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The Best Review of Cell Phone Accessories

This post is the best review of cell phone accessories for 2021.  Cell phone accessories are practical and you have the choice! Without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of this.

The first cell phone accessories: headphones

With the debate about the dangers of prolonged cell phone use, headphones can be a good solution for people who spend their days on the phone. They integrate a microphone to be able to call and answer in all freedom.

There are 2 possible connections: by cable or Bluetooth.


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There are 2 types of earphones:

– the in-ear earphones;

– the earpieces.

Types of headphones





– good isolation from outside noise;


– allows you to listen perfectly with a lower volume than with other earphones;


– different types of tips that can be moulded to the shape of the ears;


– very discreet.


– can be uncomfortable for some people;


– need to be more alert to outside events (vehicles, various dangers).



– more discreet than headphones;


– less intrusive than in-ear monitors;


– possible to buy models with a fixing system for optimal maintenance;


– allows you to listen to surrounding noises to avoid dangers.


– bad isolation of the external noises which parasitize the sound listened;


– can be uncomfortable.


There are several types of headphones adapted for cell phones:

– the open headset which reproduces airy sounds for a better realism;

– the closed headset that isolates external noise, for use in noisy places.

These 2 types of headphones can be offered in foldable or non-folding models.

Portable accessories: hands-free kit and car

Hands-free headsets are becoming indispensable when talking in the car or other places. The hands-free kit can use either a cable or a Bluetooth connection.

Car kits use your vehicle’s battery as well as the antenna and speakers to improve the quality of communication. Other car kits only have a charger and a hands-free kit.

Bluetooth headsets are very popular because they can be used in the car, but also in any place (walking, cycling, bus, public places …). There are many models, the priorities of choice being:

– the quality of the sound;

– the comfort of use;

– the autonomy of the headset.

The speaker

An external speaker will allow you to benefit from the better sound quality. It can be used in the car or at the office and can be integrated into a docking station for extended functionality.

Portable accessories: docking station

The docking station is an accessory that allows you to:

– charge the phone;

– synchronize the phone with other audio/video equipment (hi-fi system, home cinema, television, etc.);

– listen to music on the built-in speakers (for models with speakers).

Good to know: when buying a docking station, you should be very careful about whether it is compatible with your phone. For example, some models are only available for iPhone.

Accessories for protecting mobile phones

There are different types of accessories to protect your mobile phone: from protective film to cases with a flap.

Protective film

There are 2 types of protective film for the screen

– the plastic film;

– the glass plate.

Type of protective film



Plastic film


– Low cost;


– almost invisible.


– Does not protect against screen breakage;


– difficult to install (air bubbles and alignment problems).

Glass plate


– Protects well against scratches and screen breakage in case of small shocks;


– easy to install;


– good comfort.


– A rather high price;


– adds thickness to the screen.

The protective shell

The protective shell protects both the back and the side of the phone. It can be made of hard plastic or silicone.

Types of protective shells



Hard plastic


– does not change the grip of the phone;


– Allows the phone to be used and charged or connected to other equipment without removing the cover;


– protects the phone in case of a fall.


– the phone screen is not protected;


– the shell may break if dropped heavily.



– a very resistant shell that absorbs shocks well;


– allows you to use the phone and charge it or connect it to other equipment without removing the protection.


– The phone screen is not protected.

Protective cases

It is possible to buy a protective phone case with or without a flap. This type of protection is usually sold in leather (or imitation leather).

Type of protective case



With flap


– aesthetic protection;


– allows complete protection of the phone: back, screen, sides;


– good shock absorption.


– the phone is not easily accessible;


– it may be necessary to remove the case for use on a docking station.

Without flap


– aesthetic protection;


– allows for complete protection of the phone: back, screen, sides;


– compatible with many phone models.


– it is necessary to take the phone out each time it is used;


– the phone can fall out of the case.

Check the compatibility of your cell phone accessories

Finally, before you go shopping for cell phone accessories, please make sure they are compatible with your cell phone. Hope this short review would be of any help to you. Remember to leave your comment below.

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