Amazing Automatic Car Gadgets Part 2

You might have heard of many automatic car gadgets by now! I even covered quite a few of them in my previous article, which you can read here on this site! I hope you do not miss out on the following new devices that have been released! Please check out our list below to learn more!


A Subwoofer that fits under your seats.

With this gadget, you can add class to your car’s speakers. The subwoofer’s casing is made from cast aluminum, which makes it light. It is also slim enough to fit easily under your seats without affecting sound quality. Moreover, it has a smart system, allowing you to control your music from the supported app!  

A Power Inverter adds an AC outlet.

What do you do when you need to charge a device without a USB port? The solution is a power inverter that also features an AC outlet with USB ports! It is also very thin and takes very little space on your dashboard while still being strong enough to resist accidents, thanks to its metal casing. Also, you can benefit from the gadget’s overheating and short-circuiting protection feature!

A portable GPS Tracker that shows you your car’s location.

This GPS tracker enables you to detect the exact location of your car anytime! You can hide it easily in your car as it is small in size. It also has a rechargeable battery! I carry this handy GPS tracker in my backpack when I go to camps! You can also take it in your purse when you are traveling.

A Jumper Battery that can hold its charge for a year.

This portable jump starter enables you to start cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans 30 times before it needs to be recharged. Interestingly, this battery is designed to hold its charge for a year when it is turned off! It also has an easy-to-read LCD screen to indicate how much power is left. Furthermore, it has LED lights that you can use as flashlights or emergency lights! It is a must for me to carry this remarkable gadget in my car!

A Seat Cover with variable temperature control!

You might have heard of electronic seat cushions that provide heat in cold temperatures! This exceptional seat cover can cool you down in high temperatures too! You can also use it as a seat cushion at home and in the office to make yourself more comfortable.


A Kit that converts your headlights into brighter LED lamps.

You can upgrade your headlights with this LED light kit! These lamps can last for 30 000 hours. They also do not produce as much heat as your headlights usually do. It is also compatible with a wide range of vehicles. They enable me to see the road better when I drive at night!

A 2-in-1 Keychain that tears seatbelts and shatters windows.

You can escape from your car quickly in emergencies with the help of this 2-in-1 keychain! It is because one side of this gadget is a window breaker, and you need to press it against the glass to break it! The other side is a seatbelt cutter which has a protective removable cover. This helpful device is also available in multiple colors and is an Amazon bestseller!

Ultra-Bright LED Bulbs as cool interior lights.

Proven to be 300% brighter than standard halogen lights, these long-lasting LED dome lights are perfect for making your car’s interior brighter! Moreover, you can choose your color as they are available in 7 beautiful colors: ice blue, purple, green, white, yellow, blue, and red! Furthermore, they are available in compatible versions for a wide range of vehicles!

A Transmitter that adds Bluetooth to your car.

This transmitter connects you to your speakers via Bluetooth. It also has a built-in microphone for you to answer calls and even control your music. In addition, it consists of 2 smart USB ports that identify your phone’s charging speed! It can also display your car’s voltage, enabling you to check your battery’s status! I am relieved because I do not need to take my hands off my steering wheel and my eyes off the road to play my favorite song!

An incredible gadget that diagnoses your car.

There is no need to hire a mechanic when your engine light is on with this gadget! It has an embedded scanning tool with a database of about 3000 codes that identifies your engine’s real problem. It is also effortless to use!


A special gadget to read your tire pressure.

This handheld gadget makes it very easy for you to check your tire pressure. You simply place its tip around your tire’s nozzle and read the measurement on its bright LCD screen. It is convenient for long road trips!

All these valuable gadgets make my driving easy, secure, and comfortable! If you have exciting experiences with any other new car gadgets, please share them in the comments below!


Amazing Automatic Car Gadgets (part 1)

How many automatic car gadgets have you heard of? Do you want to make sure you’re not missing out on any new gadgets that have been released? Then check out our list below!


Smart lights to add color to your car ride.

There is adhesive backing on these lights that makes for easy installation. You also have two options when it comes to controlling them: the included remote or the free downloadable app on your smartphone. You can also sync these lights to your music so that they change colors depending on the song. Moreover, they are completely waterproof.

Durable metal car charger with two USB ports

When your phone needs a little extra charge, you just need to plug it into this sleek USB port. Also, this charger is able to cater to two devices simultaneously at full speed, unlike other chargers. Furthermore, the zinc alloy body is scratch-resistant and more durable than plastic. Are you worried about overheating your charger? Then relax because this one has built-in protection against overheating, overcharging, as well as high-temperature overload! Practically perfect in every way!

LED lights for your tires

If you are trying to make your car more special, these LED tyre lights will do the job. They are made up of bright LED bulbs that glow in different combinations of green, blue, white, and red. In addition, they are easy to install as you simply need to screw them onto your tire valves, and you are all set. The best part is that they will automatically light up when the wheels begin to rotate, so you don’t have to worry about switching them on yourself.


LED discs that illuminate your car cupholders

These LED light gadgets add fun lighting to the inside of your car! They are also available for every brand of the car! In addition, there are no tools or adhesives required to fix them. You can choose from 17 different lighting modes and seven different LED colors, and batteries are easily rechargeable via USB.

A backup camera to assist you in parallel park

Do you often have trouble with parallel parking? Then, just grab this backup camera that you can strap on your rear-view mirror. Amazingly, it automatically turns on when your car starts and turns off again once the ignition shuts down. It also allows you to simultaneously record from the front and back of your car! Furthermore, it can support memory cards of up to 128 gigabytes!

A laser that tells you how far to pull in your garage

A friend of mine dented his garage wall while pulling in too far in his garage! To avoid accidents like this, you just need to mount this laser on your ceiling and program it so that it records your ideal parking distance. Moreover, you can install the gadget on your own as instructions are included with the kit.


The car speedometer mount is easy to read.

This speedometer displays a lot of information, unlike the standard one, which only displays driving speed! For example, it displays the time, your direction, altitude, and mileage. Moreover, its LCD screen showcases your driving information in extra-large, easy-to-read numbers, and also the 30-degree angle prevents glare from the sun.

An extra-wide dash cam that can capture up to 5 lanes of traffic at once.

This dash cam has GPA and can record up to five traffic lanes while driving. Also, the video output is clear enough for you to read license plates. Thanks to built-in night vision features, it is also easy to use at night! In addition, its free downloadable app lets you view your camera feed in real-time, and you can even share photos and videos on social media. Furthermore, the camera can swivel to record what is happening inside and outside the car! This is amazing!

This dash-mounted alarm helps to scare deer away.

If deer often approach your car while driving and want to avoid serious accidents, then this is for you! This is because a repelling sonic noise is activated using a dash-mounted switch or your ignition switch. And also, it has a 25-mile warning range to help prevent animals from sneaking up on your vehicle. Furthermore, it is easy to install and use.


A wireless charger that works through your phone case

This charger allows you to power up your phone wirelessly. It is also available in 10 different colors and designs to suit your style! This is so cool! It also has clamps to hold your phone tightly and prevent it from breaking loose. Moreover, it rotates a full 360 degrees so that you can easily adjust your viewing angle. Also, unlike other wireless chargers, this one does not require you to remove your phone case before use.

So, which automatic car gadget do you already have, and which one do you want to try? Please share your comments below!

GPS Gadget

Effectiveness of GPS Gadget on Your Cars

Effectiveness of GPS Gadget on Your Cars


    – GPS tracker for car: functioning

    – Market offer in GPS trackers for car

    – Effectiveness of GPS trackers for cars

Despite the sophistication of today’s vehicles and their electronic protections, it is clear that the frequency of vehicle thefts is not decreasing. One of the solutions is the GPS tracker. We have investigated for you on the subject! 

Vehicle GPS tracker: functioning


Briefly, it is an electronic box fixed in a discreet place of the vehicle, by strap or magnet, which captures the GPS signals of the satellites and emits automatically or, on your request, the position of the car in the direction of your mobile. It can be connected to the car’s power supply or powered independently (lithium battery).

Besides its usefulness in case of car theft, its attributions and possibilities are enormous:

    – geolocation of company vehicles (trucks-commercial vehicles-rental vehicles…);

    – various readings (kilometres-break time-use time-speeds-tracking of the routes, etc.).

Market offer in GPS trackers for cars

GPS Gadget

GPS trackers for cars can be summarized into three groups.

1. GPS trackers with punctual geolocation without a subscription

These trackers require the purchase of a SIM card and prepaid cards. Their purchase price varies between $20 and $100; the power supply can be autonomous (from 5 to 25 days of autonomy) or linked to the vehicle. They indicate the GPS position of the car at your request by SMS or by a link on an online mapping service (Mappy, Google Maps…).

2. GPS trackers with constant geolocation without a subscription

Of higher range, the essential difference lies in real-time tracking, allowing to trace the vehicle’s route; just like the previous trackers, they use a SIM card and send their GPS position at regular intervals.

3. GPS trackers that also listen to conversations in the vehicle!

Other functions are available such as listening to conversations in the vehicle, activating engine cut-off, limited speed, or audible alarm…

Prices vary for these models from $100 to $600.

GPS trackers with subscription

These trackers are more intended for companies and fleets, hence the justification of the subscription, which allows:

    – regular updates;

    – a global follow-up on external servers and possible connection with the police force;

    – a precise study of the movement of each vehicle in real-time;

    – the existence of after-sales service.

The offers are similar to packages and range from $700 to $1,800 with monthly subscriptions from $20 to $50; this cost does not correspond to an offer for individuals.

Effectiveness of car GPS trackers

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to knowing the tracker’s features, and when faced with copies or sub-brands, it is best to contact a professional alarm company.

Undeniably, GPS trackers bring a plus in terms of security and vehicle tracking; they can prevent you from physical violence in case of carjacking (you will be more inclined to give your keys without resistance).

However, they do not prevent theft. If GPS trackers are effective against amateur thieves, organized gangs specialized in large-scale vehicle theft are likely to detect the tracker’s position with a scanner or annihilate its signal with a jammer.

Good to know: a derisory ($2) and yet effective way is to install or have installed a simple homemade circuit breaker hidden in a place of your choice; the atypical character of this installation effectively puts the thief in difficulty.

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Car Gadgets | Car GPS

Car Gadgets | Car GPS


 – Car GPS: its history

 – How a car GPS works

 – The different models of GPS for car

 – Car GPS: price and specificities


Not so long ago, the only efficient way to get from point A to point B by car was to plot your route on a road map and follow the directions religiously. Nowadays, it is still nice to go on the road on vacation with maps, but it is also much faster to equip yourself with a car gadget: the GPS. It is a technology that has become almost indispensable in our daily lives.

Car GPS: its history

Initially, the concept of GPS was designed for military purposes. Indeed, a program was started by the U.S. Army in the 1960s to locate any point on earth precisely, to the nearest meter, using satellites (more than thirty today) orbiting the earth.

In the 1990s, this system was extended to the civilian sector, voluntarily losing its precision (within 10 meters). Today, in addition to the automotive industry, where it is widely used, GPS covers all civil fields (aviation, marine navigation, road transport, agriculture, leisure…).

Operating principle of GPS for cars

In any location, 5 to 6 satellites are accessible by the GPS signal. These satellites, whose precise position is known, allow calculation of the distance of the point from each of them and precisely determine the longitude and latitude coordinates of this point. This is how the earth coverage of satellites achieves the geolocation of a point in real-time.

Very quickly, the GPS was adopted in cars, reproducing on a virtual map the position of the vehicle. It allows to guide visually and orally, with the help of a vocal function, and after having entered the final destination, the driver.

The functions of the GPS are multiple:


 – navigation, which allows following a route, informs the driver of the direction to follow; it offers several route options (the shortest in km, the fastest, by the freeway with or without toll, the most economical …), with vias (intermediate stops);

 – the calculation of the necessary time and the arrival time is constantly recalculated, taking into account the traffic in real-time.

 – the display of the vehicle’s speed, with alerts when the speed limit is exceeded, and the indication of “dangerous points” of fixed speed controls (radars).

 – interactivity with community alerts, where each user informs the other users of a danger zone (accident, work, broken down vehicle, road conditions, etc.).

 – directory of all tourist places, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, or any other business.

 – Its screen, from 3 to 7 inches, can integrate the backup camera function.

The different models of GPS for car

You can consider different options for the purchase of a GPS:

The original equipment

When you buy a vehicle, the “navigation” option is always possible. Its advantage is its integration and visibility, while the disadvantage is its expensive updates and its lack of evolution, which can make it obsolete after a few years.

The adaptable model

The adaptable mode is plugged into the cigarette lighter. It is fixed by support vented to the windshield or stapled to the dashboard; its interest is to be removable, placed in the best place and interchangeable.

Smartphone applications


For those who want a basic GPS, these applications are loaded on the smartphone, fixed by support; their significant advantages are not to cause additional cost and to limit the equipment connected to the vehicle.

Car GPS: price and specificities

Type of equipment




GPS in original equipment

All features: interconnected with radio, general info, Bluetooth…

Average price of the option: $500

Brand concessions

Low range GPS


From $30 to $50

Concessions, car centres, websites, multimedia centres…

Multi-function GPS

Navigation, alerts, places and sites of interest, businesses, rearview camera and/or front view camera…

From $150 to $250

Dealerships, car centres, websites, multimedia centres…

Specific GPS (motorcycle, trucks, camping car…)

All functionalities + taking into account specific parameters (size, height, weight…)

From $170 to $600

Truck dealerships, websites, camper van sellers…

Applications for smartphones

Navigation, alerts


Download platforms