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An Intercom System: An Optimal Security

In today’s world, technology never ceases to fascinate us with its various gadgets and computerized systems. So, why not use it to optimize your security? Intercom is one of the systems that can ensure your safety. In this article, we will explain the interaction between the intercom system and the optimization of your security.

How the Intercom System Works

The intercom system is an indoor telephone system, i.e., it works through an internal network, not through a telephone network. It allows short-distance communication between several people located in different areas of the same premises (residential buildings, individual houses, business premises, etc.).

The installation of an intercom system guarantees not only your security but also your comfort. Indeed, it allows you to control your visitors’ access to your building. It is composed of a handset inside and a terminal outside. Both devices are equipped with microphones and speakers to establish communication between the two interlocutors. A handset can be called from several terminals if the building has different access points, such as the main entrance and the parking lot entrance. A terminal can also be connected to several handsets, as in the case of a building with many offices of different companies. In this case, the kiosk has several buttons to select the internal handset to call.

On the other hand, the intercom can be equipped with a doorphone, which is a remote opening system for a barrier, a door, or a gate. This doorkeeper allows you to remotely select the people you want to let in without moving. On the other hand, it can be equipped with a video, allowing you to see your visitors directly.

Electric wires can connect the intercom system, but their numbers depend on the type of intercom. But for more convenience, the intercom system can work without wires; this is called a wireless intercom. Its operation is then based on radio waves.

The Different Types of Intercom

Intercom systems come in 6 types, namely:

The doorbell is the most common type of intercom. To warn you of the presence of a visitor, the doorbell emits a sound signal. Its price depends on its design. On the market, you can choose between a wired doorbell and the wireless doorbell. The latter is more expensive than the former.

The door phone allows you to announce a visitor’s arrival and discuss with him at a distance. For the most efficient door phones, you can leave messages for your visitors, for example, a message informing them of your absence.

You can also choose between a wired door phone, which is more reliable and cheaper but difficult to install, and the wireless door phone, which is easy to install but more expensive.

The video intercom or video intercom allows you to communicate and view your visitors. Through this type of intercom, you can personalize the reception of your visitors and easily control their identity.

The housing of a video intercom is available in 4 models: the housing composed of a handset and a black and white screen, the housing consisting of a handset and a color screen, the hands-free housing, and the housing with a touch screen.

The installation of a video intercom is complex because it requires a connection with the network of the sector.

The digicode is a keyboard on which visitors type their code to open the gate or a door equipped with an electric strike. The electric strike allows you to automatically and remotely open your entrances, thanks to an electric pulse triggered by a button placed on the intercom. This button releases the latch of the lock. The electric strike is a complementary intercom system to the intercom types mentioned above.

The baby phone is a one-way communication system. As its name indicates, it allows you to monitor your baby who is in another room remotely. You are alerted by a visual or sound signal when your baby cries, wakes up, or is not comfortable with the temperature. It is composed of 2 handsets: one is the receiver, and the other is the transmitter.

Installation of the Intercom System

The installation of some types of intercom systems, such as the keypad and the baby phone, can be done by yourself. But other kinds of intercoms, such as electric strikes and videophones, require the intervention of a company.

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