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What Are Smart Showers?

Have you ever heard of a smart shower? As the name implies, this device is what happens when you blend a digital shower with smart home connectivity, enabling you to set your water temperature, flow rate, and shower duration via voice commands or a smartphone app.

What are the components of a smart shower?

Connectivity to the internet

Being able to connect wirelessly is what makes a device smart, right? Well, your smart showerhead is no different since you are able to issue commands to the device through WiFi. This isn’t limited to just operating the device – you’re also able to track your water usage to be more environmentally friendly, but also, you can turn your shower into a private concert thanks to in-built speakers. Belting out your favorite tunes in the shower has never been easier!

smart shower


Your smart shower has automatic self-cleaning features that remove all the tiring maintenance parts for you. Moreover, while it looks pretty complicated on the surface, operating your smart shower is straightforward. That’s especially true when you understand that it has three main components:

  1. a control panel

    The control panel or interface is the point where you interact with your smart shower system. With conventional showers, you would turn knobs or move levers to adjust the water temperature, for example. With smart showers, on the other hand, you will use a control panel that is designed to be intuitive and straightforward. So, rather than waste time trying to adjust the water flow and temperature, all you have to do is choose your preferences on the control panel. Naturally, the control panel is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about touching it with wet fingers.

  2. a controller box

The controller box is the heart and brain of your smart shower system. After the smart shower is installed, you probably will not see the controller box. That’s because it’s typically concealed behind a wall or panel. Furthermore, the controller box is connected directly to your hot and cold water lines and the power supply needed for it to function correctly. Inside, valves and electronic components control the flow of water. Also, the controller box reacts based on the settings that you input to the control panel. For instance, once you have customized your water temperature and flow, the controller box will adjust the valves to ensure that you get your desired shower.

  1. a wireless transmitter.

A smart shower system also has a wireless transmitter attached to it. This transmitter allows the controller box to communicate with your smartphone app through your home WiFi network. However, the arrangement of these parts can differ between brands. For example, the control panel, controller, and transmitter could all be part of a single unit for a particular brand, whereas other brands separate them into three different units.

smart shower

What benefits do smart shower heads offer?

Smart showers can save you water

The average shower uses approximately 17 gallons of water per day. That is around 57 cents for an 8-minute shower session. While the cost may seem low, a simple multiplication by 52 weeks will leave you with an annual water usage of 6,205 gallons per person. By switching to a smart shower head, you will be able to monitor and lower your average water usage per shower using the device’s water-saving technology.

Smart showers can preset water temperatures

When I rushed into my bathroom for a quick bath, I often ended up getting mildly scalded from the sudden rush of hot water! Has the same ever happened to you too? You will need to manually adjust the water thermostat in your normal shower and wait until it achieves your desired water temperature. This is not the case with a smart shower head because it allows you to set your temperature before you even step into your bathtub. You can also preset a personally customized user profile for each of your family members, making it easy for them to toggle their desired temperatures.

Smart showers are convenient

When I purchase a new device, the most important factor that comes to my mind is comfort! Smart shower heads connected to a smart shower system offer you a unique and exciting bathroom experience. For instance, smart shower heads offer you convenience on a different level by enabling you to turn off or pause your shower via voice commands.

smart shower

Now that you have got a clear concept of smart showers, you can finally plan to get one according to your budget. My daily shower is very important for me as I can relax and refresh after a tiresome working day! Personalizing my shower flow and temperature via my voice while listening to my favorite song is like a blessing for me! So, how much do you like to shower, and would you like to make it even more comfortable? Please share your comments below!

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