2 Key Gadgets for a Digital Camera

2 Key Gadgets for a Digital Camera



– Photo filters

– Camera stand


 The picture filters are accessories like the remote control for the camera, the stand (which we’ll explain in the second half of this text below), or the flash. They are fixed on the lenses to give different effects or to correct the light entering the camera.

What are photo filters used for?

Photo filters are handy accessories. Many photographers systematically equip each of their lenses with one.

As the name implies, they are an extra layer that treats the light before it passes through the lens to the sensor.

How to choose a photo filter?

Gadgets for a Digital Camera

There are different types of filters:

 – UV filters: they block UV rays that tend to colour images blue and protect the front lenses from possible shocks (better to buy a filter than a lens).

 – Color filters: to emphasize a colour fringe, these filters are less attractive in digital photography because their effect is easily reproduced in post-processing. This was not the case in the days of film.

 – Gray filters: handy for long exposures and to obtain, for example, the water effect.

 – Polarizing filters: to avoid reflections on metal surfaces or water.

 – Effect filters: some allow you to play with the shape of the light flashes. Each point source of light is transformed into a star with 4, 6 or 8 branches.

To know which filter to buy, you need to know the diameter of the lens: each lens has a different diameter, and you need to take the appropriate filter. This is a heavy investment when you have an optical park with different diameters.

The manufacturing quality of filters varies according to the brands and ranges. It is preferable to ask for advice from a dealer in a specialized store.

3 types of camera feet

There are 3 main types of camera stands:

– Tripods

Gadgets for a Digital Camera

 ◦ These are three-legged stands on headrests (sometimes equipped with a rack to take ground-level photos).

 ◦ On this head is attached a ball joint, which accommodates the camera.

 – Monopods:

Gadgets for a Digital Camera

 ◦ They are mainly used as support for taking pictures.

 ◦ They are more manageable than tripods but do not allow for long exposures in that the photographer must always hold them.

 – Alternatives:

Some flexible stands have been marketed for a few years. They can be fixed on all types of supports and remain relatively stable. However, they do not provide the same guarantees as high-end tripods and monopods.

Important: on a camera stand, the ball joint is as crucial as the stability of the equipment. It is the head that allows the camera to move on different axes. Some heads are designed to use the camera’s video function, while others will enable you to take the shots needed for a virtual tour.

Camera: how to choose your tripod

The best way to choose a camera stand is to try different models. It will help if you prefer local stores that can sometimes lend you the equipment for a trial period. For that, the Internet is to be banished.

However, in these stores, the choice is less comprehensive, and the prices higher than on the web.

 – The material: carbon is lighter but more expensive than other metals, such as aluminum. Plastic legs should be avoided as the stability they provide is symbolic.

 – Stability is an essential criterion, but it is linked to weight: the main thing is to find a compromise between a sufficiently stable stand and one that is not too heavy.

 – Practicality: the racks allow the housing to be placed in any position. Moreover, it is essential to have a material that is easy to handle, with soft and safe screws and mechanisms that slide nicely.

 – The quick-release plate: it is preferable to have a quick-release plate screwed under the camera that can be quickly clipped onto the stand when shooting.

 – The practice of photography: we do not take the same foot to go hiking or to make portraits in the studio.

 – The size: to measure 1,90 m and to bend in two to take a photograph can become very tiring…

Picobuds Pro Review - What Is This New Hearing Aid Worth

Picobuds Pro Review: What Is This New Hearing Aid Worth?

Picobuds Pro Review: What Is This New Hearing Aid Worth?

Hearing problems? Then the PicoBuds pro will interest you!  It is one of the new hearing aids that is starting to make a place on the market. But is it as effective as the manufacturer claims? That’s what I wanted to find out in this PicoBuds Pro Review. 

PicoBuds Pro review: what is it?

PicoBuds Pro is neither more nor less than the most fashionable product in the world of hearing. It is a listening aid inserted into the ear and amplifies external sounds, allowing hard-of-hearing people like me to discover the world in a new light.

Respectful of your body, the PicoBuds Pro knows how to be discreet. Once inserted in the ear, it is practically invisible because of its flesh colour. Moreover, the silicone structure offers excellent comfort in use.

Unlike many devices of the kind that tend to amplify sounds indiscriminately, this one offers an intelligent noise reduction system. You will be able to distinguish your conversation from the ambient hubbub clearly.

In short, economical, practical, discreet and formidably effective, this PicoBuds Pro opinion is that you should not waste time!

PicoBuds Features

Picobuds Pro Review - What Is This New Hearing Aid Worth

For this PicoBuds review, I’ve put together the main points of this product below. So you can see all its benefits and decide whether it’s right for you or not.

 – Long-lasting battery: the device can last up to 3 months on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about the battery. In addition, a small indicator informs you when the battery is low.

 – Easy to use: no need to go to the Oto rhino; you can adjust the device yourself, which saves you money.

 – Quality sound: you will be able to listen to everything that happens around you with clarity worthy of the best professional hearing aids.

 – Noise reduction system: Where most hearing aids don’t let you distinguish your conversation from ambient noise, the PicoBuds Pro effectively cuts through the noise to focus on what’s important to you.

 – Quality materials: Its silicone design fits snugly in your ear and provides comfort. You’ll even forget you’re wearing it…

 – Discreet: flesh-coloured, the device is almost invisible when worn.

Prices and rates

This part of the PicoBuds Pro review will discuss everything related to price and warranty.

Available payment methods

To make your payment, you can choose between several methods, among which:

 – Credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express).

 – E-wallet (Dinners Club, Discover or Sofort).

Money back guarantee

This supplier offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, you can purchase a 3-year warranty for only €9.

The PicoBuds Pro review at a glance

In the table below, you will find the most important points about this product.





Type of gadget

Hearing aid





How does it work?

I always present you with easy-to-use gadgets for which you don’t need to spend hours reading the instruction manual.

And that’s precisely the case with this PicoBuds Pro review. This device is so easy to use that you can set it up yourself without going to a professional.

All you have to do is insert the PicoBuds into your ear, which is easy because the device fits your body with its silicone construction.

Once in place, all you have to do is turn it on. Then adjust the volume to avoid a wall of sound.

You will see that the noise cancellation technology is very effective and that you can hardly hear the background noise, only the people around you talking to you.

PicoBuds Pro customer service review

Nothing is worse than customer service that is not up to par with a quality product. But fortunately, for this gadget, none of that!

On the provider’s website, you will find a comprehensive help page with all the information you need to get in touch with the customer service agents. You can contact the team by email, phone, or mail if the need arises.


This PicoBuds Pro review is coming to an end… As we have seen, this is a quality hearing aid that offers a comfortable silicone frame and an intelligent noise-reduction system that allows you to distinguish what is happening around you.

Easy to adjust and use, you don’t need to go to a professional to get it to work. You can do everything yourself, saving you time and money.

Perfectly adapted and respectful of your body, the battery also holds the road with a change planned every 3 months or so, depending on your use.

When you see its success, and even the great professionals recommend it, you quickly understand why stocks are emptying fast.


Is ThePhotoStick® a Scam

Is ThePhotoStick® a Scam

Nowadays, we all take pictures and videos ALL THE TIME. Thanks to technology, we collect memories without using film or filling many albums. However, it’s easy to lose them this way. What’s the easiest and safest way to save and archive digital files? ThePhotoStick® promises to do that with just one click, avoiding the risk of losing your files forever. Does it work? Let’s find out in this review of ThePhotoStick®.

The pain of managing photos and videos

We all take pictures with a camera or even a smartphone. Indeed, technology has completely revolutionized our relationship with photography. According to studies, we take an average of 10 photos per day, which means a total of about 3,650 images per year.

Times have changed. Do you remember the time when you filed our photos in massive albums? And those albums stored in the drawers of the living room dresser or a closet? Maybe the younger readers don’t even know what this is all about.

Now it seems imaginable. Have all those photos developed every year and filed in albums? You’d spend your whole life there. Not to mention the cost of the operation…

There are programs on the internet to store your photos, but they are not free. What’s more, they are not very efficient… Not to mention the risk of your data being exposed on the web.

You could also use a USB key or a hard drive to store your photos. That’s what I tried to do. But I found myself in the same situation. Instead of having disorganized pictures on my computer, I had disorganized photos on my external hard drive. So not much progress.

You’re probably the same way, or you wouldn’t be reading this article!

You won’t regret those 5 minutes of your life you spent reading this. Indeed, the solution presented to you now will change your life!

ThePhotoStick®: the solution to avoid lost photos

Today, we will introduce you to the USB key that allows you to store and sort your photos. ThePhotoStick® will make you forget the classic solutions mentioned above to keep your shots in perfect condition.

No more problems with organizing your photos; ThePhotoStick® takes care of it for you! It is a USB stick developed by an American brand that connects to your computer.

ThePhotoStick® allows you to load and organize all your multimedia files with a single click.

Moreover, this innovative device allows you to secure your photos without paying a monthly subscription. You can use it only from your computer. But there is another stick for your cell phone.

ThePhotoStick® is compatible with Windows and Mac. Its affordable price makes it one of the best products in this category on the market.

But this is only a glimpse of the advantages of this photo backup. Indeed, this USB flash drive will allow you to organize your photos in one click. Yes, just one click! You will save precious time to procrastinate a little more or others!

How to use ThePhotoStick®?

The advantage of ThePhotoStick® is that even your grandmother could use it. Indeed, the device is optimized so that even the worst of us can use it without difficulty.

Below is a short instruction manual to make it even easier. Here are the steps to follow to use ThePhotoStick®:

    1. Connect the USB stick to the USB port of your computer.

    2. After a few seconds, you will see a window open. Click on start.

    3. You are on the interface. Click on “go”.

    4. Wait for ThePhotoStick® to finish collecting and organizing your files. You can have a coffee.

    5. That’s it, you can drink another coffee.

Good prince, I’ll give you some more information:

    – On the software, you can access the options. For example, changing the format can change how your photos are collected.

    – ThePhotoStick® is available in several versions that depend on the device’s storage capacity. Choose the stick’s capacity according to the number of photos you have.

    – Thanks to its ingenious technology, ThePhotoStick® does not collect duplicate photos but only the original ones.

    – With ThePhotoStick®, you can store your files on devices other than your computer.

What types of files are accepted?


This gadget recovers both photos and videos. By default, only the most popular files are found and saved. But in the settings, you can select all these formats. Let’s see what formats are supported.

    – Photo files:

        ◦ .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif

        ◦ .heic

        ◦ .gif

        ◦ .png

        ◦ .bmp

        ◦ .tif, .tiff

        ◦ .ico

        ◦ .crw, .ned, .raf, .orf, .mrw, .dcr, .raw, .pef, .srf, .dng, .x3f, .cr2, .erf, .sr2, .kdc, .mfw, .mef, .arw, .nrw, .rw2, .rwl, .iiq, .3fr, .srw (raw files)

        ◦ .psd, .pdd

        ◦ .pct, .pict

    – Video files:

        ◦ .mov, .qt

        ◦ .mp4, .mpeg4, m4v

        ◦ .avi

        ◦ .wmv

What are the advantages of ThePhotoStick®?


After a lot of research, I have to admit that I haven’t found a better solution than ThePhotoStick®. I have been using it now for a few weeks. Here are the advantages you can enjoy.

    – You can connect ThePhotoStick® to your computer as well as to your phone.

    – You don’t need a password or to have an account. You connect the device to your computer.

    – It is straightforward to use.

    – It organizes and stores your photos automatically and instantly.

    – You don’t need an internet connection.

    – You don’t have to pay any subscription.

    – Your data is protected from hackers and viruses.

Why use ThePhotoStick®?

With so many photos, it’s hard to track them all.

You certainly know the feeling. That need to recall a specific memory to enjoy the moment’s nostalgia fully.

Thanks to computers, we can now store our photos easily. The problem is that we all tend to keep them and nothing more… For my part, I have thousands of pictures in all directions. As a result, I spend a lot of time in front of my screen trying to find a picture. And I’m never sure if I’ll find it in the end!

When, after two hours of searching, I finally find THE picture, I look at it for 3 seconds. Because I’m too consumed by frustration, I close it…

When you think about organizing your photos, you probably think about creating folders. That’s a great idea! But do you really do it? No, you’re like me. You know that the task will take you a lot of time. And you prefer to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Mind you, and I’m not judging. I’m the same…

Real moments of my life went away while sorting through my photos. You could start by deleting a lot of them. But you know that once a picture is deleted, it’s over; you’ll never see it again.

I don’t have the discipline to take the time to organize all my files. It’s always in the back of my mind. I always tell myself, “tomorrow I’ll take care of it”. And the next day, I do it again. If I’m not the king of organization, I’m a master of procrastination…

ThePhotoStick® is made for those who want to save themselves long hours organizing their photos.

ThePhotoStick®: Prices and versions

ThePhotoStick® is available in several versions depending on the capacity you need. You can connect it to any computer, Mac or Windows. The price is affordable for everyone.

Moreover, you, my dear readers, can enjoy a 50% discount! You can buy ThePhotoStick® directly from the manufacturer’s website. 

Only the capacity of the USB stick varies, not its software. Let’s see which ThePhotoStick® will suit you best:

    – 8 GB – to store up to 4,900 photos

    – 64 GB – to store up to 39,000 photos

    – 128 GB – to store up to 78 000 photos

Here you go. Hope you enjoyed this post; please leave your comments in the next section.

Clean Robot

Clean Robot Review 2022: Cleaning Without Effort

Clean Robot Review 2022: Cleaning Without Effort

Why vacuum yourself when you can use the Clean Robot? Yes, from now on, you don’t need to start cleaning your floors. No more bending over backwards to clean in the corners. You currently have a robot vacuum cleaner that does it all for you. This post will talk about the Clean Robot and explain why you should be getting yours immediately. 

What is the Clean Robot?

Now it’s time to ask yourself what this device is… Well, today, this product will revolutionize your household! No more need to vacuum the floors of your home yourself. You now have a little vacuum cleaner robot that does it for you.

Yes, this kind of product has been on the market for a while. But the Clean Robot offers additional features, such as its three operating modes or the ability to detect obstacles in its path.

Whether you want to clean, disinfect or purify the air, you can rely on this small autonomous robot that runs on batteries. Its program is so well designed that the device returns to its base to recharge itself when its battery is low.

Moreover, you can remotely control the Clean Robot from the provider’s mobile app.

In short, it’s easy to use, very useful, saves you time and… What’s more fun than seeing a little robot do the cleaning for you!

The features of Clean Robot

Don’t you see the advantages that a device like this can offer? Let me give you my opinion on the subject by summarizing the main features of the gadget:

 – Double rotating brush: the powerful double brush of the cleaning robot allows it to clean all surfaces, even the most rigid ones like wood and marble. So you have a complete tool that will suit your home, even the surfaces you had doubts about.

 – As powerful as it is silent: the Clean Robot’s quiet operation allows you to enjoy the peace of your home while ensuring that your house stays clean.

 – More than adequate autonomy: Thanks to its powerful battery, the device can last a two-hour cleaning session without needing to be recharged. It will automatically return to its charging base when the battery is low. Moreover, according to the supplier, these batteries have more than two years of life.

 – Advanced obstacle detection: Where most similar robots have to bump into obstacles before establishing a new route, the Clean Robot can accurately map your home to avoid collisions and determine the best path for cleaning.

 – 3 modes: you can configure the robot for simple cleaning. But you can also use its UV function for air purification and disinfection function, or even all 3 at the same time.

 – Automatic cleaning: no maintenance required! The robot cleans itself after use. You can also control it remotely with your phone via the supplier’s application.

Clean Robot review: the prices of the gadget

Clean Robot

Payment options

To purchase your robot vacuum cleaner, you can pay either:

 – By credit card: the provider accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

 – By electronic wallet: Discover, Dinners Club or Sofort.


At the time of purchase on the official website of the supplier (which you can access through the link in the article), you have the choice to add a 3-year warranty.

The Clean Robot at a glance

Don’t feel like reading the whole Clean Robot review? No problem! Just find the main features in the summary table below.



Type of product

Robotic vacuum cleaner



Type of operation

Rechargeable battery



Mobile application


How does it work?

Say goodbye to this device’s dust, hair and other impurities that accumulate in your home. But the best part is that you don’t have to make any effort.

And yes, a robot means automatic operation. So really, there’s no reason to panic.

All you need to do is plug in the robot vacuum’s charging base. Once that’s done, the robot can come and go for cleaning and find its resting place. Try to place the charging base in a central location in your home so that the robot can access all the rooms without being too much of a drive.

Once everything is in place, you can automatically set the robot to do the cleaning. You can also go through the vendor’s mobile app. The latter will allow you to control the little robot and its various features remotely.

What can be said to conclude this article except that Clean Robot is too good! Did we ever tell you that cleaning doesn’t happen by itself? Well, those days are over. Now, it’s a little robot that does the cleaning for you! Practical, easy to use, economical and with an excellent lifespan, this is a great purchase to make before the holiday season. Get yours and let us know in the comments below.

Easy WaxOff

Easy Waxoff: The Revolutionary Ear Gadget

Easy Waxoff: The Revolutionary Ear Gadget

Today I’m introducing you to a gadget to clean your ears in the best way possible, a product that will revolutionize your grooming routine. If you have problems with your ear wax, Easy Waxoff will absorb you. Want to know more about it? Then read on! 

Easy Waxoff: what is it?

Good hygiene is a fundamental part of life. And although our hygiene always seems good enough, the ears often tend to be neglected.

Earwax is “ear wax”. You know, the substance that accumulates in your ears, greasy and sticky. In fact, for some people, the lack of cleaning in the ears can lead to an accumulation of earwax.

And if you don’t clean your ears regularly, the buildup of this substance will create clogs. This is easily adjustable but can be unpleasant and lead to more severe problems, such as gradual hearing loss and infections. That’s why you should clean your ears regularly.

However, even with regular and proper cleaning, some people are more sensitive than others, and earwax may be challenging to remove with traditional methods, such as cotton swabs.

That’s why I’m introducing Easy Waxoff. It is a battery-operated product with a rotating tip that will clean your ears to perfection, removing 100% of the earwax, whereas other methods will never be able to remove all of it.

So, with the day’s product, you can keep your ears perfectly clean while being assured that the device respects your body and will not damage the walls of your inner ear, unlike cotton swabs which, when used with too much force, can hurt you.

Easy Waxoff features and benefits

Easy WaxOff

Now that you have a clearer idea of what this product is and what it is used for let me explain its benefits. This way, you can see what this product can do for you at a glance. I have put them together in the small list below.

    – Impeccable cleaning: your ears have never been so clean! No more traces of wax.

    – Removes 100% of earwax: more effective than cotton swabs and other methods. The rotating helix-shaped tip ensures that nothing is left in your ears.

    – Lightweight and easy to carry: the device weighs almost nothing, and you can easily slip it into a bag or toiletry kit to take it anywhere.

    – Battery operated: to power the motor that rotates the tip.

    – Easy to use: Nothing could be easier than using this product. Please turn it on, insert it into the ear and let it do the rest.

    – Won’t damage your inner ear: the tip of the product is flexible and designed to respect your body. So there’s nothing to fear for your ears.

    – Economical: An earwax blockage can lead to other, more serious problems, and you may need to call a professional to remove it. You only have to buy the Easy Waxoff once, which makes it an economical device.

So much for the main benefits of this product. Give it a try, and you’ll be adopting it! Don’t forget to tell us what you think about this article and share your experience if you use this product.

Want to read more about gadgets?

Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The year 2022 is an excellent year when it comes to tech gadgets. This post will go through the top 5 devices in 2022. Yes, we have been looking for that new tech device since we were kids, and our desire has only kept growing as we see new gadgets popping up now and then…

1. Oppo Enco Air 2

Higher audio output is what the Oppo Enco Air2 is designed for, and the sound is enveloping! Bass is strong, vocals are clear, and mids and lows are near perfect. The highs could have been higher, but they are not a deal breaker in this price range. The TWS earphones contain 13.4mm, tetanized audio drivers in each earplug, providing an exceptional sound experience. These are also designed for gaming and support low-latency gaming with Bluetooth 5.2, which you can activate with compatible devices by pressing the headphones three times. 

2. iPhone 13 Pro

Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The smartphone can run even the most demanding games and applications quickly thanks to upgrades to the RAM and battery capacity and Apple’s newest chipset. Apple has installed the brand new Bionic A15 chipset, the company’s latest and fastest. People complaining about the company, not including a memory card slot in the iPhone can now purchase a larger iPhone 13 Pro based on storage, combined with up to 1TB of storage! The battery life of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro has also improved. You will have a few extra hours of playtime than in the previous version.

3. TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Wireless Range Extender

Top 5 Gadgets in 2022

The TP-TL-WA850RE, a 300 Mbps range extender from LINK, is made to quickly improve the signal strength and range of an existing wireless network to remove “dead zones.” The gadget is simple to deploy and transport due to its modest size and wall-mounted design. With the simple press of a WPS button, users may easily increase wireless coverage while staying inside the range of their current wireless network and without additional wires or cords. Two internal antennas help improve Wi-Fi coverage. You may quickly increase the wireless capacity by pressing the Range Extender button. The Range Extender feature seamlessly extends the wireless signal to previously inaccessible or hard-to-wire locations, Transmit Power 20 dBm (EIRP). The Tether app allows for easy access and administration from any mobile device.

4. Xiaomi Redmi 2 Lite watch

By linking your Redmi smartwatch to your smartphone and integrating the two into one device, you can operate it better. First, download the Xiaomi Wear/Wear Lite app onto your phone. Then, scan the barcode on your smartwatch’s screen using your phone. The display panel measures about 1.55 inches, with a resolution of 360320 pixels and a pixel density of 311. Bluetooth connectivity is essential for linking your Redmi wristwatch to your smartphone. Once connected, you can use the Xiaomi Wear app on your smartphone to access all your wearable apps, reports and activity stats.

5. Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean uses 11-cyclone technology to keep dirt and vacuumed particles in the dustpan. No other vacuum cleaner of this size on the market comes close to the 150 AW suction power of the VC. The 25 cm wide, fluffy, and slender laser cleaning head is the most admirable aspect of the new kit. It sends a laser beam inward at a 30 to 35-degree angle, allowing you to see the smallest dust particles under the green laser light. The hair bar on this head can also be removed and washed.

Hope you like this post. The gadgets mentioned above can easily last 2-3 years or even more, then you will need an upgrade. You’d undoubtedly love to have at least one of these devices, if not all of them.


Which Storage Gadgets and Accessories Can Tidy Up Your Home for Good?

Which Storage Gadgets and Accessories Can Tidy Up Your Home for Good?

Interesting question!

I’ve thought about this numerous times and if that question popped into your mind as well, then here are some of the best (and affordable) storage gadgets you need to buy if you want to get your house in order.

Welli Bins Washable Storage Bins

Welli Bins Washable Storage BinsHaving piles of shoes in a home is definitely not a pretty sight but shoe organization is a huge dilemma. I know some who’ve even had to sell a significant amount of their shoes to a re-sale store because they were unable to organize them properly in their house. I agree that today you can easily find shoe racks on the market; however, many of them require you to spend an outrageous amount of money. And, honestly, sometimes the problem isn’t always about shoe organization.

When people come home from work, for example, they often tend to throw their shoes in the hallway, the living room or in their bedroom. This is one of the main reasons why you think your house is being pilled up with shoes and why you keep tripping over your own shoes.

Personally, I think the right place for shoes is not in any of the living areas of the house, but rather in the entrance hall, for instance. And, instead of buying or installing a shoe rack, how about buying a Welli bin?

Welli bins are strong, durable and washable storage bins that were manufactured with plant-based materials. These light and portable bins are 100 % waterproof –also making them very easy to wash – and are favored by homeowners for their simple yet stylish design.

According to online buyers, these bins can be used to store anything you can possibly imagine –from magazines and newspapers to shoes, beverages and plants.

Customer Reviews:

“When your closets are a wreck, only these bins can save you.” –From Nelly

“I’ve been using it to store my favorite flowers and sometimes my son’s toys and it’s really good. No need to look for extra storage space in the house.” – From Daniella

“Gives me great organization, can fit cans, perfect for storing a bag of potatoes as well as onions, or even several bags of dried beans. This bin is way stronger than what I imagined.” – From N

“I don’t know why people keep saying it’s good as I am going to have to return mine. It arrived at my house beat up. It looks like these bins were already used, or had been dropped, kicked around and just not taken care of in general. They are pretty thick and seem sturdy but look like absolute garbage in the condition they came to me in.” – From Dan

mDesign Pull Down Spice Rack

mDesign Pull Down Spice RackSpice racks are absolutely essential in the kitchen, especially if you cook on a regular basis; you’d want everything to be within your reach while you are cooking.

There are several types of spice racks; some are small and simple shelves that can be placed within the pantry while others are wire shelves that can simply be hung on the pantry door. Some spice racks have titled shelves that can make it easy to spot the seasonings and some can even be towers that can spin like some sort of carousel. Wall-mounted spice racks are often favored as decorative units and less as storage accessories while the in-cabinet spice racks are often chosen as they are adjustable in size.

Over the years, I’ve had several kinds of spice racks but the best of all is the mDesign pull down spice rack. This storage accessory is known for creating space even in the most cluttered kitchens.

Customer Reviews:

 “I bought two of them and i love them. I wish I had more places to put them so I could justify buying more. They have changed my spice cabinets and made it so much easier to find things and to actually use them. It is so easy to see what I have and how much I have of it so I don’t run out. They were very easy to install (maybe 10 minutes) and they are fairly sturdy. They pull down so easily and hold a lot of spice bottles.” – From T








Why Should I Choose Satellite Television?

For a few years now, technologies have been skyrocketing. And satellite television is one of them. Indeed, with the satellite option, it is now possible to have access to different channels that will allow you to have information in real-time. Watching never has never been easier, and satellite television has made our streaming experience much smoother and is almost indispensable in some people’s lives.

Satellite television is accessible to all and offers multiple advantages. Thus, we have collected for you below the various reasons to opt for this system. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why you need to get satellite television.

What is satellite television?


It is a system of reception of television programs transmitted from satellites rotating at a speed identical to that of the planet Earth. This device can be very advantageous for you because it is affordable and allows you to access satellite TV. To do this, you can use a decoder or a module to be inserted directly into the TV set. However, be careful because the module may not be compatible with all types of television sets, just like the decoder. The advantages that satellite television can bring you

1. A wide choice of channels

It’s rare to get bored with a satellite TV, as many international channels are available at any time of the day and even at night. There is something for everyone: international news, TV series, sports events, cartoons, youth series, reality shows, music, etc.

2. More interactive choices

Apart from the different channels, you will have access to; a wide interactive choice is also guaranteed with a satellite TV:

    • Various TV applications to more easily view the referred programs live.
    • A set-top box that can be connected to the Internet for more advantages on online channels and Android applications.
    • Ability to record missed episodes of your favorite series.

3. Easy and convenient installation


In order to fully enjoy all the programs and services offered by satellite TV, you only need to have the necessary accessories installed by professionals in the field. For this, you will need the following items:

    • A satellite dish with a universal head
    • A coaxial cable and a head selector, if you opt for a multi-satellite installation
    • A demodulator for broadcasting analog channels
    • A DVB-S terminal for the broadcast of digital channels
    • A cable to connect the receiver to your TV set (HDMI, Scart, or RCA).

4. Easy to use

The satellite TV system will allow you not to feel the need to subscribe to many subscriptions in order to benefit from more channels on your TV. Indeed, the traditional antennas will not allow you to access international channels, but only some local programs that do not always guarantee what you want.

But with satellite TV, you will benefit from a large number of channels, which can also be available on your cell phone or computer, thanks to the Internet. So you can access all your favorite programs wherever you are.

5. Permanent access to the sensor


It is important for you to know that your access to satellite TV will not be interrupted. In fact, you can enjoy all your programs at any time, day or night, unlike some conventional antennas that lose the signal during storms or strong winds.

The connection to the satellite does not interrupt, in fact, even with the various bad weather! And this is one of the biggest advantages of this system. That’s why satellite TV is still the best option for accessing hundreds of channels worldwide, and at a lower price!

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Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Impress Your Friends (Part 2)

Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Impress Your Friends (Part 2)

If you’ve read the first article and were indeed able to impress your friends with the DIY WiFi antenna, here is one cooler and easier DIY gadget you can make to show off to your friends.

Make a Digital Clock

Make a Digital ClockInstructions to make a digital clock:

Step 1: You start by finding a good electronic parts supplier who can provide you with the basic materials you’ll need for this DIY project. If you go through electronic supply catalogs or through the net, you’ll find several electronic parts suppliers.

Step 2: You’ll need to gather the following basic supplies for your project: resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits of the generic 40xx and 74xx families.

Step 3: It is important for you to have an electronics prototyping breadboard. And, usually, the board comes with wires that should be plugged into it so that it can connect with circuits but if the breadboard doesn’t have any clips, you can always buy them and then connect the clips to the breadboard.

Step 4: Now, try to find a data sheet for a 7805 regulator; this information sheet will tell you everything you need to know about wiring and connecting the 7805 and all the other components.

Step 5: Use the 7805 along with the supporting components to build one corner of the breadboard. Using the data sheet as your guide, make all the necessary wire connections for the circuit to work properly. Base yourself on the manufacturer fact sheet to plug all the components into the breadboard.

Step 6: For the 4060 multivibrators integrated circuit, find the appropriate fact sheet. Again, the data sheet will tell you everything you need to know about connecting the 4060 and using it as a time generator in line with a 4014 flip flop IC (Integrated Circuit). And, don’t worry, all the connections including the supporting components will be featured on the data sheet.

Step 7: Once you’ve got all the 4013, 4060, breadboard sockets and supporting components for these electronic parts as mentioned in the manufacturer’s fact sheet, start building the 1 Hz time base on one corner of the breadboard. If needed, consult the fact sheet once again to make appropriate wire connections for the circuit. Then, plug them into the board.

Make a Digital Clock

Step 8: Now, it’s time to set up the 67490 counter ICs in a line right on the board. Once you’ve set the 67447 display driver ICs in a line near the 7490 ICs, place the 6 light emitting diode (LED) displays in another line and arrange them so as they are side to side as exactly how digits in a digital clock should be. Remember that all these components must be plugged into the appropriate breadboard sockets, which in turn should be connected to the main board.

Step 9: Now, we come to the phase where you have to connect the display drivers. Again, using the data sheet as a guide, connect the 7447s to the LED displays along with the 7490s.

Step 10: Here, the counter section must be created. Let’s use the 7490 data sheets. Wiring and connection should be started from the rightmost device to the leftmost device. While the first 47490s must be wired as a count by 6, a count by 6, a count by 10, a count by 10, the fifth 7490 and sixth 7490 should be wired as a count by 2 and count 1 for the 12-hour clock and the sixth 7490 and fifth 7490 should be wired as a count by 2 and count by 4 for the 24-hour clock.

Step 11: Once, you’ve connected the 1 Hz time base, provided the ability to set the minutes and hours section of the counter and wired all the necessary pins of all the 7490, use the 12 volt battery socket to connect the 12 volt battery to the 7805 regulator.


What Are Some of the Best Kitchen Cooking Gadgets of 2022?

What Are Some of the Best Kitchen Cooking Gadgets of 2022?

When you are a beginner in cooking, people believe that the best tip they can give you is never to give up even when you’ve ruined a dish. My tip to you would be this: if you want to have success in the kitchen, make sure you have the right tools, to begin with.

Bamboozle Bamboo Kitchen Compost Bin

Bamboozle Bamboo Kitchen Compost BinThere was a time when people used to line their kitchen garbage bin with a plastic grocery bag – if you had to throw wet stuff, you could just take the plastic out to empty it. Some people preferred not to keep a garbage can in the kitchen. General rubbish used to go in a bin outside while items to be composted used to go in a small bin by the back door, in the porch and were regularly transferred to a compost bin found in the garden. However, with the Bamboozle compost bin, there’s no need to go back and forth between the kitchen and the garden; this simple indoor bin can hold all your kitchen scraps such as herb stems, vegetable peels and fruit seeds.

This smooth matte bin is made up of renewable bamboo fiber –which explains its light feel – and comes with carbon filters – which can block odors and keep your kitchen smelling clean. This compost bin is not only a chic addition to your kitchen space, but it can also convert your own vegetable waste into compost that can be used to enrich the soil in your garden.

Kuhn Rikon Smooth Touch Can Opener

Are you tired of ruining your nails with these annoyingly stubborn can openers? How many times have you struggled with a can opener or splattered the whole content out in all directions?

Apart from using the hobo-style to open your can, you can buy the Kuhn Rikon Smooth Touch Can Opener. It uses 100 % stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to avoid damaging the lid of a can. This trendy and handy kitchen item is also known for its durability –since it is made of strong material, it won’t break easily. Compared to the traditional can opener, this new kitchen gadget was designed with a lock-on technology that’s very easy to use.

No wonder why online shoppers are obsessed with this stainless steel cutting mechanism!

Peleg Design Egg Yolk Separator

On tv, you can often watch chefs pouring the egg into their hands and letting the white drip out between their fingers, thus retaining the yolk in their palm. Or, another method to separate eggs is to use the shell to catch the yolk white the white runs into a bowl. While these methods sound very easy, they can quickly become very messy; plus, a mother-cum-wife-cum-employee won’t always have time for such tasks. This is why many prefer using the Peleg egg yolk separator. This funny and cute kitchen tool is a perfect for separating egg yolks from whites.

Chef Master Meat Tenderizer Tool

Chef Master Meat Tenderizer ToolCooking meat is an art and the best way to tenderize meat depends on your goals and a lot on your choices. Long and slow cooking is a great way (think of braising and barbecuing); and salting can also help. However, mechanical tenderizing using a meat tenderizer is much more effective –it breaks up muscle fibers, breaks down tough parts and gives the meat a mushy and spongy texture.

If you buy and use a Chef Master meat tenderizer, you’ll end up having the best steak dinner of your life. This handy-dandy kitchen tool is the hero of a budget cook. It can take a tough cut of a chuck or chicken and quickly transform it into a slice of flavorful and softer-to-chew meat by physically breaking down dense fibers and tissues.

This stainless steel tool consists of razor-sharp blades that can penetrate any type of cut of meat with ease and slice through its tough fibers to create channels for marinades to penetrate easily; it can be used on pork, turkey, chicken and fish.