10 Smart Tech Gadgets You Never Thought You Needed

The technology industry shows no signs of slowing down, and we see more innovative gadgets than ever. With these new releases, we have created this blog to encourage you to incorporate the latest and most innovative devices into your home and lifestyle.


1) The Bluvi Smart Shower Mirror


How often have you struggled to shave because the mirror fogged up while you were in the shower? You don’t have this problem with the Blue Vee Smart Shower Mirror because it doesn’t fog up. Plus, it has a UV-C light that cleans the bathroom and protects against black mold. What could be better?!


2) Portrait Glass Personal Holographic Screen


Easily create 3D media with the Glass Portrait personal holographic screen. It can store a single hologram for easy reading. You can also send a birthday message with a single click.


3) SensorsCall CareAlert Wellness Monitor


With the SensorsCall CareAlert Wellness Monitor, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure. This smart technology gadget detects movement, sound, temperature, and air quality. In addition, it also acts as an intercom. This allows you to communicate with your loved ones without using a phone.


4) Gatorade Gx Wearable Sweatpatch


Do you like to stay healthy? Then you need the Gatorade Gx Wearable Sweat Patch to track water and sodium loss during exercise and how often you sweat. This handheld also provides detailed reports. In general, it can detect when dehydration begins.


Hydration-Measuring Patches : wearable sweat patch


5) Netatmo Intelligent Indoor Siren


Stay safer at home and on the go with Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Siren. The gadget activates a 110-decibel alarm when it detects a stranger. Notifications are then sent to your cell phone, so you can stay informed.


6) The Yes Company ChopBox


With The Yes Company ChopBox smart cutting board, you can have a safer and cleaner kitchen with its UV-C light that kills 99.99% of germs. It has a built-in sterilizing light that can sterilize up to three blades at the same time. It also has a built-in LED timer to prevent overcooking. You can set the timer for up to 9 hours.


7) LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet


The LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet has several smart features. It is also equipped with an SOS system that works in conjunction with a smartphone and uses location information to make emergency calls. In addition, a rear light indicates directions to help prevent traffic accidents.


 8) Wellness device Tao Patch


The wellness device “Tao Patch” may help if you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. It works by strengthening the brain and body’s central nervous system to maintain balance. In doing so, the body can naturally remember to take care of itself.


 9) Ava Bluetooth Speaker Lantern by Koble Designs


Fill your room with sound with the Ava Bluetooth Speaker Lantern from Koble Designs. Besides, this gadget is more than just a speaker; it has a built-in LED light that emits light in a variety of colors. In addition, the tactile buttons make it easy to use.


Taopatch wellness device transmits therapeutic light for your overall health » Gadget Flow


10) Philips Smartsleep, an Anti-snoring Bracelet


If you disturb others while sleeping every night or if your partner snores, the Philips SmartSleep anti-snoring bracelet is for you. You won’t even notice that you are wearing it, but when you sleep on your back, you will notice small, noticeable, drastic reductions in snoring.


If you are looking for a device to make your daily life easier or more attentive, the above 10 smart technology gadgets will be for you. Which one is your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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