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3 Tips for choosing an audio conference phone

For a successful audio conference, choosing high-quality equipment is essential. The audio conference phone is one of the vital tools for remote meetings. This device allows participants to communicate and exchange in the best conditions, especially in trying times. There are many models of audio conference phones out there, and each type of device is configured to adapt to a more or less specific use. To choose an audio conference phone, certain criteria must be taken into account.

Why organize an audio conference?

Audio conferencing is a very popular communication tool. It facilitates meetings by eliminating the need for participants to move around, and because of Covid-19, most of us have been stuck at home, which is God’s gift to humankind, especially for those early office meetings. An audio conference allows participants to hear their interlocutors and converse with them through a dedicated terminal.


Moreover, organizing an audio conference does not require any specific meeting room configuration and requires little equipment. For this, you need to use a digital or IP phone, a teleconference terminal in a well-isolated room.

How do I choose a phone for audio conferencing?

Choosing a phone for audio conferencing is far from simple. In fact, it requires the consideration of several parameters and knowledge of specific technical aspects that make the choice difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to call a specialized company to guide and advise you on your choice.


Certain companies specialize in the online sale of telecommunications equipment. They have a wide range of equipment that can be adapted to your needs and to all uses. You should also do your own research when it comes to choosing the right equipment for you because when the options are numerous, the choice should be based on well-defined criteria.

The need for communication

Determining the communication needs is fundamental when choosing your communication terminal. In addition, you must also choose the type of network to be used: analog (traditional) or digital.


An audio conferencing device also works with or without wiring, depending on its use and the type of device you are buying. If your company has only one conference room, choose the wired models. However, choose wireless models if the phone needs to be used in different locations.

The number of participants

Audio conferencing terminals have microphones that allow participants to talk back to the other person. However, the microphones only capture a limited number of users. Therefore, the number of participants is an important criterion when choosing an audio conferencing device.


For a meeting with 4 participants, 2 models are available: the non-evolving model, which is less expensive, and the evolving model with the possibility of adding additional microphones. For a meeting with 5 to 12 participants, you have the choice between the simple or the scalable model starting at 500 dollars. If the number of participants exceeds 12, the choice of the high-end model is inevitable. Nevertheless, these models are efficient. They can cover an area of 70 m² and offer considerable sound quality, even with the addition of additional microphones.

Essential features that your conference phone needs.

Choosing an audio conference phone also depends on the features you need. Some models offer different features that allow for more specific use. Some phone brands offer an LCD screen to see what is going on, such as the call and making calling easier.


Bluetooth functionality allows the terminal to be used with a smartphone or wireless headset. A wireless headset has a range of 150 meters. This is especially important for recording the meeting so that a participant can speak even if they are not in the room.

Finally, powerful models offer the ability to optimize the device’s security level. Encryption is one way to secure calls. It is only available on a limited number of models, and you will need to specify the need when choosing the audio conference phone.

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