A Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Android App

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Android App

At one point, I’m sure you must have thought about creating a mobile application. Back then, you must have dismissed it, thinking it’s a nearly impossible task. But, today, we will explain everything you need to know about creating an Android app.

The Beginning Phase

The Beginning PhaseLearn about object-oriented programming. Java knowledge is advantageous. The idea of objects is represented by object-oriented programming (OOP), which is a design philosophy. Objects have data fields that are nothing more than descriptions of the objects, and all of the activities performed by the objects are referred to as procedures.

For example, a phone is an object with properties such as the name of the phone’s manufacturer, the model number of the phone, the price of the phone, and so on. The activities of the phone are specified in a method, such as the process of making calls with your phone, the process of browsing the Internet with your phone, and so on.

Java is a computer language that heavily uses the OOP principle.

The most popular programming language is Java. Because Android OS is also designed in Java, knowing Java is always advantageous if you want to develop an app for Android.

Use Eclipse IDE

Have hands-on experience using the Eclipse IDE for Java developers. Eclipse IDE is an integrated development environment that recognizes several Java programming language keywords and capabilities.

Purchase an Android Phone

It’s no big secret that having an Android phone on hand will assist you in becoming acquainted with Android features and capabilities.

The criteria listed in Part 1 are necessary for getting started with developing an Android mobile application, although it is perfectly fine if you do not meet all of them.

Download the Android SDK

The Android SDK is a software development kit for Android that includes all of the jars needed to create an Android application.

Download the Android SDK by clicking here. And, install the most recent version of Eclipse on your PC. Eclipse may be downloaded through the Eclipse website, or from this link: https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/.

You will discover that the purple Eclipse symbol is exactly what its name implies.

Install the Eclipse Android Development Tool (ADT)

Install the Eclipse Android Development Tool (ADT)This utility is available for download from the Eclipse marketplace. Navigate to the Help menu in the Eclipse toolbar to discover the Eclipse Marketplace option. In the Eclipse Marketplace, look for Android Development Tool and install the plugin.

Sdk Manager May Be Used to Download the Most Recent Sdk Tools and Platforms

When you launch the Android SDK Manager, it will prompt you to install the most recent SDK updates. Accept the agreements and install the most recent Android SDK.

Launch the Android SDK Manager from the Eclipse toolbar by navigating to the window option and selecting “Android SDK Manager.”

Fill Out the Form That Appears

If you don’t know what any of the terminologies mean, here are some definitions.

  • The name of the program that displays to end users is known as the application name.
  • The name of your project is shown in the Eclipse IDE as Project Name.
  • Your application’s package namespace is represented by Package Name. Your package name should be one-of-a-kind. “com.wikihow.tutorial.first.android.app” is an example of a suitable package name. Minimum Required SDK is the lowest Android version that your application will support.


When you’re finished filling out the form, click “Next” to proceed.

Set up the Project

You must setup the project on the next screen. Leave all of the default options alone for this application, and then click “Next.”

Choose a Launcher Icon

This page lets you choose a launcher icon for your program to utilize as its application icon. Once you’ve decided on an icon, click “Next.”

Choose an Activity

To develop your application, pick “blank activity” on the following screen and click “Next.”

Provide Specifics About Your Action

On the following screen, you will be requested to submit information about your activity. Leave the values alone and click “Finish.”

You created a simple Hello World application with default parameters.


This was part 1 and the remaining steps would be communicated in part 2.



Top 4 Things To Know About TikTok

TikTok is currently one of the most used applications on the planet and will have over 1.1 billion active users around the globe in 2021. Videos can be up to 10 minutes, from comedy to skits to satire to political news. It has something for everyone, and your FYP (For You Page) is curated only for you.

The average user spends around 52 minutes on the app per day, and this is why more and more marketers are harnessing it for digital marketing purposes. So, without further ado, let’s dive further into this blog and learn some of the things everyone needs to know about TikTok.

1. The origin


Born from the ashes of the platform that was once Musical.ly, TikTok was first released in 2014 but only expanded outside of China in 2017. Its Chinese creators set out to combine short videos with easily accessible music, allowing users to quickly and easily create unique content. Here’s how the brand itself defines its social network:

TikTok allows everyone to be a creator and encourages users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos.” 

TikTok’s goal is to become the number one destination for short-form mobile video, stimulating creativity and “joy” in its users. With TikTok’s growth expected to grow in the coming months, it’s time for marketers to jump on the opportunity and think of creative ways to incorporate TikTok into their brand strategy.

2. The application claims 1 billion active users


Only four years after its launch, it has outclassed all its competitors. Already ultra-popular before the pandemic, the Chinese platform has capitalized on the multiple confinements and the closure of schools worldwide in 2020 to become THE social network of the moment. But in fact, what is TikTok? An application built on the principle of short videos, limited to 60 seconds and then 3 minutes and now up to 10 minutes.

To compete with YouTube and Instagram- where teens and people of all ages film themselves singing, dancing, or even performing challenges of all kinds. Launched in 2017 internationally by the Chinese group ByteDance, the app is breaking records. In 2020, TikTok became the most downloaded in the world (850 million times), supplanting the social networks of the Facebook group -always very popular, especially when they work.

But that’s not all. The Chinese giant has also announced that it has passed the one billion mark of active users. In fact, almost one in six people in the world connect to the application at least once a month. Finally, TikTok has managed to surpass YouTube in terms of viewing time in the United States and the United Kingdom. How do you say “meteoric rise” in Chinese?

3. Virality


TikTok has spawned many viral trends, including challenges that have flooded the world and videos that have been shared on competing platforms and propelled users into celebrity status overnight. Lip sync videos remain popular on the app, but they are joined by a host of comedy videos as well as videos featuring physical prowess in the form of choreography.

The platform has been very successful thanks to its popularity with a younger audience, and today, in France, 46% of people under 13 years old claim to use TikTok. However, worldwide, the second largest age group is related to 20-29 years olds, and in the United States alone, in less than 18 months, the number of American adults using the platform has multiplied by 5.5, reaching about 15 million.

In any case, many new social platforms are seeing their launches propelled by the younger audience, like Facebook and Instagram in their day. But as they become popular and content is shared on other more traditional platforms, the audience grows and expands. This is what we’re currently seeing with TikTok, as the videos are getting organic cross-channel promotion that is doing wonders for their own user base.

4. AI


TikTok relies heavily on AI to help users maximize engagement with their content. The platform tracks users’ likes and comments and records how long they watch each video. Given the short duration of each video and the huge user base, TikTok’s algorithms quickly build up large data sets.

This AI helps content creators craft viral videos by simplifying video editing and adding enhancements such as music, hashtags, and filters that are trending or have proven popular based on the category. With a creator-friendly user interface, it’s easy to identify popular music, challenges, dances, and general trends, giving new users an easy way to start creating potentially popular content.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about TikTok.

Instant Messaging Software

Comparison of Good Instant Messaging Software

Comparison of Good Instant Messaging Software


    – Instant messaging: chat in real-time

    – How to use your instant messenger?

    – Instant messaging software: comparison

Instant messaging software is one that you can install on your computer.

Instant messaging: chat in real-time

Instant Messaging Software

When we talk about instant messaging, we sometimes talk about “chat”.

Instant messaging, known by the abbreviation IM, allows you to chat with your contacts by exchanging written messages: the dialogue is real-time instantly.

Instant messaging software has improved little by little, adding additional features such as

    – file-sharing;

    – audio or video conversation.

Instant messaging lets you know which contacts are connected, available or not.

How to use your messenger?

To use an instant messenger, you need to install software on your computer and connect using a username and password.

The username is often the same as the email address used.

Some instant messaging software only allows you to use the email addresses of the software publisher’s email service.

Once connected to the instant messenger, you have to click on the contact you want to talk to and write your message.

When you are connected to the instant messenger, and you don’t want to be disturbed on your instant messenger, you have to indicate it to your contacts by the status busy, absent…or go offline or invisible.

Instant messaging software: comparison

There are many instant messaging software, but the market is primarily dominated by Skype since it merged with Windows Live Messenger, which no longer exists.

Here is a comparative table of the leading Instant Messaging software:

Instant messaging software




Features of this instant messaging software

Skype, which replaced Windows Live Messenger 9 (former name: MSN)



Windows, Mac and Linux. There are also versions for tablets, mobiles, televisions, game consoles …

– instant messaging for two or more people;

– voice messages;

– voice calls;

– video calls between 2 users or group;

– file sharing;

– send messages offline;

– send messages to Facebook friends and check your news feed directly from Skype.

Messenger Plus (extension for Skype)


Yuna Software


– Adds extra functionality to Skype;

– recording of conversations;

– flash animations;

– video and sound effects;

– change the appearance of the toolbar;

– customization of ringtones.

Facebook Messenger



Windows, Mac, Linux. There are also versions for mobiles and tablets.

– instant messaging;

– geolocation;

– adding photos and videos;

– voice recordings;

– group chat.

Yahoo Messenger



Windows, Mac. There are also versions for mobiles and tablets.

– instant messaging;

– file uploading;

– video and image sharing;

– PC to PC calls with other Yahoo Messenger users;

– chat directly from the web browser;

– games;

– can partner with Facebook;

– sharing and publishing of social network statuses;

– paid calls to phones;

– free voicemail;

– built-in video player to watch photos and videos on the Internet.

Google Hangouts



Works from Chrome. There is also an Android and iOS version.

– instant messaging;

– free PC to PC call with other users;

– voice messages;

– synchronization with other Google tools;

– notification of Gmail mail receipt;

– service accessible from Gmail or Google+.




Windows, Mac. There are also versions for mobiles and tablets.

– instant messaging;

– video chat;

– up to 20 contacts in instant messaging;

– up to 7 contacts in audio chat;

– wallpapers;

– emoticons;

– customizable sounds;

– possibility of meeting matching profiles;

– integration with social networks.




Windows, Mac. There are also versions for mobiles and tablets.

– instant messaging;

– SMS sending (for a fee);

– tabbed conversations.


Top 10 Mobile Games Everyone Should Have On Their Phone

Personally, I’m not the biggest console gamer out there, but my partner is, and I will play with him from time to time. But, this list is made up of some of the most popular mobile games that you can play on your phone. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the most popular mobiles games that you ought to have.

1. Pokémon GO


No, Pokémon GO didn’t disappear in one summer. If its launch was a real phenomenon, with gatherings of tens and hundreds of people to catch rare Pokémon, the game is still very much played today. Thanks to the arenas, updates are numerous, new creatures are regularly released, and you can compete against teams like a real trainer.

2. Fallout Shelter

What would you do in the event of an apocalypse? Build the best bunker to survive as long as possible? Then Fallout Shelter is for you! The Earth is uninhabitable, and you have to build an underground shelter, functional and bigger and bigger, to accommodate more and more survivors. This management game aims to build the rooms necessary for survival, collect food and energy, and put the most suitable characters in each room while preventing, from time to time, the looters and brigands from coming to kill them.

3. Super Mario Run


Mario even invites himself into your phone with a platform game that will delight the fans of the first hour. The levels are varied, you can find everything that has made the charm of the saga since the 80s, and it’s easy to learn. You’ll have a great time, share your results with your friends and try to beat their records.

4. Once Upon a Tower

If you like fairy tales, this mobile game is for you! But there’s a twist, and the captive princess is not saved by a prince charming. The latter never arrived at the dungeon. And the princess must save herself. Armed with a hammer, she must manage to reach the bottom of each level by avoiding traps and eliminating each enemy that faces her. A platform game that quickly becomes addictive.

5. Genshin Impact


An action RPG with a large open world, Genshin Impact arrived on PC, PS4, and mobile in September 2020 and was an immediate success. The game’s goal is simple: build your team, do many quests, fight creatures, and level up your characters to make them stronger. The aesthetics are close to Japanese anime, and the pace of this mobile game is dynamic.

6. The Sims Mobile

This mobile version of The Sims takes up all the mechanics of the game, from creating your character to developing your life and building your house. You can manage your character’s life at any time of the day. In addition, many events are added to this mobile game regularly. And this time, there’s no need to wait until you get home and turn on your PC to resume your mobile game: everything is already in your hand, with your phone.

7. Rayman Adventures


Would you like a bit of nostalgia? After Mario, Rayman has also landed on your phone with a brand new adventure. There are five worlds to cross by winning each level in this platform game. You’ll find the colorful world of Rayman, the rhythm is fluid dynamics, and the scenery is varied, avoiding any redundancy in the game. A crazy adventure awaits you.

8. Monument Valley 1 & 2

Monument Valley and its sequel are like suspended moments full of grace. It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, and the games push you to think about solving the puzzles that face you. You are completely immersed in the dreamlike universe, as your little character has to manage to escape from each level, with a difficulty that gradually increases as the laws of physics disappear.

9. Geometry Dash


If you have a sense of rhythm and you are not afraid to start over and over again levels, this game is for you. The goal is simple: jump at the right time and avoid all obstacles to get as far as possible with your geometric shape. The atmosphere is there, with music that will accompany you to each game.

10. Viola’s Odyssey

The story is funny and straightforward: Alto goes on an adventure after losing his llamas in the mountains. The character has to go through many levels in different universes with a singular and colorful atmosphere, wearing his skis. There are goals to reach, points, and coins to collect to improve his equipment.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about mobile games.


Top 5 Best Apps That Everyone Should Have On Their Phone

On the Google Play Store (and its alternatives), you can find millions of apps of all kinds, some useless and others particularly useful. It is sometimes difficult to find your way through this jungle of content, especially when you buy a new smartphone, are given one as a gift, or come from another ecosystem such as Apple’s iPhone (iOS).

So here is a selection of the best must-have apps to download and install on Android, other than the must-have Facebook and Twitter for some or Instagram and TikTok for others. Note that if you buy an application on the Google Play Store and it doesn’t suit you, you have two hours to ask for a refund.

1. Twitch


Twitch has become the essential streaming platform dedicated to video games over the years, but not only. If you’re used to following your favorite streamers on Twitch, the Android application will allow you to find them wherever you want, whenever you want, directly on your smartphone.

Note that the app also has a feature that allows you to stream mobile games directly or stream your trips and outings via the Streamer IRL feature. A must-have for all users of the platform. I usually put one of my favorite streamers as background noise when I’m working or cooking. It helped me feel like I was not alone at home and was very helpful, especially during the numerous lockdowns.

2. Google Lens

Google Lens is one of those applications that will prove useful in everyday life. First of all, this application allows you to “recognize objects” via the Google Photos application. In other words, you just have to take a picture of an object, a sign, or a barcode to search directly on Google.

Google Lens regularly supports additional languages. Another particularly useful feature when traveling is translating text from one language to another in real-time. Recently, Google Lens also offered instant translation offline without going through the Internet.

3. YouTube Music


For music, we really advise you to give a chance to Youtube Music, now preinstalled on most Android smartphones. Besides the fact that the service has improved a lot in the last few months, you often get between one and three months of subscription offered with a new smartphone, which is far from being negligible.

You will be able to find the music and covers available on the huge library of YouTube, and finally, because you can sometimes enjoy YouTube Premium for a few euros more, and that will allow you to remove ads from the service. Of course, we also have to point you towards Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Deezer. For most music lovers, the preference will perhaps go to Qobuz or Tidal.

4. Games

There are tons of good games on Android. We have to mention Among Us. This title has been a phenomenal success, and it’s well deserved! Between laughs and little betrayals between friends, the game is of a monster simplicity to take in hand, and yet we can spend hours.

If you’re more into adventures like the Zelda series, especially Breath of the Wild, we highly recommend you check out Genshin Impact and its beautiful graphics. An epic journey awaits you!

5. Waze


Waze has been making a name for itself for a few years now in the mapping services sector. Facing the giant Google Maps, the Israeli app (since bought by Google in 2013) has marked its difference thanks to the integration of many features such as traffic alerts, the display of police controls (which will end in November 2021, by the way) and possible dangers on your road, the automatic recalculation of the fastest or most ecological route, or the compatibility with Android Auto.

Since February 2021, the Waze application is also compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to plan your route by voice without taking your eyes off the road. Waze, for me, is sometimes a good alternative when google maps bugs out and I have to use a map to get somewhere because I have no basic sense of directions.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read about other apps that you should have on your phone.


Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User

The Apple Watch was released in April 2015, and since then, there have been six models that have seen the light of day. After six years, we can officially say that each Apple watch is different; each time, they have new features that are more incredible as the year goes by. The Apple Watch Series 7 is not so long on the market, and it is claimed to be the most powerful and durable watch Apple has ever developed.

But it does not matter what model you have; the most important thing is how you use it. You will want to know some important things if you are a new user of the Apple watch, or even if you are among the first users; these tips may change your life.

Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User
Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User

You Can Change Your Layout

The Apple Watch’s Home screen comes with a honeycomb of applications by default when you initially set it up. The Grid View is what Apple calls it, and while it looks nice, it may be a pain to operate, especially for new users who aren’t familiar with how each app works.

This is why we recommend switching to List View, which removes the honeycomb and replaces it with a scrollable, easy-to-find list of programs (in alphabetical order). Later on, you’ll be grateful. To do so, follow these steps:

  • On your Apple Watch, find the Settings app.
  • App View should be chosen.
  • View in a List

Mute Apple Watch Notifications

If you’re new to wearing a wristwatch, the number of push alerts your Apple Watch may surprise you – most people don’t enjoy their wrists buzzing. This is why, just like on your iPhone, you should regulate which push notifications you receive on your Apple Watch so that you only receive alerts from applications you wish to receive notifications from.

  • On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
  • Select Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle off the button of the app you don’t want alerts from in the “Mirror my iPhone” list
  • Select a single app and select “Notifications Off” for applications in the “Mirror my iPhone” list.
Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User
Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User

Make Your Time Faster

It’s not unusual for individuals to change the time on their watch — or any other clock — to make it run faster. They’ll always be on time or ahead of schedule this way. By default, your Apple Watch gets its time from your iPhone (or the internet), but you can manually configure it to run faster.

  • On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app.
  • Choose Clock.
  • Spin the digital crown by tapping the “+0 min” bar.
  • Set the number of minutes you wish the clock to advance by.

You may configure your clock to start ticking at 59 minutes per second. It’s vital to remember that this won’t modify your iPhone’s clock. It also won’t consider when you set alarms; those times will remain set for “actual” time.

Use Your Apple Watch For Alarm

By setting your Apple Watch in Nightstand mode, which displays the date and time while charging at night, you can simply transform it into a digital alarm clock. The hitch is that Nightstand Mode won’t operate until your Apple Watch is charging.

  • On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app.
  • Select the General option.
  • Toggle on Nightstand Mode by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

When Nightstand Mode is enabled, the Apple Watch will display the date and time every time it is connected to power. It will also display your alarm if you’ve set one.

Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User
Tips And Tricks For Apple Watch User

Unlock Your iPhone With Your Apple Watch

Face ID doesn’t function if you’re wearing a mask; therefore, the epidemic has posed a major dilemma for iPhone users. Apple has devised a workaround that lets users with an Apple Watch (running watchOS 7.4 or later) unlock their iPhone using their Apple Watch. Here’s how to do it:

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Select “Face ID & Passcode” from the drop-down menu.
  • When asked, enter your passcode.
  • Toggle on “Unlock with Apple Watch” by scrolling down.

When Face ID doesn’t work, an alert will appear on your Apple Watch, and you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone by swiftly swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Did you know these Apple Watch tips? Let us know in the comments if you have any more tips to share with us…

Google pixel 6

An extensive review of the new Google phone – Pixel 6 (part 2).

It’s only been a week since the new Google phone hit the market, and we feel this is the right time to do an in-depth review of the Pixel 6. In the first part of this review, we looked at the new Google phone’s design, performance, and software. In this crazy technological age, what more can we expect from the Google Pixel 6? In this article, we will cover camera quality, battery life and security.

Google Camera

white iphone 5 c beside black sunglasses
Google Pixel 3 Camera Vs Google Pixel 6

Apart from its sleek design, the Google Pixel 6 camera has some incredible features, namely Face Unblur, Action Pan, Magic Eraser, Long Exposure and Real Tones modes. The Face Unblur feature is a lifesaver for when you have a moving subject, so if you are a parent who wants to capture a memorable moment but your 6-month-old refuses to stay still long enough for you to snap a picture, this feature is made for you.

Action Pan attempts to lock focus on a moving object and use the motion of that object to simulate the blur you would get if you were tracking the object as it moved through its environment. This is a difficult feat with most cameras, but it can be done with just a few taps.

The Magic Eraser feature lets you remove objects from photos by simply marking them. It may not be as good as Adobe Photoshop’s magic stamp tool, but it is great for personal use and social media.

One improvement Google has talked about is Real Tone, a major overhaul and exploration of the way photos, especially Google’s algorithms and engineers handle people with different complexions.


person holding black samsung android smartphone
One Among The Best Battery

The battery life of the new Pixel 6 Pro is impressive; it claims to have the longest video rundown test, 20 hours and 30 minutes, compared to the base Pixel 6, which only has 19 hours and 30 minutes. There is no need to charge the device during the day, and most users will be able to go to bed with at least 30% battery. It is claimed that the Tensor chip plays a big role in battery performance.

Battery life is not the only improvement, but charging speed is also one of the many improvements. Google has also increased charging speed to 30 watts for wired charging (just make sure you have a 30-watt USB-PD 3.0 power adapter) or 21 to 23 watts (depending on the model) for wireless charging with Google is upcoming second-generation Pixel Stand.


Digital security has become more than important these days, and increasingly confusing at the same time. But Google has tried to simplify it as much as possible. The Titan M2 chip was developed entirely by Google and is highly resistant to advanced attacks. In the Security Hub, you’ll get notifications when Google detects that one of your passwords may have been compromised, tips on how to further improve your security, and even an overall rating to see how well (or poorly) you’re doing.

Google also warns you about phishing and fraud if someone asks you for your password.

Good value for money

Money, Cards, Business, Credit Card, Pay, Shopping
Google Is Quite Cheap Compared To Other Smartphones.

More than any other Google device before it, the Pixel 6 demonstrates the power and potential of machine learning and ambient computing. There is a lot more to performance than big numbers, but to achieve it, you need smart software and sophisticated hardware optimized to make those apps and features shine. The Pixel 6 delivers it all. If all you care about is getting the best phone for your money, the Pixel 6 is it. The Pixel 6 starts at just $599, $200 less than an iPhone 13 or Galaxy S21.

Let us know in the comments if you are willing to switch to the new Google Pixel 6 or are you still hesitant?

Mobile App

How to Install a Mobile App

How to Install a Mobile App

Applications are small programs specially designed for smartphones and tablets. There are thousands of them; some are free, others not.

Applications are installed via the dedicated store of your device, each system having its own rules: the App Store for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), Google Play Store for Android devices, etc.

This sheet explains how to install an application.

Focus on the different types of applications

There are two types of applications.

Basic applications

The so-called “basic” applications are automatically installed when you initialize your smartphone or tablet and are provided by the manufacturer of your device. They are, for example, the music or weather application, or the messaging system, the phone or the settings, and it is not possible to delete them.

Optional applications

They are applications designed by third parties and give access to various services: music, social networks, instant messaging, travel, weather, finance, games, photo, astronomy …

They are designed specifically for mobile devices and take advantage of their features: touch screen, geolocation, camera or voice recognition, for example.

These applications are sometimes free: this is the case with most companies offering a service or instant messaging and social networks. Examples include Spotify, for listening to music, Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, CityMapper.

Some applications are not free to download, while others are based on a mixed model called “Free to try”: a limited version in terms of features or duration of use is free, but you have to buy the paid version to access the full functionality or make an in-app purchase to acquire the full version. Games are a somewhat “separate” set of applications in that in-app purchases allow you to purchase additional modules or “lives”.

You can download an unlimited number of applications (if your device’s memory allows it) and delete them if you wish.

Install an application on an Apple device


To install an application on an iPad or an iPhone, you must go to the App Store. You must first set up your iTunes user account and enter a payment method that will only be used for paid applications.

To access the App Store from your device, touch the App Store icon. The App Store opens and allows you to find applications using several methods: suggestions, recommendations based on your tastes, rankings and keyword search.

Note: Based on the number of downloads for the day and user ratings, the App Store ranks the most popular applications of the moment. Tap ‘Ranking’ at the bottom of the App Store window to see the current ranking.

The applications are classified into about twenty categories: games, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, medicine, travel… Some of them are themselves classified into sub-categories (like games, for example). Touch ‘Category’ to see the ranking in a given category. Choose a category and possibly a sub-category.

Note: In the App Store, apps with a “+” in the Free or Price button are called “universal” and compatible with the iPad. For free apps with in-app purchases, “Includes in-app purchases” appears below the app name.

You can also search by keyword:

  1. Enter the name or theme of the application. You can search by theme in a broad sense, such as “Ontario”, or you can be much more specific, such as “restaurant reservations Ontario”.
  2. Touch the ‘Search’ button and enter the terms you want to find in the search field at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter keywords relevant to your search, the name of the application itself or the name of its publisher.

As you type, you will see suggestions for the characters you are typing. You can touch one of them to go directly to the application. Alternatively, touch Search on the keyboard to start the search and display all the applications that match the terms you entered. The results are displayed in a list. A full description and screens are visible in the detailed application sheet (just touch the application name to display it). Swipe down to see the screenshots of the application. If there are several, you can scroll horizontally through the gallery.

When you’ve found the app you want, install it:

– To install a free app, touch the Get button and then Install.

– To install a paid application, touch the button with the price and then Buy.

Note: The button is grayed out when an application has already been purchased – on this iPhone or any other Apple device (iPad, old iPhone…). You can download it again (for free) by touching the little cloud (iCloud icon). The button of an application already purchased and present on your iPhone says Open.

Wait while the application downloads (which depends on the applications and the speed of your connection).

Once the application is installed, press the Home button to exit the App Store. The icons of the new applications appear on your iPhone screen.

Note: since iOS 7, you don’t need to update your applications; the latest versions are downloaded automatically.

Install an application on an Android system

Mobile App

The application store dedicated to Android machines is called Google Play Store, and it also offers books and movies. Access to Google Play Store requires the creation of a user account associated with your Google account. If you have set up a Google account, it’s automatic, but you still need to specify a payment method to download paid applications.

As long as you download free applications, no payment method is required.

Touch the Google Play Store icon on your device. The Google Application Store opens.

Note: Each application is categorized according to a so-called “maturity” level in the Google Play Store. Some apps are “all-ages”, others are for a stricter audience (images or offensive content, for example). You can automatically filter applications, especially if your children use your device—touch Options and then Application Content Filtering.

When you have found an application you are interested in, touch its name to get its detailed description. You can then read a detailed description, see screens or read reviews from other users. The average rating of the application is shown in the form of stars. The number on the right corresponds to the number of reviews. You can also see the total number of downloads below the app’s icon.

To install a free application, tap the ‘Install’ button. To install a paid application, tap the Buy button. The price of the application is shown right on the button. A purchase and authorization window appears. Touch ‘OK’ to download the application immediately. You can choose the payment method for paid apps if you have registered several in Google Checkout.

Note: When an application has already been downloaded, two buttons appear instead of the download button: Open and Manage or Update—Tap ‘Open’ to launch the app and Manage to view details or uninstall the app. The Update button replaces ‘Manage’ and then tap it to download the application update if an update is available.

The application is downloaded, and its icon appears on your device screen.

Note: A particularity of the Facebook application is that ads specifically designed for smartphone and tablet users sometimes ask you to install a mobile application, whether it is paid or free, whether you are using an Apple or Android machine. They are indicated by the mention “Suggested application”. Tap the Install button to learn more about the application and be redirected to the application store for your device and system.