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How a GPS Dog Tracker Can Help You

How a GPS Dog Tracker Can Help You

The geolocation of a dog allows you to track your dog wherever it is. This is usually possible thanks to a GPS collar for dogs, enabling you to follow the animal’s movements.

It is an efficient technology for runaway dogs, hunting dogs, and all animals that must stay outside. Let’s take a look at this important gadget.

Geolocation of the dog: how it works

If geolocation already offers many uses in everyday life, even if only through roadside GPS, it is also used for pets.

The geolocation of a dog is thus a new technology becoming increasingly popular and accessible. Nothing could be easier to geolocate a dog:

You place a GPS tracker on the dog, often on its collar.

Thanks to a smartphone and a dedicated application, you can follow the animal on a map, in real-time or almost.

If you lose your dog, his GPS collar will allow you to find him easily.

There are a lot of GPS collar suppliers who offer more or less successful geolocation solutions.

The geolocation of a dog that stays at home most of the time is not necessarily essential. But this technology is helpful in some circumstances:

not to lose hunting dogs;

to follow a dog that is regularly outside and without a leash;

to avoid losing your dog;

to track the movements of a runaway dog.

A GPS gadget remains an excellent investment if your dog is an escape artist. You need a dog geolocation system if your dog has a history of running away and exploring on his own, including climbing fences, digging out of yards, bolting for open doors, and more. 

Furthermore, understanding where a dog that tends to run away goes can help you understand why he does it. Sometimes, the only reason for running away is to reach a female dog in heat in the neighbourhood.

Choosing your dog’s geolocation system

GPS Dog Tracker

You should think carefully before buying a GPS collar for your dog. And for a good reason, not all geolocation systems are equally effective.

Many criteria must be taken into account in your geolocation system:

The accuracy: the geolocation system, to be useful, must be able to deliver the position of the dog accurately.

Sturdiness: Choose a solid collar or tracker that will not fall or break at the first shock.

Waterproofing: a GPS collar for hunting dogs should be waterproof and weatherproof. This is an essential criterion if your pet tends to go swimming.

Battery life: a GPS collar or tracker for dogs must be recharged regularly. The longer the autonomy, the less you will have to recharge it. A good battery life also ensures better tracking of your pet.

Information collected: some geolocation systems only record the dog’s location. Others record the dog’s activity, the number of steps, etc.

Functionalities: some trackers are only GPS systems, while others are based on GSM or GPRS functionalities. Some systems allow you to set limits for your dog and can send you SMS alerts. It’s up to you to choose the tracker and the features that you find most useful.

Price of a GPS for dogs

It is interesting to know the cost of geolocation systems for dogs.

On average, a GPS dog collar will cost between $100 and $500. However, prices can exceed this range for collars designed for hunters or professionals.

This type of technology can be found on specialized websites or in some pet stores.

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