Top 4 Queer Podcast To Listen

Podcasts play an integral part of life. Pride month, like any month, is the perfect time to recharge your listening devices (phone, tablet, or laptop) with queer voices and stories and discover some of the best podcasts of the moment. Now more than ever, podcast plays an important part in my day-to-day. To celebrate this pride month, we have compiled some of our favorite queer podcasts this year.

Of course, you should add these shows to your playlist not only during Pride but during Pride itself to celebrate, reflect, and explore what excites, interests, and angers the LGBTQIA+ podcasting community. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of our favorite queer podcasts to celebrate pride month.

1. Sibling Rivalry


Hosted by Bob The Drag Queen (Winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8) and Monét X Change (Co-winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4)- two best friends, both drag queen extraordinaire- this podcast refuses to lock into any particular theme or tone, but what stands out for me is their fun chemistry of its co-hosts and their laid-back style that never gets old. From Elon Musk to drag, DILFs, and conflict resolution to ancient Mesopotamia, no topic or stone is unturned.

Come for the endless insults Monét and Bob throw at each other, and stay for the surprisingly touching insights into our world. I love listening to them argue for no reason, from Bob’s teeth to getting arrested in a court of law to even about being vegan. Their interaction makes me come back every week (Twice a week- Sibling Rivalry and Sibling Watchery).

2. Growing up with gal-dem

It is a brand new podcast from gal-dem, a UK online and prints magazine about growing up produced by non-binary women and people of color. Each episode is hosted by gal-dem founder Liv Little and editorial director Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, who invite a different guests to read diary entries, letters, and texts from their childhood. “There are so many things you go through when you’re growing up as a young person,” Liv Little told Mashable.

“There are so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you go through to really get to know yourself and maybe find comfort in who you are, but maybe not find comfort in who you are.” There’s an exciting interview with cultural curator and BBZ founder Naeem Davis about rejecting heteronormativity in queer relationships. And if you want to know more about women, check out this interview with Rachel Thompson of Mashable on our History Becomes Her podcast.

3. Making Gay History


Making Gay History presents portraits of LGBTQ personalities from history, some of whose names are familiar to us and others who are not, and is hosted by Eric Marcus, author of the New York Times bestseller and book of the same name. Marcus has interviewed many people who have lived through so much, or when he hasn’t been able to, sourced audio from rare archives to air on the podcast.

You’ll meet activists, pioneers, and visionaries who have paved the way for LGBTQ civil rights, and they all have one heck of a story. Give this a listen if you want to learn more about the history of our people. It has been way too hard to learn about queer history for far too long and Making Gay History makes it more digestible for the general public.

4. Las Culturistas

In 2016, before Bowen Yang appeared on SNL, he co-founded a podcast with his best friend and NYU alum Matt Rogers. In the intervening six years- during which they’ve spouted off about everything from toenails to Bennifer and invited every guest from Trixie Mattel to Padma Lakshmi- their podcast has become less of a commentary on pop culture/stars and more a cultural touchstone and comedy podcast in and of itself.

For connoisseurs and the ignorant alike, there’s always something to learn from Yang and Rogers, even if you might disagree with their red-hot views. This is the perfect podcast for you if you are looking for a lighthearted podcast while commuting to the world. We advise you to start with the Trixie Mattel episode because it is one of my favorite episodes.

Final thoughts


As a queer person, I tend to listen to and watch a lot of queer-focused media. If you are like me and love listening to podcasts while commuting to and from work or doing your house chores, then you will love some of the recommendations on our lists. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about the best queer podcasts to listen to during Pride month.


Gadgets You Should Not Waste Your Money On (Part 1)

We live in a rapid-evolving world, and each day we are witnessing the release of new gadgets. It is important to know what you are investing in and ensure that you are not wasting your money on unnecessary gadgets. Let’s get into it and save you from using your money the worst way…

Gadget #1: Non-4G Phones

Right now, when buying a phone, you should make sure that it supports 4g connectivity; if not, you are wasting your money. There are a lot of phone operators that are now closing down their 3g services. It does not make sense to buy a 3g phone as the data packs normally cost a lot more than 4g data.

Gadget #2: Non-Branded Power Banks


Many businesses are giving away non-branded power banks after a certain purchase amount. Still, many people are persisting in buying non-branded power banks. You may be asking what the problem is with the non-branded power banks… Okay, first and foremost, they can damage your phone’s battery in the long run, but also there is a high risk of catching fires and even exploding.

Gadget #3: HD Or 720p TVs

With the invention of new, clearer and better TVs, HD and 720p are becoming outdated. There is nothing wrong with 720p, but it can be a nuisance depending on screen size, view distance, and how much pixel density bugs you. So, investing in such TV now will not be worth it.

Gadget #4: VR Headsets

You may think that virtual reality is not outdated, and you are not wrong – VR is still popular, but it still needs a lot of work. These headsets will cost you an arm and a leg while providing limited content. They are not supported in many apps and games, so you will find yourself playing the same games over and over till you get bored and here’s how you waste approximately 500 dollars.

Gadget #5: Smartphone’s Memory Card

In 2022, this is a big NO-NO! You do not need memory cards for your smartphones anymore. Even the most basic phones come with a minimum of 32 GB of internal memory, and you have a different storage platform that may help you stay within your range.

Gadget #6: Portable Gaming Consoles


Who needs portable gaming consoles right now? This makes a great gift to a child who is not allowed to have a smartphone yet, but let’s be honest, smartphones games have steeped up the games for since long- there is a myriad of them, from the intellectual to the athletic we all get our shares. So, it does not make sense to waste your money on a portable gaming console if you already have a smartphone.

Gadget #7: Non-Bluetooth Speakers

I have a lot to say on that one- I won’t understand why people are still buying non-Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are easy to use, practical, and connected to almost every device. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers available on the market, and they have different price ranges, so you won’t have to spend a lot if you don’t want to. There are a lot of brands that are cancelling their head jacks, so no Bluetooth is becoming the only option.

Gadget #8: Wireless Chargers

This will be a thing- just not right now. Wireless chargers have many advantages- don’t get me wrong, but it is still very limited. There are a lot of phone models that won’t mount onto any wireless chargers or charge as rapidly as they may claim; as it is quite a new product, you should wait for it to prove itself before spending money on that.

These are among the first things to never spend on if you do not want to waste your money. Let us know in the comments if you want to read part 2 of this blog…


Best Wireless Earbuds For Running

Most of us are thinking about our new year resolution; 2022 is near. Personally, I have been thinking about starting sports, and I was thinking about what are the best wireless earbuds.

The Vista 2 is the latest version of the Vista, which was formerly our top selection for “best overall” wireless earbuds for running. They were just introduced in June 2021. The Vista 2 is very identical to its predecessors in appearance, but Jaybird improved them in nearly every manner. They offer noise-cancelling and transparency modes, longer battery life, and are even more durable; the Vista 2 has an IP68 rating (rather than IPX7), which means they are entirely dustproof and waterproof. The charging case has also been improved (IP54 rating). The Vista 2 comes with a companion app that lets you alter the EQ settings, much like the previous model.

Earbuds, Smartphone, Sound, Music, Audio

The UE Fits are unique among wireless earphones in that they provide a totally customized fit. They employ Ultimate Ears’ Lightform technology, including built-in LED lights and a large gel-filled ear tip on each earbud. You put the earbuds in your ears, link them to your smartphone, and then use companion software to start the personalized moulding process. The LED lights heat the gel, and the earbuds are properly shaped to fit in your ears after 60 seconds and cannot be unmolded. The UE Fits don’t offer many extra features, but if you want wireless earbuds that will fit perfectly in your ears, these are the ones to get.

The Beats Fit Pro is the company’s newest sport-focused wireless earbuds, set to be released in late 2021, and they have a lot of similarities with Apple’s AirPods Pro. They share the same H1 chip (which allows them to quickly link with any iPhone), active noise suppression and transparency modes, and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. They sound almost as wonderful as they look. The main difference between the Fit Pro and the AirPods Pro is that the Fit Pro has a new flexible earwing tip design that helps them remain in your ears longer. The only significant drawback is that they don’t have a wireless charging case.

Headphones, Earbuds, Bluetooth

The updated AirPods — also known as AirPods 3 — were released in late 2021 and are Apple’s mid-tier wireless earphones. They have quite a similar design to the AirPods Pro, but they don’t have the same silicone ear tips. Therefore they don’t fit as well in your ears. They also lack noise-cancellation and transparency settings that are active. They do, however, offer spatial audio (Dolby Atmos) and come with a wireless charging case. These new AirPods, unlike the entry-level AirPods, feature IPX4 water and sweat-resistant rating, making them suitable for running and workouts. The only major disadvantage is that the AirPods Pro is still the superior option for most people, and they’re not that much more costly because they’re generally reduced.

Also, Beats just announced the Beats Fits Pro ($200), a new set of wireless earbuds with a fresh design and more functionality. Because they’re both created by Apple and use the same H1 chip that makes pairing with an iPhone simple, the Powerbeats Pro is identical to the AirPods Pro. The huge ear hooks that grab and hold the earbuds in place will be especially useful for runners. The unrivalled nine-hour battery life is unrivalled, with up to 20 additional hours from the carrying case. Yet, the carrying case is enormous, making devices less than ideal for regular use. However, they’ve been around for quite some time, and you can usually get a pair for approximately $150. (or less).

Let us know in the comments what do you think about these wireless earbuds…


3 Tips for choosing an audio conference phone

For a successful audio conference, choosing high-quality equipment is essential. The audio conference phone is one of the vital tools for remote meetings. This device allows participants to communicate and exchange in the best conditions, especially in trying times. There are many models of audio conference phones out there, and each type of device is configured to adapt to a more or less specific use. To choose an audio conference phone, certain criteria must be taken into account.

Why organize an audio conference?

Audio conferencing is a very popular communication tool. It facilitates meetings by eliminating the need for participants to move around, and because of Covid-19, most of us have been stuck at home, which is God’s gift to humankind, especially for those early office meetings. An audio conference allows participants to hear their interlocutors and converse with them through a dedicated terminal.


Moreover, organizing an audio conference does not require any specific meeting room configuration and requires little equipment. For this, you need to use a digital or IP phone, a teleconference terminal in a well-isolated room.

How do I choose a phone for audio conferencing?

Choosing a phone for audio conferencing is far from simple. In fact, it requires the consideration of several parameters and knowledge of specific technical aspects that make the choice difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to call a specialized company to guide and advise you on your choice.


Certain companies specialize in the online sale of telecommunications equipment. They have a wide range of equipment that can be adapted to your needs and to all uses. You should also do your own research when it comes to choosing the right equipment for you because when the options are numerous, the choice should be based on well-defined criteria.

The need for communication

Determining the communication needs is fundamental when choosing your communication terminal. In addition, you must also choose the type of network to be used: analog (traditional) or digital.


An audio conferencing device also works with or without wiring, depending on its use and the type of device you are buying. If your company has only one conference room, choose the wired models. However, choose wireless models if the phone needs to be used in different locations.

The number of participants

Audio conferencing terminals have microphones that allow participants to talk back to the other person. However, the microphones only capture a limited number of users. Therefore, the number of participants is an important criterion when choosing an audio conferencing device.


For a meeting with 4 participants, 2 models are available: the non-evolving model, which is less expensive, and the evolving model with the possibility of adding additional microphones. For a meeting with 5 to 12 participants, you have the choice between the simple or the scalable model starting at 500 dollars. If the number of participants exceeds 12, the choice of the high-end model is inevitable. Nevertheless, these models are efficient. They can cover an area of 70 m² and offer considerable sound quality, even with the addition of additional microphones.

Essential features that your conference phone needs.

Choosing an audio conference phone also depends on the features you need. Some models offer different features that allow for more specific use. Some phone brands offer an LCD screen to see what is going on, such as the call and making calling easier.


Bluetooth functionality allows the terminal to be used with a smartphone or wireless headset. A wireless headset has a range of 150 meters. This is especially important for recording the meeting so that a participant can speak even if they are not in the room.

Finally, powerful models offer the ability to optimize the device’s security level. Encryption is one way to secure calls. It is only available on a limited number of models, and you will need to specify the need when choosing the audio conference phone.

Cell Phone Accessories

The Best Review of Cell Phone Accessories

This post is the best review of cell phone accessories for 2021.  Cell phone accessories are practical and you have the choice! Without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of this.

The first cell phone accessories: headphones

With the debate about the dangers of prolonged cell phone use, headphones can be a good solution for people who spend their days on the phone. They integrate a microphone to be able to call and answer in all freedom.

There are 2 possible connections: by cable or Bluetooth.


Cell Phone Accessories (2)

There are 2 types of earphones:

– the in-ear earphones;

– the earpieces.

Types of headphones





– good isolation from outside noise;


– allows you to listen perfectly with a lower volume than with other earphones;


– different types of tips that can be moulded to the shape of the ears;


– very discreet.


– can be uncomfortable for some people;


– need to be more alert to outside events (vehicles, various dangers).



– more discreet than headphones;


– less intrusive than in-ear monitors;


– possible to buy models with a fixing system for optimal maintenance;


– allows you to listen to surrounding noises to avoid dangers.


– bad isolation of the external noises which parasitize the sound listened;


– can be uncomfortable.


There are several types of headphones adapted for cell phones:

– the open headset which reproduces airy sounds for a better realism;

– the closed headset that isolates external noise, for use in noisy places.

These 2 types of headphones can be offered in foldable or non-folding models.

Portable accessories: hands-free kit and car

Hands-free headsets are becoming indispensable when talking in the car or other places. The hands-free kit can use either a cable or a Bluetooth connection.

Car kits use your vehicle’s battery as well as the antenna and speakers to improve the quality of communication. Other car kits only have a charger and a hands-free kit.

Bluetooth headsets are very popular because they can be used in the car, but also in any place (walking, cycling, bus, public places …). There are many models, the priorities of choice being:

– the quality of the sound;

– the comfort of use;

– the autonomy of the headset.

The speaker

An external speaker will allow you to benefit from the better sound quality. It can be used in the car or at the office and can be integrated into a docking station for extended functionality.

Portable accessories: docking station

The docking station is an accessory that allows you to:

– charge the phone;

– synchronize the phone with other audio/video equipment (hi-fi system, home cinema, television, etc.);

– listen to music on the built-in speakers (for models with speakers).

Good to know: when buying a docking station, you should be very careful about whether it is compatible with your phone. For example, some models are only available for iPhone.

Accessories for protecting mobile phones

There are different types of accessories to protect your mobile phone: from protective film to cases with a flap.

Protective film

There are 2 types of protective film for the screen

– the plastic film;

– the glass plate.

Type of protective film



Plastic film


– Low cost;


– almost invisible.


– Does not protect against screen breakage;


– difficult to install (air bubbles and alignment problems).

Glass plate


– Protects well against scratches and screen breakage in case of small shocks;


– easy to install;


– good comfort.


– A rather high price;


– adds thickness to the screen.

The protective shell

The protective shell protects both the back and the side of the phone. It can be made of hard plastic or silicone.

Types of protective shells



Hard plastic


– does not change the grip of the phone;


– Allows the phone to be used and charged or connected to other equipment without removing the cover;


– protects the phone in case of a fall.


– the phone screen is not protected;


– the shell may break if dropped heavily.



– a very resistant shell that absorbs shocks well;


– allows you to use the phone and charge it or connect it to other equipment without removing the protection.


– The phone screen is not protected.

Protective cases

It is possible to buy a protective phone case with or without a flap. This type of protection is usually sold in leather (or imitation leather).

Type of protective case



With flap


– aesthetic protection;


– allows complete protection of the phone: back, screen, sides;


– good shock absorption.


– the phone is not easily accessible;


– it may be necessary to remove the case for use on a docking station.

Without flap


– aesthetic protection;


– allows for complete protection of the phone: back, screen, sides;


– compatible with many phone models.


– it is necessary to take the phone out each time it is used;


– the phone can fall out of the case.

Check the compatibility of your cell phone accessories

Finally, before you go shopping for cell phone accessories, please make sure they are compatible with your cell phone. Hope this short review would be of any help to you. Remember to leave your comment below.


Try These Gadgets To Improve Your Work From Home Space

Working from home has become the norm during this pandemic; most businesses are resorting to working from home to limit contact and protect their employees from the virus. Though it is important to set a schedule and fix some targets to be productive, you will need some gadgets to have a dedicated space to work.

We have gathered some important gadgets that can help you make your space feel like a place of business and be more productive and organized.

1. Bluetooth Keyboard

Keyboard, Hardware, Computer

Cable clutter is one of the most frequent distractions, which is why I recommend everyone gets a Bluetooth keyboard. You may want to choose one that can connect with multiple devices.

So that if you will be able to take it from your home to your office. Make sure that you know how to charge it so that you do not end up stressed with an uncharged keyboard and important deadlines coming through.

2. Bluetooth Mouse

Of course, you cannot buy the Bluetooth keyboard and forget about the Bluetooth mouse. You will need a light and comfortable mouse so that you have a pleasant experience. You do not want to choose a mouse that will lag, making you even more pressured; your work does the job already.

3. Comfortable Chair

While there isn’t a consensus on this, some studies have suggested that sitting for eight hours a day might cause some very unpleasant physical side effects, and while there isn’t one, it’s best to be cautious than sorry.

So better choose a comfortable chair for the long hours of work ahead. Choose an adjustable chair with good padding; select a chair with comfy armrests too. This will be the biggest upgrade for your home workspace, and your back will thank you.

4. A Large, High-Resolution Monitor

It can be quite hard to work on a small laptop screen when used to your large office monitor. One of the most effective ways to boost your productivity is to connect your computer to an external display, which greatly expands your digital workplace.

I recommend you choose a 28-inch screen with a good resolution so that you can have clean text, images, and videos. Although you can’t change the monitor’s position considerably, you can attach it to a separate stand to improve its ergonomics. It will allow you complete control over the position of your display if you want to take comfort a step further.

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If there is a lot of noise, you will want to choose noise-canceling headphones. The headphones deliver excellent active noise-canceling performance and audio quality in a relatively compact package.

It’s comfortable to wear them all day without feeling like your ears are being pinched, or your head is being dragged down.

6. High Definition Webcam

Over the last year and a half, video conferencing has become an indispensable element of many people’s professions, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This fact necessitates the use of a high-quality webcam to appear professional.


 Choose a camera with an inbuilt ring light; though it is an optional item, you will notice a difference with and without it. The camera’s light ring ensures that you never broadcast from a dark location, and it significantly improves the clarity of your video quality.

7. Dedicated Microphone

Microphone, Active, To Speak, Conference, Meeting, Meet

Now that you have a good webcam setup, it’s time to look for a good USB microphone to pair it. You do not want to have a great image but with bad quality sound, isn’t it?

You need to have the best gadgets to be productive and to be very professional. Let us know in the comments what do you think about the new phenomenon of working from home…


The Best On-Ear Headphones

If bulky over-ear headphones and tiny earbuds had a baby, it’d probably look a lot like a set of on-ear headphones. The good news is that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. That’s because on-ear headphones have the benefit of having speakers large enough to produce hi-fi sound (the way over-ear headphones do) while remaining compact enough to stow away for easy transport (the way earbuds do).
The makers of quality on-ear options can pack the ear cups full of technology, like active noise cancellation and radio frequency technology while ensuring that the headphones are still lightweight and produce great audio full of rich bass and crisp mids. On-ear headphones typically have adjustable headbands to fit all head sizes and plush padded cushions that relieve pressure on the ears, regardless of how expensive or cheap.
Since virtually every company claims its headphones produce the best sound, are made from the best materials, and have the best features available, we decided to turn to reviewers to see which on-ear headphones were the most worthy of your money.

Bose Quietcomfort 35 II – Best On-Ear Headphones

Bose Quietcomfort 35 II
Bose Quietcomfort 35 II

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are fantastic for their noise-canceling properties. Blocking out lots of ambient noise, thanks to their comfy and sizable ear pads, they’re perfect for traveling and avoiding the noise of other commuters or travelers. Even with noise cancellation switched off, they’re highly effective at eradicating irritating noises. As for the audio quality, they’re not quite as exceptional as some of Bose’s competitors, but they still deliver great sound. A 20-hour battery life (significantly increased if you switch off noise cancellation) means longer listening time than much of the competition. Additionally, Google Assistant is available through the headphones, reading back notifications and even news headlines or reminders. It’s not a device seller, but it’s a convenient bonus in an already remarkable set of headphones.

AKG N60 NC – Most Portable


PCMag gave this set of headphones 4 out of 5 stars because they produce powerful, balanced audio. Amazon customers seem to agree, awarding the AKG N60 NC on-ear headphones 4.2 out of 5 stars. These headphones have up to 30 hours of battery life and are designed for easy transport. The lightweight black earphones can be folded down to fit comfortably into your pocket, so you can have them whenever you’re ready to rock out. This set also comes with active and passive noise cancellation capabilities so, if you’re on your next flight and want to block out the sound of jet engines, you can do that. If you sit next to a noisy coworker, you can block their sound out too.
Or if you just want to silence the world while you take a nap, you can do that too.
Super plush earcups will keep you comfy for long-term wear, but the best part of these headphones is that they’re solidly reliable. They seem to check off all the boxes that you’d want: Good audio, solid battery life, collapsible, optional audio cord, and more.

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones – Best Value Overall

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphone
Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphone

The RS 120 RF (Radio Frequency) Wireless Headphones were built to let you enjoy the sound without dealing with cumbersome tangly cables. These lightweight, on-ear headphones by Sennheiser work by receiving sound from the included transmitter base when it’s connected to the output of any audio source. So you can connect it to your TV, computer, smartphone or sound system and receive the audio from up to 300 feet away, even if you’re in another part of the house, with walls and doors in the way. The base also acts as a charging station when the headphones are not in use.
Perhaps our favorite thing about these headphones is that they can connect with multiple users, so you can all share the same audio experience being transmitted from the same source.
Sennheiser is known for creating headphones that produce detailed, clear sound along with impressive bass. The RS120 model has received more than 14K customer reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


Let us know in the comments your favorite on-ear headphone.