Stories of How Technology Helped in Saving Lives

Stories of How Technology Helped in Saving Lives

There’s no denying that technology keeps evolving and bringing us a luxury of comfort that we’ve never known before. Interestingly, it seems like technology is not only making life better, but in fact, saving it!

Self-Driving Tesla Car Takes a Man to the Hospital

Self-Driving Tesla Car Takes a Man to the HospitalPulmonary embolism is a very serious health disorder that needs instant medical attention. In this condition, blood clots can travel to the lungs from the deep veins of the limbs and in some cases, they can even block the pulmonary arteries. When a person starts suffering from pulmonary embolism, they will have chest pain and great difficulty in breathing. Sometimes, the person cannot lie back or even move without feeling the excruciating pain. That was exactly what happened with Joshua Neally when he was driving his car.

At that time, given his condition, calling an ambulance would have been the right thing to do, but unfortunately he fell unconscious. However, when he opened his eyes, he wasn’t in the afterworld but in a hospital.

The man could hardly believe that the autopilot function of the Tesla Model X, upon detecting the lack of touch on the steering wheel, drove the car over 32 km and brought him to the closest hospital. In other words, he couldn’t believe that he owed his life to a car.

Tesla Driver Walks Away Unscathed From Crash

There are more and more car accidents taking place every day and honestly, I can’t put my finger on the primary reason for all these fatal car crashes. However, it’s not every day that you’d hear a driver crediting his car’s safety features for saving his life.

It’s unbelievable but true that a Tesla Model S driver, along with his companion, walked away unscathed after their car crashed 500 feet down a cliff and ended up upside down on a trail.

Let’s take a look at his statement:

“It happened while I were driving on Grizzly Peak Blvd on my way to the Oakland hills. I agree I may have been driving a bit too spirited, and at that time, a deer appeared at a curve. I don’t know why but in my efforts to avoid hitting it, my car ended up over the edge. The car then tumbled perhaps 200-250 feet down a steep slope and ended up upside down. I swear it was the most terrifying time of my whole life – I thought I was going to die. But, to my surprise, me and my companion had only minor bruises and muscle soreness. In fact, I was shocked when I realized that the interior cabin of the car was totally intact. It’s only when we both climbed out of the car that we realized the body of the car took the most damage. I guess the large crumple zones of the car as well as the solid car roof were designed to be very useful in high-velocity impacts. It felt like rock solid to me and I felt really lucky that day to be alive… all because of my tesla.”

Drone Saves a Man’s Life

Drone Saves a Man’s LifeIn this modern era we are living in, drones are technological devices that are constantly being used in the agricultural sector, entertaining industry, transportation sector, construction industry and law enforcement. However, recently it seemed like “search and rescue” is the new potential use for drones. I’m sure you’ve heard of how a lifeguard drone saved the lives of two swimmers in Australia. But, have you heard of a drone saving the life of man who went missing for three days?

Such is the case of Guillermo DeVenecia, an 82-year-old man who went missing. When trained dogs and experts failed to find him, a drone located him right in the middle of a cornfield.


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