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I Lost My Cell Phone: How To Locate It?

We are in 2022, and we live in the age of the Internet and technology; most of us have a phone and use it for virtually everything, to get from one place to another, buy food and watch movies. Our phones have become an integral part of our lives, and most of us need them to survive or stay sane, at least I do.

Most of the cell phones that people use nowadays are smartphones. Considered as real pocket computers, these devices contain all of our life. We store our contacts, photos, files, etc. However, one day our phones may be lost or stolen.

And no one wants their data to be in the hands of a stranger. But fortunately, there are solutions to locate, lock or quickly block data on smartphones. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to track down your phone if you’ve lost it.

Use the IMEI number of your lost phone.


If your cell phone is lost or stolen, you need to act as quickly as possible. Indeed, most thieves know some techniques to unlock a phone. This is in order to recover certain data. Indeed, thieves will use your name, your contact information, etc., to carry out malicious acts. And as for the phone, it is certain that they will resell it. To avoid this, the first thing you should do is try to lock it remotely. To do this, use the IMEI code of your cell phone. Give it to your carrier so that they can quickly locate its approximate location and lock it.

To retrieve your cell phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number, simply type this code: *#06#. Look at the cardboard that wrapped your phone. Some manufacturers usually print the unique identifier of the phone.

Use a remote management service.

Locking your phone through your carrier is a great way to prevent a stranger from using your data. However, this technique has its limits. It will not be able to permanently remove all your data from your phone or block all its functions.

To remedy this, you need to use a remote management service. If you’ve lost an iPhone, use Apple’s “Locate My iPhone” feature. On the other hand, if it’s an Android, you need to use Google’s feature known as “Android Device Manager”.

But again, these applications had to be installed on your phone before it was lost. Also, the remote location features must be enabled for this technique to be effective. In addition, your phone must be turned on and connected to the Internet. This means that you need to act quickly to recover your phone.

So here are some things you should know about the remote management service for an iPhone and an Android:

For an iPhone


The “Locate my iPhone” function must be activated beforehand. To activate it, go to the settings menu, then click on your Apple ID, which is usually at the top of the page. Then go to the iCloud settings. This way, you can use this application from another iPhone.

The main advantage of this function is that it allows you to make it ring, lock it, and especially erase your data remotely. To do this, log on to and follow the instructions. You should know that this operation can be performed from a computer.

For an Android


The geolocation configuration must be done beforehand. Go to the Google settings menu, then click on Security. The following two options: “locate this device remotely” and “allow remote data lock and wipe” will then appear, and you will only have to activate them. With this, you can easily control your data from another Android phone.

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