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Effectiveness of GPS Gadget on Your Cars

Effectiveness of GPS Gadget on Your Cars


    – GPS tracker for car: functioning

    – Market offer in GPS trackers for car

    – Effectiveness of GPS trackers for cars

Despite the sophistication of today’s vehicles and their electronic protections, it is clear that the frequency of vehicle thefts is not decreasing. One of the solutions is the GPS tracker. We have investigated for you on the subject! 

Vehicle GPS tracker: functioning


Briefly, it is an electronic box fixed in a discreet place of the vehicle, by strap or magnet, which captures the GPS signals of the satellites and emits automatically or, on your request, the position of the car in the direction of your mobile. It can be connected to the car’s power supply or powered independently (lithium battery).

Besides its usefulness in case of car theft, its attributions and possibilities are enormous:

    – geolocation of company vehicles (trucks-commercial vehicles-rental vehicles…);

    – various readings (kilometres-break time-use time-speeds-tracking of the routes, etc.).

Market offer in GPS trackers for cars

GPS Gadget

GPS trackers for cars can be summarized into three groups.

1. GPS trackers with punctual geolocation without a subscription

These trackers require the purchase of a SIM card and prepaid cards. Their purchase price varies between $20 and $100; the power supply can be autonomous (from 5 to 25 days of autonomy) or linked to the vehicle. They indicate the GPS position of the car at your request by SMS or by a link on an online mapping service (Mappy, Google Maps…).

2. GPS trackers with constant geolocation without a subscription

Of higher range, the essential difference lies in real-time tracking, allowing to trace the vehicle’s route; just like the previous trackers, they use a SIM card and send their GPS position at regular intervals.

3. GPS trackers that also listen to conversations in the vehicle!

Other functions are available such as listening to conversations in the vehicle, activating engine cut-off, limited speed, or audible alarm…

Prices vary for these models from $100 to $600.

GPS trackers with subscription

These trackers are more intended for companies and fleets, hence the justification of the subscription, which allows:

    – regular updates;

    – a global follow-up on external servers and possible connection with the police force;

    – a precise study of the movement of each vehicle in real-time;

    – the existence of after-sales service.

The offers are similar to packages and range from $700 to $1,800 with monthly subscriptions from $20 to $50; this cost does not correspond to an offer for individuals.

Effectiveness of car GPS trackers

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to knowing the tracker’s features, and when faced with copies or sub-brands, it is best to contact a professional alarm company.

Undeniably, GPS trackers bring a plus in terms of security and vehicle tracking; they can prevent you from physical violence in case of carjacking (you will be more inclined to give your keys without resistance).

However, they do not prevent theft. If GPS trackers are effective against amateur thieves, organized gangs specialized in large-scale vehicle theft are likely to detect the tracker’s position with a scanner or annihilate its signal with a jammer.

Good to know: a derisory ($2) and yet effective way is to install or have installed a simple homemade circuit breaker hidden in a place of your choice; the atypical character of this installation effectively puts the thief in difficulty.

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