 modes: you can configure the robot for simple cleaning. But you can also use its UV function for air purification and disinfection function, or even all 3 at the same time.

 – Automatic cleaning: no maintenance required! The robot cleans itself after use. You can also control it remotely with your phone via the supplier’s application.

Clean Robot review: the prices of the gadget

Clean Robot

Payment options

To purchase your robot vacuum cleaner, you can pay either:

 – By credit card: the provider accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

 – By electronic wallet: Discover, Dinners Club or Sofort.


At the time of purchase on the official website of the supplier (which you can access through the link in the article), you have the choice to add a 3-year warranty.

The Clean Robot at a glance

Don’t feel like reading the whole Clean Robot review? No problem! Just find the main features in the summary table below.



Type of product

Robotic vacuum cleaner



Type of operation

Rechargeable battery



Mobile application


How does it work?

Say goodbye to this device’s dust, hair and other impurities that accumulate in your home. But the best part is that you don’t have to make any effort.

And yes, a robot means automatic operation. So really, there’s no reason to panic.

All you need to do is plug in the robot vacuum’s charging base. Once that’s done, the robot can come and go for cleaning and find its resting place. Try to place the charging base in a central location in your home so that the robot can access all the rooms without being too much of a drive.

Once everything is in place, you can automatically set the robot to do the cleaning. You can also go through the vendor’s mobile app. The latter will allow you to control the little robot and its various features remotely.

What can be said to conclude this article except that Clean Robot is too good! Did we ever tell you that cleaning doesn’t happen by itself? Well, those days are over. Now, it’s a little robot that does the cleaning for you! Practical, easy to use, economical and with an excellent lifespan, this is a great purchase to make before the holiday season. Get yours and let us know in the comments below.

Cool Water Gadgets to Explore the Ocean Like a Pro!

Cool Water Gadgets to Explore the Ocean Like a Pro!

I assume you are a competent diver with good buoyancy control and underwater situational awareness. (If not, work on that first.) And, if you are looking for fun water gadgets that might elevate your ocean diving or exploring experience, well, you are at the right place.

QYSEA FiFish V6 Underwater Drone

QYSEA FiFish V6 Underwater DroneThe ocean remains vastly unexplored, as its depths contain pressures far too brutal for mankind to explore at ease. However, with the use of underwater vehicles, one can explore those depths without oxygen time limits.

Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), commonly known as underwater drones, are small vehicles that can function underwater without a human occupant to control them. Usually, these drones are classified into two categories: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). In general, AUVs can be programmed to work without human intervention so that they can be sent underwater to complete a task and return to the surface for collection. On the other hand, ROVs are controlled by an operator sitting on the surface who will control all aspects of the vehicle, including the recording of videos and the movement of robotic arms.

A key factor in determining the best underwater drone is quality. If a drone fails while in use and submerged, the damage to it could be catastrophic. If the functionality is not what is required, the drone will never do its job. The only way to be sure of getting the best drone is to get it from a company that has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. And, QYSEA is a company known for its commitment to using the latest technologies in its underwater robot production.

Designed by professionals, QYSEA FiFish V6 is the latest technology that has brought a revolution in terms of underwater exploration and photography. Unlike other forms of unmanned vehicles, this underwater drone is one of the very best and can give you a complete 6 levels of freedom.

Highlights of QYSEA FiFish V6:

  •  The drone consists of 360° maneuverability.
  • With six thrusters, the drone can move forward, backward, and sideways, in a spiral as well as pan, tilt and roll.
  • With a 12-megapixel resolution, 4K UHD camera, 166° FOV wide-angle lens, DNG format support and 4000-lumen LEDs, the drone offers outstanding underwater imagery.
  • The vehicle comes with a motion sensor headset that allows you to seamlessly manage the drone and control its direction by simply moving your head.
  • It also includes HD live streaming (via Wi-Fi).
  • The FiFish App allows you to edit your videos and images like a pro.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • In 2019, QYSEA FiFish V6 won the Good Design Award.

Customer Reviews:

“I must say this is the best unit I’ve ever bought. I’m impressed with its features as well as its battery capacity. This is the coolest underwater drone. It’s awesome.” – From Ryu

 “Excellent customer service!! The unit arrived defective, it had some issues with the head light and stabilization so the company replaced the unit and gave me thruster protectors for the inconvenience. Amazing product and amazing customer service!!” – From Micaiah 

“I bought this with some trepidation as previous experiences with undersea drones has been dismal. After reading the manual twice and watching the video tutorials, I launched the drone into the ocean and all was perfect, except I could not move it vertically up and down unless I changed the tilt axis. I struggled with this for several hours and reread the manual again and realized I was using the wrong lever for that motion, and upon . retesting it, all was perfect. I had several minor technical questions and they were amazing responsive, despite the time difference, responded within 12 hrs each time. This is a great product and a great company. My only suggestion is to have a better manual that incorporates some of the video tutorial into text.” – From KK


Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The year 2022 is an excellent year when it comes to tech gadgets. This post will go through the top 5 devices in 2022. Yes, we have been looking for that new tech device since we were kids, and our desire has only kept growing as we see new gadgets popping up now and then…

1. Oppo Enco Air 2

Higher audio output is what the Oppo Enco Air2 is designed for, and the sound is enveloping! Bass is strong, vocals are clear, and mids and lows are near perfect. The highs could have been higher, but they are not a deal breaker in this price range. The TWS earphones contain 13.4mm, tetanized audio drivers in each earplug, providing an exceptional sound experience. These are also designed for gaming and support low-latency gaming with Bluetooth 5.2, which you can activate with compatible devices by pressing the headphones three times. 

2. iPhone 13 Pro

Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The smartphone can run even the most demanding games and applications quickly thanks to upgrades to the RAM and battery capacity and Apple’s newest chipset. Apple has installed the brand new Bionic A15 chipset, the company’s latest and fastest. People complaining about the company, not including a memory card slot in the iPhone can now purchase a larger iPhone 13 Pro based on storage, combined with up to 1TB of storage! The battery life of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro has also improved. You will have a few extra hours of playtime than in the previous version.

3. TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Wireless Range Extender

Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The TP-TL-WA850RE, a 300 Mbps range extender from LINK, is made to quickly improve the signal strength and range of an existing wireless network to remove “dead zones.” The gadget is simple to deploy and transport due to its modest size and wall-mounted design. With the simple press of a WPS button, users may easily increase wireless coverage while staying inside the range of their current wireless network and without additional wires or cords. Two internal antennas help improve Wi-Fi coverage. You may quickly increase the wireless capacity by pressing the Range Extender button. The Range Extender feature seamlessly extends the wireless signal to previously inaccessible or hard-to-wire locations, Transmit Power 20 dBm (EIRP). The Tether app allows for easy access and administration from any mobile device.

4. Xiaomi Redmi 2 Lite watch

By linking your Redmi smartwatch to your smartphone and integrating the two into one device, you can operate it better. First, download the Xiaomi Wear/Wear Lite app onto your phone. Then, scan the barcode on your smartwatch’s screen using your phone. The display panel measures about 1.55 inches, with a resolution of 360320 pixels and a pixel density of 311. Bluetooth connectivity is essential for linking your Redmi wristwatch to your smartphone. Once connected, you can use the Xiaomi Wear app on your smartphone to access all your wearable apps, reports and activity stats.

5. Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean uses 11-cyclone technology to keep dirt and vacuumed particles in the dustpan. No other vacuum cleaner of this size on the market comes close to the 150 AW suction power of the VC. The 25 cm wide, fluffy, and slender laser cleaning head is the most admirable aspect of the new kit. It sends a laser beam inward at a 30 to 35-degree angle, allowing you to see the smallest dust particles under the green laser light. The hair bar on this head can also be removed and washed.

Hope you like this post. The gadgets mentioned above can easily last 2-3 years or even more, then you will need an upgrade. You’d undoubtedly love to have at least one of these devices, if not all of them.


How to Broadcast a Live Video When You Are a Beginner?

Digital strategy is a popular medium among young people these days. However, it has also won the hearts of people of the third age.

Indeed, people try to interact with their relatives and friends through videos on their social networks.

However, only very few people know how to use these tools properly. That’s why we thought today to show you how to broadcast a live video on your website, your YouTube channel, and your social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

Technique for Broadcasting a Live Video on Your Own Website

We recommend that you get a stable high-speed internet connection to broadcast a live video on your website, following the steps below:

  • First, download the live streaming encoder from Streamlabs OBS.
  • Then go to your video library and click on the “Live Broadcast” tab.
  • Then click on “Computer” and choose “I have an encoder”.
  • Then select a Wix Video channel for the broadcast.
  • Don’t forget to add the relevant info for your video under “Video Info”, and click “Next”.
  • Copy the server URL and the broadcast key displayed in the “Connect Broadcast” tab of the encoder.
  • Open the OBS Studio Encoder on your computer, and click first on “Settings”, then on the “Stream” tab.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Custom Streaming Server” and paste the server URL and the streaming key you previously copied into the appropriate field.
  • Click “OK” so your camera stream can appear on the encoder.
  • To start your live stream, click on “Start Streaming”.
  • To stop the live stream, click on “Stop Streaming”.

Technique for broadcasting on YouTube

To be able to broadcast live on YouTube via your mobile, you must be an influential YouTuber (with at least 1,000 subscribers), and follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have created a YouTube channel.
  • Then activate live streaming by clicking on “Live Streaming” in the “Creator Studio” tool.
  • In case you are not using a webcam, download an encoder.
  • Then click on “Go Live” to land in the live control room.
  • At the top of the page, select “Live Broadcast”.
  • As with the website, enter the relevant info for your video, select the privacy settings, and schedule your live video stream.
  • To start your live stream, start the encoder, return to the dashboard, and click on “Go Live”.
  • Click on “Stop Streaming” to stop your live stream.

Facebook Live broadcasting technique

Since its launch in 2016, Facebook Live has been popular with users because it is very convenient and accessible by anyone via mobile:

  • In your Facebook app, tap on the “Live” icon.
  • Authorize access to your camera and microphone by Facebook.
  • Choose the privacy settings for your post.
  • Insert a brief description of what you are going to post, identify your friends, etc.
  • Click on “Broadcast Live” for a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • Press “Finish” to finish.
  • To post your video to your profile, click “Share Replay”.

Technique for broadcasting on Instagram

Live on Instagram promotes your Instagram account and builds authentic relationships in your social networks with your followers.

To do this:

  • Tap the camera icon.
  • Scroll down to the “Live” option.
  • Then press the circular recording button to go live
  • Press “Finish” to close your video.
  • To share a replay of your video, tap “Share in Story”.

Why Should I Choose Satellite Television?

For a few years now, technologies have been skyrocketing. And satellite television is one of them. Indeed, with the satellite option, it is now possible to have access to different channels that will allow you to have information in real-time. Watching never has never been easier, and satellite television has made our streaming experience much smoother and is almost indispensable in some people’s lives.

Satellite television is accessible to all and offers multiple advantages. Thus, we have collected for you below the various reasons to opt for this system. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why you need to get satellite television.

What is satellite television?


It is a system of reception of television programs transmitted from satellites rotating at a speed identical to that of the planet Earth. This device can be very advantageous for you because it is affordable and allows you to access satellite TV. To do this, you can use a decoder or a module to be inserted directly into the TV set. However, be careful because the module may not be compatible with all types of television sets, just like the decoder. The advantages that satellite television can bring you

1. A wide choice of channels

It’s rare to get bored with a satellite TV, as many international channels are available at any time of the day and even at night. There is something for everyone: international news, TV series, sports events, cartoons, youth series, reality shows, music, etc.

2. More interactive choices

Apart from the different channels, you will have access to; a wide interactive choice is also guaranteed with a satellite TV:

    • Various TV applications to more easily view the referred programs live.
    • A set-top box that can be connected to the Internet for more advantages on online channels and Android applications.
    • Ability to record missed episodes of your favorite series.

3. Easy and convenient installation


In order to fully enjoy all the programs and services offered by satellite TV, you only need to have the necessary accessories installed by professionals in the field. For this, you will need the following items:

    • A satellite dish with a universal head
    • A coaxial cable and a head selector, if you opt for a multi-satellite installation
    • A demodulator for broadcasting analog channels
    • A DVB-S terminal for the broadcast of digital channels
    • A cable to connect the receiver to your TV set (HDMI, Scart, or RCA).

4. Easy to use

The satellite TV system will allow you not to feel the need to subscribe to many subscriptions in order to benefit from more channels on your TV. Indeed, the traditional antennas will not allow you to access international channels, but only some local programs that do not always guarantee what you want.

But with satellite TV, you will benefit from a large number of channels, which can also be available on your cell phone or computer, thanks to the Internet. So you can access all your favorite programs wherever you are.

5. Permanent access to the sensor


It is important for you to know that your access to satellite TV will not be interrupted. In fact, you can enjoy all your programs at any time, day or night, unlike some conventional antennas that lose the signal during storms or strong winds.

The connection to the satellite does not interrupt, in fact, even with the various bad weather! And this is one of the biggest advantages of this system. That’s why satellite TV is still the best option for accessing hundreds of channels worldwide, and at a lower price!

Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about satellite television.

An Intercom System: An Optimal Security

In today’s world, technology never ceases to fascinate us with its various gadgets and computerized systems. So, why not use it to optimize your security? Intercom is one of the systems that can ensure your safety. In this article, we will explain the interaction between the intercom system and the optimization of your security.

How the Intercom System Works

The intercom system is an indoor telephone system, i.e., it works through an internal network, not through a telephone network. It allows short-distance communication between several people located in different areas of the same premises (residential buildings, individual houses, business premises, etc.).

The installation of an intercom system guarantees not only your security but also your comfort. Indeed, it allows you to control your visitors’ access to your building. It is composed of a handset inside and a terminal outside. Both devices are equipped with microphones and speakers to establish communication between the two interlocutors. A handset can be called from several terminals if the building has different access points, such as the main entrance and the parking lot entrance. A terminal can also be connected to several handsets, as in the case of a building with many offices of different companies. In this case, the kiosk has several buttons to select the internal handset to call.

On the other hand, the intercom can be equipped with a doorphone, which is a remote opening system for a barrier, a door, or a gate. This doorkeeper allows you to remotely select the people you want to let in without moving. On the other hand, it can be equipped with a video, allowing you to see your visitors directly.

Electric wires can connect the intercom system, but their numbers depend on the type of intercom. But for more convenience, the intercom system can work without wires; this is called a wireless intercom. Its operation is then based on radio waves.

The Different Types of Intercom

Intercom systems come in 6 types, namely:

The doorbell is the most common type of intercom. To warn you of the presence of a visitor, the doorbell emits a sound signal. Its price depends on its design. On the market, you can choose between a wired doorbell and the wireless doorbell. The latter is more expensive than the former.

The door phone allows you to announce a visitor’s arrival and discuss with him at a distance. For the most efficient door phones, you can leave messages for your visitors, for example, a message informing them of your absence.

You can also choose between a wired door phone, which is more reliable and cheaper but difficult to install, and the wireless door phone, which is easy to install but more expensive.

The video intercom or video intercom allows you to communicate and view your visitors. Through this type of intercom, you can personalize the reception of your visitors and easily control their identity.

The housing of a video intercom is available in 4 models: the housing composed of a handset and a black and white screen, the housing consisting of a handset and a color screen, the hands-free housing, and the housing with a touch screen.

The installation of a video intercom is complex because it requires a connection with the network of the sector.

The digicode is a keyboard on which visitors type their code to open the gate or a door equipped with an electric strike. The electric strike allows you to automatically and remotely open your entrances, thanks to an electric pulse triggered by a button placed on the intercom. This button releases the latch of the lock. The electric strike is a complementary intercom system to the intercom types mentioned above.

The baby phone is a one-way communication system. As its name indicates, it allows you to monitor your baby who is in another room remotely. You are alerted by a visual or sound signal when your baby cries, wakes up, or is not comfortable with the temperature. It is composed of 2 handsets: one is the receiver, and the other is the transmitter.

Installation of the Intercom System

The installation of some types of intercom systems, such as the keypad and the baby phone, can be done by yourself. But other kinds of intercoms, such as electric strikes and videophones, require the intervention of a company.

Intercom System

Tips for Your Intercom Installation

Tips for Your Intercom Installation

Are you about to wire your intercom system? The first essential step is to draw a schema of the intercom to identify the directions of the necessary connections. Here are some keys to help you find your way around so that you can draw up a comprehensive and effective schema for your installation.

Intercom schema

To install your device, you must first draw up a schema to help you find your way around and install your device efficiently. To do this, you have several choices:

By yourself: making a schema for an intercom is a delicate operation when you do not know much about electricity. Poorly installed, an intercom will not be able to fulfill its function properly.

It is more reassuring to call a professional. Installers are usually electricians or specialists in security systems.

By a professional: an electrical schema requires knowledge in electricity that a professional has. He knows how to adapt to the configuration of your home and create a custom schema so that your installation works best.

Intercom schematics: points to know

Intercom models

Intercom SystemIntercom System

Your schema requires, above all, a model of intercom adapted to your expectations in terms of use and functionality:

– Intercom: the intercom, also called audio intercom, is a device that allows you to communicate with the outside world through a speaker. It can have different options ranging from the handset to the digicode through a recording device.

– Videophone: For maximum security, you can opt for a colour or black and white videophone. It allows you to see the person ringing your doorbell and verify their identity.

– Doorbell and chime: a standard piece of equipment, this small box alerts you to the presence of a visitor by ringing. Be careful; the bell does not allow you to communicate or see the person outside. It is better to couple the doorbell to a door phone or a videophone.

– Digicode: the digicode opens an automatic gate or a door once a secret code is entered.

Intercom schema: the different types

The schema of your intercom can be of various types depending on the model you have chosen. Here is an overview of the main schemas:

Type of schema


7-wires schema

– Place the outer plate and the inner box on either side of your schema.

– For this schema, draw in parallel five wires connecting the two elements inside and outside. These five wires correspond to different assembly elements: the first is a cable typical to both boxes. Then there is a cable for the microphone, the speaker, the electric strike and the buzzer.

– The last two wires with a positive and a negative filament are connected to the electric lock on the one hand and the transformer on the other hand.

2-wires schema

– This schema is composed of two wires (red and blue). You must draw them on your schema to know the + and – poles and the direction of the current.

– Draw the door station and the interior handset in parallel. Place the electric lock and the transformer under the door station.

– Connect the door strike to the indoor unit. Then draw a cable from the door station to the handset and another from the handset to the 12V transformer.

2-wires + 2″ schema

 – As with the other schematics, draw the outer board and the inner box separately.

– The first connection should be from the board to the handset.

– From the handset, draw a cable parallel to the first connection to the electric lock and the 12 V transformer.

Intercom schematics and equipment to be purchased

Once you have drawn your schema, you will need various items to ensure a functional installation. To find your equipment at a reasonable price, here is a list of the main possible outlets:

– Do-it-yourself stores;

– electronics stores;

– sales sites;

– specialized catalogues;

– supermarkets.

Intercom installation: the guarantee of a professional

Going through a professional to have your intercom system installed has many advantages:

– Choice of models: by habit and thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market, professionals can guide the customer towards the model that corresponds precisely to his needs.

– Personalized advice: before drawing up an estimate, a specialist always comes to your home to study the site’s configuration and discuss the feasibility of the project with the customer.

– Work: For the electrical installation and the trenches, the professional has all the necessary know-how for clean work done in a minimum of time. The electrician has all the necessary tools: no need to go back and buy the installation material in the middle of the job.

– Guarantee: If the system malfunctions, you can turn to the professional who will come to repair and put an end to the malfunction by identifying the fault certainly faster than a Sunday handyman.

Installation of an intercom in a building

In buildings, the electrician is often constrained by the installations already in place:

– The work is limited to installing the interior box that you must connect to the available wires.

– Attention, in a collective residence, the installation of an intercom is subject to the co-ownership agreement.

Installation of an intercom in a villa

For a house, the installation time depends on the structures already in place and can go from only a few hours to several days:

If there is already a casing between the door or gate and the house’s interior, it is enough to pass the power supply through it.

– If there is no casing, you must make a trench: a longer and more expensive solution.

– If multiple indoor units are to be installed, various breakthroughs may be required.

– If the indoor box controls several openings, the installation time will be proportional to the number of inlets connected.

Good to know: Wireless systems do not require such work.

Price of installing an intercom system

The prices charged by professionals vary greatly depending on the specifics of the project and the region.

Including labour, warranty and material, installing an intercom system varies from $500 to $2,000. Despite this additional cost, it is still preferable to call a professional. It is also the price of comfort and tranquillity.

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smart shower

Pros And Cons Of A Smart Shower

Do you have a smart shower in your home? Have you ever thought of having one if you don’t? Smart showers are the products of new technological advancements, which is why they are rapidly becoming the latest fashion trend! I have already started brainstorming their pros and cons because I want to buy one myself! If you also plan to do so, these tips will be essential for you!

smart shower

Pros of a Smart Shower

  • Smart showers are eco-friendly.

Smart showers are an excellent solution if you are as environmentally conscious as everybody else is nowadays. That is because their settings allow you to control how much water you use for your shower. You can also limit the duration of your shower to use even less water.

  • Smart showers are safer for children and seniors

Smart showers also have safety features for children and senior citizens. For example, these safety modes limit how high the water temperature can be set. Doing so prevents children and elders, who may have more sensitive skin, from accidentally scalding themselves with hot water.

  • Smart showers have voice activation and remote control

Smart homes are for real and no longer science fiction! As they become increasingly common, you might want your shower to be included in the fun. Smart showers are perfect for this since they are compatible with voice-activated home assistants like Alexa and Google.

  • Smart showers have customized presets

With customizable presets and profiles, every member of your home can have a totally unique shower experience despite sharing the same shower unit. All you have to do is tweak the settings once, save them, and reuse them with each shower.

Cons of a Smart Shower

  • Smart showers have higher costs.

A conventional shower only requires a mixer, a showerhead, and a few hoses. On the other hand, a smart shower has a control box, wireless transmitter, and control panel. Moreover, you would also have to put in a power supply for each component. All of these add to a more significant price tag!

  • Smart showers need specialist installation and repair.

Smart showers do not just involve conventional plumbing parts, but they also involve complicated electronics. It means you cannot get a regular plumber to install or repair them. Instead, you will need a qualified technician to do so, which could cost you more than fixing a regular shower.

smart shower

  • More points of failure

What is the worst thing that could happen to a conventional shower? At most, you will have a leak or a dripping faucet. However, the worst-case scenarios for smart showers are electronic failures that will prevent you from operating the shower at all!

What are the best smart shower heads available on the market?

These three models of shower heads are currently the most popular in the market! It is advisable for you to go through their features to know their pros and cons. This will help you make a better choice, keeping your budget and requirements in mind!

Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower

This eco-friendly smart shower head has the standard for uniqueness, reliability, and superb design. With an 8-inch-sized head, you’re guaranteed a spa-like experience. It also features advanced rain shower technology that offers more spray power for a better body rinse.


  • Exceptional water coverage

  • Offers temperature control

  • Wide range of designs

  • Adjustable water flow rate


  • It can be expensive depending on the finish

Kohler K-9245 Moxie Showerhead

It is one of the most sought-after shower heads by music lovers. Aside from its extensive and powerful rain-like shower, it also offers a magnetic wireless speaker that allows you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth technology from even 32 feet away. Furthermore, it features a push-to-speak button for calls, dual microphones, and noise reduction technology.


  • Easy to detach and insert for charging

  • Offers 60 angled nozzles for a more effective spray

  • Long-lasting battery

  • Easy to clean

  • Made of metal, which makes it durable


  • The sound may not be audible when the shower is running

  • It May start to overheat if used for several hours.

smart shower

WaterHawk smart shower head

This one displays your real-time water usage in gallons, allowing you to control how much water you use. The WaterHawk model comprises a 6-inch shower head that gives you a powerful water spray to achieve a body wash in lesser time.

It also comes with a hydroelectric-powered LED display that shows your current water temperature and water usage. With this feature, you will never be surprised by unexpected hot or cold temperatures!


  • Easy to install

  • Offers LED lighting ranging from blue, green, pink, and red that changes colours based on your water temperature.

  • Quite affordable


  • It may not be durable since it is made of plastic.

  • Shower pressure is not stable.

I now have a clear idea about the ideal smart shower head I would want in my home! I hope that it is the same for you! Please do not forget to share your smart shower experiences in the comments section below!