Cool Camping Gadgets You Will Need for Your Escape Into Nature

Cool Camping Gadgets You Will Need for Your Escape Into Nature

There are times in life when you want to say no to work, traffic noise, deadlines, bills, tv, texting, social media and so on. When that time comes, so does camping.

Camping is the best way to replace your boring life and boring routine with fresh clean air and amazing outdoor experiences. If you really want to let go of all your troubles and burdens and have a good time relaxing with nature, here are some of the best gadgets you might need when going camping.




When you want to escape excessive artificial lights, especially those in urban areas, you’d most probably opt for dark sky camping. There’s nothing like camping in the woods away from city lights and enjoying the beauty of the starry night sky as it dives into the darkest hours. However, things can escalate quickly when the weather gets nasty and you’ll need to find a new place for your tent or when you urgently need to go pee in the shrubs. In these situations, having a portable and power practical luminoodle at hand is very useful.

A luminoodle is a 5-foot strand of light that can be of great help when you are camping, hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity. This flexible and waterproof light system can even be hung on a camping tent and it will provide a bright and spread-out light. When you have this kind of light system with you, you don’t need to fumble with a flashlight in the dark.

Personal Water Filter

Again, when you are out for camping or mountain hiking, no matter how prepared you are, there can be times when you’ll fall short of some basic amenities like water. It’s then very, very tempting to fetch water from nearby rivers and lakes and filter that water using a clean folded cloth. But, keep in Mind that using this filtering technique can only cut the impurities in the water by half only, which means that you’ll still be subjected to many health issues if you drink this water.

If you care about your health, I suggest buying a personal water filter. This lab-tested straw is known among campers as one of the best surviving tools. It may sound unbelievable but this ultralight straw that weighs less than 46 grams can filter up to 1, 000 liters of water.

Portable Mosquito Repeller

If you want to get away from the hassle of urban life, camping is the best option. And, when combined with activities like hiking, biking and trekking, camping can give you a great outdoor experience that’s worth remembering. However, an integral part of camping also means putting up with a lot of inconveniences and the most annoying inconvenience out there is mosquitoes.

When you go camping, there is absolutely no way you can escape those irritating insects. As soon as you enter their turf, you will find them no matter where you go. However, if there’s one thing that can prevent them from biting or bothering you, it’s the portable mosquito repeller.

This tiny device is the ultimate lifesaver for all campers. This highly effective mosquito repellent is very easy to use and is scent-free. It generates a DEET-free insect repellent that can provide protection from itchy bugs for at least 12 hours.

So, if wearing full-sleeved clothes hasn’t worked for you, try this new portable repeller.

Portable Outdoor Shower

Portable Outdoor ShowerYou might hear this from some campers: Don’t shower when you go camping!

These people can’t be blamed as indeed camping showers are the worst. Transporting yourself to a peaceful environment and living with nature is very comforting and relaxing but you can’t expect the same with showers in nature.

With a camping shower, you can never know what you are going to run across. However, many campers have had a quite good showering experience when using the portable outdoor shower.

Compressible Travel Pillow

When you are out in a serene and lush landscape, the first thing you want to do is to rest your head on the ground. And, this can be done if you have a compressible travel pillow.

Extension Ring in Photography

What Is the Purpose of the Extension Ring in Photography

What Is the Purpose of the Extension Ring in Photography


– Presentation of extension rings

– Photo lens : 3 different types of rings

– Where to find rings and caps?

– Price of the rings for photo lenses

Extension rings are accessories for photography, just like the tripod, the flash, or the filters. They allow for improving the magnifying power of the lenses.

Presentation of extension rings

Extension tubes and other lenses are used primarily in the field of photography to take advantage of a higher magnification ratio.

However, if the image is magnified, there is always a loss of quality since elements are added to the image’s production chain.

Photo lens: 3 different types of rings

Extension Ring in Photography

There are 3 types of rings for the lens of your camera:

– Extension rings increase the distance between the lens’s rear lens and the sensor.

o This results in a shorter focusing distance.

o The primary defect of these solutions is the intense loss of luminosity.

– Close-up lenses are magnifying glasses (convergent lenses) placed on the front of the lens like a filter thanks to a system of screws or clips.

o Practical and relatively inexpensive close-up lenses are not quality solutions insofar as they generate significant distortions and chromatic aberrations that are pretty annoying.

o There are, however, achromatic close-up lenses.

– Turning rings: these systems allow to take advantage of the optical effects of a lens in reverse of its initial function.

o Thus, the greater the focal length of the reversed lens, the greater the final magnification. Fixed on the body, they can accommodate all kinds of lenses thanks to a screwing system.

o Of course, it is necessary to choose the model adapted to the diameter of the objectives intended to be turned over.

o It is important to know that the rings cause the loss of automatisms between the body and the lenses.

Good to know: Very few manufacturers have developed a cord system to re-establish the electronic connections by connecting the housing to the back of the lens… which is therefore in the front position with a reversal ring.

Where to find rings and caps?

Extension Ring in Photography

– The extension rings are scarce in consumer stores.

– They can be found in specialized stores, but there are not always many references. The advantage of these stores is that you can try the material to evaluate the optical quality and know if the final result corresponds to your expectations.

– On the specialized websites of online photo stores, most of the references are available at more affordable prices than at local retailers. Beware of shipping costs.

Price of the rings for photo lenses

The price of lens caps, reversal rings and extension rings varies from $20 to $600 depending on the model, the multiplication coefficient and especially the optical quality.

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Amazing Automatic Car Gadgets Part 2

You might have heard of many automatic car gadgets by now! I even covered quite a few of them in my previous article, which you can read here on this site! I hope you do not miss out on the following new devices that have been released! Please check out our list below to learn more!


A Subwoofer that fits under your seats.

With this gadget, you can add class to your car’s speakers. The subwoofer’s casing is made from cast aluminum, which makes it light. It is also slim enough to fit easily under your seats without affecting sound quality. Moreover, it has a smart system, allowing you to control your music from the supported app!  

A Power Inverter adds an AC outlet.

What do you do when you need to charge a device without a USB port? The solution is a power inverter that also features an AC outlet with USB ports! It is also very thin and takes very little space on your dashboard while still being strong enough to resist accidents, thanks to its metal casing. Also, you can benefit from the gadget’s overheating and short-circuiting protection feature!

A portable GPS Tracker that shows you your car’s location.

This GPS tracker enables you to detect the exact location of your car anytime! You can hide it easily in your car as it is small in size. It also has a rechargeable battery! I carry this handy GPS tracker in my backpack when I go to camps! You can also take it in your purse when you are traveling.

A Jumper Battery that can hold its charge for a year.

This portable jump starter enables you to start cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans 30 times before it needs to be recharged. Interestingly, this battery is designed to hold its charge for a year when it is turned off! It also has an easy-to-read LCD screen to indicate how much power is left. Furthermore, it has LED lights that you can use as flashlights or emergency lights! It is a must for me to carry this remarkable gadget in my car!

A Seat Cover with variable temperature control!

You might have heard of electronic seat cushions that provide heat in cold temperatures! This exceptional seat cover can cool you down in high temperatures too! You can also use it as a seat cushion at home and in the office to make yourself more comfortable.


A Kit that converts your headlights into brighter LED lamps.

You can upgrade your headlights with this LED light kit! These lamps can last for 30 000 hours. They also do not produce as much heat as your headlights usually do. It is also compatible with a wide range of vehicles. They enable me to see the road better when I drive at night!

A 2-in-1 Keychain that tears seatbelts and shatters windows.

You can escape from your car quickly in emergencies with the help of this 2-in-1 keychain! It is because one side of this gadget is a window breaker, and you need to press it against the glass to break it! The other side is a seatbelt cutter which has a protective removable cover. This helpful device is also available in multiple colors and is an Amazon bestseller!

Ultra-Bright LED Bulbs as cool interior lights.

Proven to be 300% brighter than standard halogen lights, these long-lasting LED dome lights are perfect for making your car’s interior brighter! Moreover, you can choose your color as they are available in 7 beautiful colors: ice blue, purple, green, white, yellow, blue, and red! Furthermore, they are available in compatible versions for a wide range of vehicles!

A Transmitter that adds Bluetooth to your car.

This transmitter connects you to your speakers via Bluetooth. It also has a built-in microphone for you to answer calls and even control your music. In addition, it consists of 2 smart USB ports that identify your phone’s charging speed! It can also display your car’s voltage, enabling you to check your battery’s status! I am relieved because I do not need to take my hands off my steering wheel and my eyes off the road to play my favorite song!

An incredible gadget that diagnoses your car.

There is no need to hire a mechanic when your engine light is on with this gadget! It has an embedded scanning tool with a database of about 3000 codes that identifies your engine’s real problem. It is also effortless to use!


A special gadget to read your tire pressure.

This handheld gadget makes it very easy for you to check your tire pressure. You simply place its tip around your tire’s nozzle and read the measurement on its bright LCD screen. It is convenient for long road trips!

All these valuable gadgets make my driving easy, secure, and comfortable! If you have exciting experiences with any other new car gadgets, please share them in the comments below!

An Intercom System: An Optimal Security

In today’s world, technology never ceases to fascinate us with its various gadgets and computerized systems. So, why not use it to optimize your security? Intercom is one of the systems that can ensure your safety. In this article, we will explain the interaction between the intercom system and the optimization of your security.

How the Intercom System Works

The intercom system is an indoor telephone system, i.e., it works through an internal network, not through a telephone network. It allows short-distance communication between several people located in different areas of the same premises (residential buildings, individual houses, business premises, etc.).

The installation of an intercom system guarantees not only your security but also your comfort. Indeed, it allows you to control your visitors’ access to your building. It is composed of a handset inside and a terminal outside. Both devices are equipped with microphones and speakers to establish communication between the two interlocutors. A handset can be called from several terminals if the building has different access points, such as the main entrance and the parking lot entrance. A terminal can also be connected to several handsets, as in the case of a building with many offices of different companies. In this case, the kiosk has several buttons to select the internal handset to call.

On the other hand, the intercom can be equipped with a doorphone, which is a remote opening system for a barrier, a door, or a gate. This doorkeeper allows you to remotely select the people you want to let in without moving. On the other hand, it can be equipped with a video, allowing you to see your visitors directly.

Electric wires can connect the intercom system, but their numbers depend on the type of intercom. But for more convenience, the intercom system can work without wires; this is called a wireless intercom. Its operation is then based on radio waves.

The Different Types of Intercom

Intercom systems come in 6 types, namely:

The doorbell is the most common type of intercom. To warn you of the presence of a visitor, the doorbell emits a sound signal. Its price depends on its design. On the market, you can choose between a wired doorbell and the wireless doorbell. The latter is more expensive than the former.

The door phone allows you to announce a visitor’s arrival and discuss with him at a distance. For the most efficient door phones, you can leave messages for your visitors, for example, a message informing them of your absence.

You can also choose between a wired door phone, which is more reliable and cheaper but difficult to install, and the wireless door phone, which is easy to install but more expensive.

The video intercom or video intercom allows you to communicate and view your visitors. Through this type of intercom, you can personalize the reception of your visitors and easily control their identity.

The housing of a video intercom is available in 4 models: the housing composed of a handset and a black and white screen, the housing consisting of a handset and a color screen, the hands-free housing, and the housing with a touch screen.

The installation of a video intercom is complex because it requires a connection with the network of the sector.

The digicode is a keyboard on which visitors type their code to open the gate or a door equipped with an electric strike. The electric strike allows you to automatically and remotely open your entrances, thanks to an electric pulse triggered by a button placed on the intercom. This button releases the latch of the lock. The electric strike is a complementary intercom system to the intercom types mentioned above.

The baby phone is a one-way communication system. As its name indicates, it allows you to monitor your baby who is in another room remotely. You are alerted by a visual or sound signal when your baby cries, wakes up, or is not comfortable with the temperature. It is composed of 2 handsets: one is the receiver, and the other is the transmitter.

Installation of the Intercom System

The installation of some types of intercom systems, such as the keypad and the baby phone, can be done by yourself. But other kinds of intercoms, such as electric strikes and videophones, require the intervention of a company.

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera


In addition to the camera body and the lens, there are many other essential elements for certain shots. In addition to memory cards and batteries, the photographer’s basics, the technical range expands according to your desires: lens hood, camera bag, flash, tripods… for each shot, its appropriate accessory.

The essentials:

– Digital camera card

– Camera battery

No photo without a memory card or battery! Remember to bring spare parts for these essentials.

The memory card is an essential element for the storage of digital pictures. It exists in different formats with different characteristics and is more or less powerful.

Digital camera: function of a memory card

The memory card is used to store photos taken with a digital compact, a bridge, a micro four-thirds or a reflex.

The pictures can then be transferred via the camera and a USB cable to a computer hard drive or other storage systems.

The card can also be taken out of the camera to be read on a digital frame or a specific card reader. Card readers allow for faster data transfer.

2 main types of digital camera card

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

There are two main types of camera cards:

– The CF card (for Compact Flash): if it tends to disappear from the median ranges, the CF card is still very present on high-end cameras.

– The SD / SDHC card: is a universal format that is also found in cameras or cell phones

Good to know: the format of the card is determined by the device. However, there are SD adapters for cameras that use CF cards.

How to choose a memory card?

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

Several criteria are taken into account when choosing a card:

– Reliability: it is better to turn to the reference brands to avoid the risk of seeing a report disappear without explanation.

– The storage capacity:

o It is determined according to the number of photos you plan to take on average between each image download.

o It also significantly depends on the weight of the pictures with a 21-megapixel camera, so it’s better to plan.

o If you want to make videos, you also need ample space on the card.

o When you have the choice, buying two 32 GB cards rather than one 64 GB card is better. Because if you lose one, or it gets damaged… you don’t lose everything.

– The flow:

o Not all cards have the same writing speed.

o If you have a high-performance camera, it is better to have a card that keeps up with speed so as not to slow down the shooting in burst mode, for example.

o Thus, a card with the mention 266x will be preferable to its equivalent in 133x.

Camera battery

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

A camera’s battery is an essential element, without which it would be impossible to take digital photos. It provides power to the camera body and all connected electronics, except for the external flash.

What is the purpose of a camera battery?

The battery is the sole source of power for the digital camera. It is what powers all the electrical components.

Nowadays, batteries and other batteries consume less energy and at the same time become more powerful.

It is also possible to equip yourself with a grip on specific reflex cameras. This accessory embeds two batteries and allows a better grip in portrait mode. Tips: it is always recommended to have at least one spare battery to avoid the risk of being without a camera in the middle of a hike or during a wedding…

Different types of batteries

There are three main types of batteries for digital cameras:

– Lithium-Ion which have a relatively short lifespan but is easy to recharge. 

– The Ni-Mh have an average lifespan.

– The Ni-Cd has a longer life. Their average autonomy is rather interesting, but their price is quite high.

They contain products that are very harmful to the environment, such as cadmium. Considering the composition of these products, it is necessary to take care to recycle them well.

Flashes and other accessories still use AA or AAA batteries.

Where to buy a battery?

Consumerist logic pushes manufacturers to develop different battery formats for each model.

– Proprietary batteries are still recommended. They are sold on the Internet and in large stores or specialized stores.

– However, some sites specializing in batteries and other batteries provide quality material at a more attractive price. Compatibility is usually assured, but it is best to ask around and consult user reviews.


Top 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Phone

Taking care of your phone is a must.Smartphones have become a must-have over the years and are an integral part of our lives. No year goes by when users are not entitled to brand new models straight out of the manufacturing plants. New models of Smartphones are regularly released in order not to remain on the fringe of technology.

Indeed, smartphones have a muscular configuration with solid performance and help users relax. However, these devices can sometimes malfunction like any other technology. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and discover some of our best tips to take good care of your smartphone.

1. Choose a smartphone model that is easy to repair


Before you choose a smartphone, make sure it is easily repairable. Since January 1, 2021, it is now mandatory to indicate the reparability index of 5 categories of electronic devices, including smartphones. The reparability index takes the form of a score out of 10 obtained by combining 5 criteria (accessibility and disassembly, availability and price of spare parts, and easy documentation). A nice step forward in the fight against programmed obsolescence and better information for consumers.

This score allows you to know if the product is easily repairable and if it is possible to extend its lifespan. The closer the score is to 10, the easier the repair will be. For example, the Oppo Reno 6 scores 8.5, the Galaxy S21 scores 8.2, the Xiaomi 11 T scores 7.3, and the iPhone 13 scores only 6.1.

2. Protect your device and screen

A smartphone that lasts is one with at least an external shell and a protective film on the screen. External protection can take many forms, whether it’s a cover, case, or outer shell. The external plastic or rubber shell is a good solution that remains discreet and can even protect the screen with its protection on the sides of the front part (be careful to choose the specific shell for your smartphone model).

The case also offers a complete protection with a flap or a flap to cover the screen. The cover protects mainly against dust and scratches but does not really offer protection for the screen. The protective film is also important; it can be made of tempered glass or plastic.

For maximum protection, tempered glass is preferred. If you do the installation yourself, be careful to remove the small air bubbles between the film and the screen to ensure the proper functioning of the smartphone. Protecting the screen is essential; all studies on the most frequent causes of phone repairs mention the broken screen first.

3. Take care of your battery


Another major cause of cell phone failure is none other than the battery. One of the first things not to do is to leave your phone charging all night, a bad habit that many of us have certainly adopted. Recharging your smartphone’s battery to 100% is indeed against its life expectancy, and it is better to prefer several small recharging sessions during the day. You should also be aware that a cell phone plugged into an outlet continues to consume energy even when it is fully charged.

It is also advisable not to wait until the battery is completely flat to recharge it. It is better to recharge when the laptop is at about 15% of its battery. Also, remember to perform all the system updates of the phone, which, in addition to being essential for the security of the device, often optimize the battery life. Finally, to save your battery, you can turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using these technologies, as they all consume energy.

4. Clean the phone regularly

It goes without saying, but like any electronic device, smartphones must be cleaned regularly to keep them working as long as possible. It’s also a particularly important tip as we continue to be heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic (the virus can actually linger on surfaces from a few hours to several days). As with proper hand washing, it is important to know how to clean your mobile device properly.

First, turn off the phone, unplug all cables connected to the device and wash your hands thoroughly before starting. The best way to clean and disinfect a smartphone is to use a disinfectant cleaner based on hypochlorous acid (50 to 80 ppm) or alcohol (ethanol or isopropyl alcohol over 70%).

Antibacterial wipes of this type are sold in stores, but otherwise, a soft microfiber cloth (or a soft, lint-free cloth) soaked in it will do the trick. Then wipe the back and front of the device gently without applying too much pressure. Finally, you should know that according to the English study “Initial Washroom Hygiene”, a smartphone is, on average, 7 times dirtier than the toilet bowl!

5. Insure your device


Prevention is better than cure, and it is also better to take out insurance when prevention is not enough to preserve your device. However, you should know that the guarantee of conformity provided by American law also concerns smartphones and that it is valid for two years for new devices purchased (and 6 months for second-hand devices).

This guarantee of conformity obliges the seller to repair or replace the smartphone in case of malfunction. It is also welcome to subscribe to mobile insurance, which allows most of the time to be insured against theft, breakage, and oxidation.

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Intercom System

Tips for Your Intercom Installation

Tips for Your Intercom Installation

Are you about to wire your intercom system? The first essential step is to draw a schema of the intercom to identify the directions of the necessary connections. Here are some keys to help you find your way around so that you can draw up a comprehensive and effective schema for your installation.

Intercom schema

To install your device, you must first draw up a schema to help you find your way around and install your device efficiently. To do this, you have several choices:

By yourself: making a schema for an intercom is a delicate operation when you do not know much about electricity. Poorly installed, an intercom will not be able to fulfill its function properly.

It is more reassuring to call a professional. Installers are usually electricians or specialists in security systems.

By a professional: an electrical schema requires knowledge in electricity that a professional has. He knows how to adapt to the configuration of your home and create a custom schema so that your installation works best.

Intercom schematics: points to know

Intercom models

Intercom SystemIntercom System

Your schema requires, above all, a model of intercom adapted to your expectations in terms of use and functionality:

– Intercom: the intercom, also called audio intercom, is a device that allows you to communicate with the outside world through a speaker. It can have different options ranging from the handset to the digicode through a recording device.

– Videophone: For maximum security, you can opt for a colour or black and white videophone. It allows you to see the person ringing your doorbell and verify their identity.

– Doorbell and chime: a standard piece of equipment, this small box alerts you to the presence of a visitor by ringing. Be careful; the bell does not allow you to communicate or see the person outside. It is better to couple the doorbell to a door phone or a videophone.

– Digicode: the digicode opens an automatic gate or a door once a secret code is entered.

Intercom schema: the different types

The schema of your intercom can be of various types depending on the model you have chosen. Here is an overview of the main schemas:

Type of schema


7-wires schema

– Place the outer plate and the inner box on either side of your schema.

– For this schema, draw in parallel five wires connecting the two elements inside and outside. These five wires correspond to different assembly elements: the first is a cable typical to both boxes. Then there is a cable for the microphone, the speaker, the electric strike and the buzzer.

– The last two wires with a positive and a negative filament are connected to the electric lock on the one hand and the transformer on the other hand.

2-wires schema

– This schema is composed of two wires (red and blue). You must draw them on your schema to know the + and – poles and the direction of the current.

– Draw the door station and the interior handset in parallel. Place the electric lock and the transformer under the door station.

– Connect the door strike to the indoor unit. Then draw a cable from the door station to the handset and another from the handset to the 12V transformer.

2-wires + 2″ schema

 – As with the other schematics, draw the outer board and the inner box separately.

– The first connection should be from the board to the handset.

– From the handset, draw a cable parallel to the first connection to the electric lock and the 12 V transformer.

Intercom schematics and equipment to be purchased

Once you have drawn your schema, you will need various items to ensure a functional installation. To find your equipment at a reasonable price, here is a list of the main possible outlets:

– Do-it-yourself stores;

– electronics stores;

– sales sites;

– specialized catalogues;

– supermarkets.

Intercom installation: the guarantee of a professional

Going through a professional to have your intercom system installed has many advantages:

– Choice of models: by habit and thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market, professionals can guide the customer towards the model that corresponds precisely to his needs.

– Personalized advice: before drawing up an estimate, a specialist always comes to your home to study the site’s configuration and discuss the feasibility of the project with the customer.

– Work: For the electrical installation and the trenches, the professional has all the necessary know-how for clean work done in a minimum of time. The electrician has all the necessary tools: no need to go back and buy the installation material in the middle of the job.

– Guarantee: If the system malfunctions, you can turn to the professional who will come to repair and put an end to the malfunction by identifying the fault certainly faster than a Sunday handyman.

Installation of an intercom in a building

In buildings, the electrician is often constrained by the installations already in place:

– The work is limited to installing the interior box that you must connect to the available wires.

– Attention, in a collective residence, the installation of an intercom is subject to the co-ownership agreement.

Installation of an intercom in a villa

For a house, the installation time depends on the structures already in place and can go from only a few hours to several days:

If there is already a casing between the door or gate and the house’s interior, it is enough to pass the power supply through it.

– If there is no casing, you must make a trench: a longer and more expensive solution.

– If multiple indoor units are to be installed, various breakthroughs may be required.

– If the indoor box controls several openings, the installation time will be proportional to the number of inlets connected.

Good to know: Wireless systems do not require such work.

Price of installing an intercom system

The prices charged by professionals vary greatly depending on the specifics of the project and the region.

Including labour, warranty and material, installing an intercom system varies from $500 to $2,000. Despite this additional cost, it is still preferable to call a professional. It is also the price of comfort and tranquillity.

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Top 7 Reasons To Buy A Kindle

With the advent of the digital age, reading has inherited a new medium. Although we haven’t yet turned the last page of the “paper books” chapter, there is no doubt that ebooks are on the rise. If you are a reading fan, perhaps you should consider buying a reading device and reading digital books: ebooks. As a preamble, I’d like to come back to the point that may not be obvious: you don’t have to choose between an ebook or a traditional book.

It seems that today you always have to choose sides in high-tech, which is not only absurd but also counterproductive. In other words, there is nothing to stop you from combining a paper book AND an ebook if you feel like it. On the other hand, like all high-tech products, e-readers are not free of all reproaches.

We can talk, among other things, about the constraints of the Amazon ecosystem on the Kindle (for example, the catalog that varies between countries, although this is easily circumvented) or the support of different types of formats. In short, e-readers are not the Promised Land we’ve been waiting for, but it’s still a very hospitable land. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best reasons to buy a Kindle.

1. All your books in one place


This is probably the most well-known argument. Forget about your library of books or setting up the attic to store new ones: they’re all stored in your e-reader. Better yet, on some e-readers, they are associated with your account. With the Kindle, you’ll find all your purchased books on all your devices (including Android and iOS apps). Note that manually added books (e.g., public domain books you’ve downloaded) are only present on your device.

2. Transport made easy

Not only do you have all your books with you, but you can carry them anywhere you want. The largest e-readers are usually slightly larger than paperback books, so they are very easy to carry around. Whether you’re on a bus, on a plane, in a meeting (yes, sometimes we get bored), or anywhere else, you’ll be able to pull out your digital books easily.

3. A large choice of books


Whatever your e-reader, you can quench your thirst for reading without difficulty because the choice of books is so impressive. On the one hand, you have access to the manufacturer’s catalog (which is huge on Amazon’s Kindle Store): you’ll find recent and old books.

On the other hand, you can read on your e-reader books that have fallen into the public domain, i.e., whose rights have expired, which makes them accessible for free. The only disadvantage of this second point is that you have to download them in the right format, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

4. A (generally) much more affordable price

We often hear that digital books are cheaper than paper books. This idea should be qualified: while it is true on the whole (many ebooks cost less than 5 dollars), it is not an absolute truth. You can find digital books for more than 15 dollars.

On the other hand, you can also find a lot of books for free on the Internet: from Jane Austen to Bram Stoker, Alexandre Dumas or Plato; you will find many classics for free. For its Kindle, Amazon offers many packages to reduce the price. A subscription of 9.99 dollars per month is even offered to read unlimited.

5. A particularly simple purchase procedure


Since we are talking about purchasing, it is imperative to explain the simplicity of the purchase: choose your book, click on buy, and a few seconds later, it will be in your library. No need to go to the bookstore, search for your book for 10 minutes to learn that it is no longer available, etc. It is true that some users expect the opposite experience: to be able to discuss the book with a bookseller to get personalized recommendations, etc. Again, one does not prevent the other.

6. A built-in dictionary

When you’re a fan of reading, you sometimes think you’re better at writing than others. Fortunately, some books bring us back to Earth with words so strange that the use of a dictionary is necessary to understand their meaning. On the readers, the dictionary is pre-installed: if you don’t understand a word, keep pressing on it, and you will get a definition.

7. An autonomy that makes you dream


You are a big reader, and you think that the battery will not last? It’s very unlikely that the autonomy of e-readers is much better than that of smartphones and tablets (which is logical given the technologies used on these devices). Of course, the autonomy will vary depending on the brightness settings, the connection, and the frequency of use, but on the whole, you can go for several weeks at a time.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about buying a kindle.

The Impact of Technology on Christianity: A Blessing or a Curse? (Part 4)

The Impact of Technology on Christianity: A Blessing or a Curse? (Part 4)

In the first and second articles of the series, we’ve been discussing how technology has been a very crucial tool in bringing us closer to God. However, we can’t also forget how this same tool can also be an obstacle to developing a deep and intimate relationship with God. However, isn’t it true that somehow this obstacle, i.e., technology can tell us just how full of holes our relationship and commitment towards God is.

The Curse

You Communicate Differently

You Communicate Differently

Communication is a key aspect of any relationship and as I previously mentioned, Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship with God. Many believers simply go about their life and do not attempt to communicate with God because He is omniscient and they believe that He will already know what they’ll need. God is omniscient, that’s true, but He still wants us to communicate with Him. Throughout the Bible, prophets and apostles have urged us to talk and ask God what we need and they also taught us that He will always answer the prayers of the obedient believer. (Examples of Bible verses are: Psalm 145: 18, Psalm 107: 28-30, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 58:9, Psalm 18:6, James 4:2, Mark 11:2, Matthew 7:7, Luke 6:27-28 and many more).

Unlike some other religions that urge their believers to communicate with their gods through meditation, Christians need to talk to God just like how they talk with their biological parents. There shouldn’t be any sharp contrast between conversations between those two. Your communication with God should be real, emotionally intimate and alive. And, you are not supposed to worry about how you receive or understand God’s answer; He created us and He knows how to convey His message to us.

Now, getting back to the subject, my point here is that technology has had a significant impact on the way we communicate with God. Our daily communication with each other has already been affected by technology, with phone calls and face-to-face conversations being replaced with private messages using social media platforms, emails and many more.

These types of communications are preferred by Gen Z and Millennials because they are effective and convenient modes of communication. However, the same cannot be applied to communicating with God. What I meant here is that you cannot equal a Biblical message or scripture forwarded on WhatsApp with communicating with God. Listening to a Christian song on Spotify or sending a “God bless you” in your messages has nothing to do with growing closer to God. Failing to understand this simple philosophy can be very damaging to your relationship with God.

There’s More Distraction

There’s More Distraction

Just be honest with yourself here!

There must have been several occasions when you had free time and could have prayed or read the Bible but instead, you chose to spend quality time with your smartphone. There must have been times you preferred watching the latest series on Netflix rather than an online sermon or preferred tuning to Ed Sheeran’s new song rather than listening to a classic of Don Moen. And, it’s hard to admit but I’m sure there must have been at least one day –or rather one Sunday – when you’ve chosen to hang out with your smartphone and iPad rather than going to the church.

I know the last phrase hit really hard but it’s quite common among believers today. I’m not blaming people for their choice, but rather emphasizing on the fact that technology is a distraction for Christians. Sometimes, it can feel as if your phone, TV or Facebook is calling you or pulling your attention. And, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that you’ll most likely be distracted when you have to go to church or communicate with God.


Spy Gadgets

Top 10 Best Spy Gadgets in 2022

Top 10 Best Spy Gadgets in 2022


Whether you are a spy enthusiast or a professional, we have compiled a list of the best spy gadgets available at this time.

This guide will find items such as walkie-talkies, spy pens with the latest technology available, etc.

1. Arcshell: A two-way radio pack

This is a convenient tool for communicating with your partner. If you’re afraid that someone might track you by tracing your phone, the Arcshell radio is a gadget that will solve this problem. It allows you to stay in touch in places without network coverage while being discreet.

In addition, this radio is easy to use because it comes with wireless headphones for hands-free use. Finally, Arcshell manages 16 channels with programmable frequencies and has a rechargeable battery that can last all day. However, its range is not that great.

2. Tracki 2020 Mini: A good GPS tracker

A good spy should be able to keep an eye on his target, even from a distance. That’s what Tracki is for. Thanks to its small size, it’s unobtrusive and offers many features through its companion application.

Tracki 2020 Mini supports geolocation, GSM tracking and programmable alerts. It’s more of an amateur spy tool, and oddly enough, you have to pay a monthly fee to use this GPS tracker. In addition, the battery lasts only 30 days.

3. Moikin 10 in 1: Tactical Pen

True to its name, this style offers 10 functions. In addition to using it for writing, it can also be used as a bonus multitool card, screwdriver, glass breaker, magnesium fire starter and LED flashlight. It even serves as a knife, but only for cutting small things.

The major drawback is that switching from one tool to another on Moikin is quite painful.

4. SpyX Night Mission: Spy glasses

Offering a solid battery, these glasses are very comfortable and can be used to spy at night. They are not a proper night vision tool, though, as you won’t be able to see very far with them.

They are designed for games.

5. Bedwina: Another pair of spy glasses

These glasses will allow you to see behind you. This is very useful when you are on a spy mission. They also play the role of protection against UV.

They only come in one size and will not fit all faces.

6. MingSung: Sunglasses with a video camera

These sunglasses are a classic spy gadget that allows you to record a video of your target. You can take up to an hour and a half of footage that will be saved on an SD card. 

7. Inspiratek: A mini pen with a built-in spy camera

It is easier to use than the Moikin pen seen earlier.

This pen is probably the “serious” of all the gadgets presented so far. And of course, you can use it for writing.

The pen can only record 75 minutes of video on a 32GB microSD card. After that, you will have to recharge it to use it again. Another drawback is that it can only be connected to other devices via Ethernet cable. 

8. Toobom: A voice recorder with 16GB

It looks like a regular pen, except it hides a voice recorder. Its strong point is its discretion. It can hold up to 16GB of conversation; that is 190 hours of recording.

You can transfer the recordings to your computer via USB cable. You may need to install a driver to use it on a Mac.

9. Feayea: An anti-spy RF detector

A good spy needs to make sure he is not being spied on. The Feayea is there for that. This RF detector automatically locates RF signals. It is helpful to ensure that listening devices are not installed in a room.

It is easy to use. You can use it to detect RF frequencies from 1 MHz to 6.5 GHz. It also has built-in laser and magnetic field strength sensors that are useful for locating wired surveillance devices.

However, it can only tell you the signal strength of a spy device, not its exact location.

10. Aliwestcom: A discreet spy camera

This spy camera is less expensive, adaptable, and can be installed in various locations. It can even serve as a security camera. You can watch up to 90 minutes of video before you need to recharge it.

However, you must purchase a memory card to store the recorded video in AVI formats.