2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera


In addition to the camera body and the lens, there are many other essential elements for certain shots. In addition to memory cards and batteries, the photographer’s basics, the technical range expands according to your desires: lens hood, camera bag, flash, tripods… for each shot, its appropriate accessory.

The essentials:

– Digital camera card

– Camera battery

No photo without a memory card or battery! Remember to bring spare parts for these essentials.

The memory card is an essential element for the storage of digital pictures. It exists in different formats with different characteristics and is more or less powerful.

Digital camera: function of a memory card

The memory card is used to store photos taken with a digital compact, a bridge, a micro four-thirds or a reflex.

The pictures can then be transferred via the camera and a USB cable to a computer hard drive or other storage systems.

The card can also be taken out of the camera to be read on a digital frame or a specific card reader. Card readers allow for faster data transfer.

2 main types of digital camera card

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

There are two main types of camera cards:

– The CF card (for Compact Flash): if it tends to disappear from the median ranges, the CF card is still very present on high-end cameras.

– The SD / SDHC card: is a universal format that is also found in cameras or cell phones

Good to know: the format of the card is determined by the device. However, there are SD adapters for cameras that use CF cards.

How to choose a memory card?

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

Several criteria are taken into account when choosing a card:

– Reliability: it is better to turn to the reference brands to avoid the risk of seeing a report disappear without explanation.

– The storage capacity:

o It is determined according to the number of photos you plan to take on average between each image download.

o It also significantly depends on the weight of the pictures with a 21-megapixel camera, so it’s better to plan.

o If you want to make videos, you also need ample space on the card.

o When you have the choice, buying two 32 GB cards rather than one 64 GB card is better. Because if you lose one, or it gets damaged… you don’t lose everything.

– The flow:

o Not all cards have the same writing speed.

o If you have a high-performance camera, it is better to have a card that keeps up with speed so as not to slow down the shooting in burst mode, for example.

o Thus, a card with the mention 266x will be preferable to its equivalent in 133x.

Camera battery

2 Essentials of a Digital Camera

A camera’s battery is an essential element, without which it would be impossible to take digital photos. It provides power to the camera body and all connected electronics, except for the external flash.

What is the purpose of a camera battery?

The battery is the sole source of power for the digital camera. It is what powers all the electrical components.

Nowadays, batteries and other batteries consume less energy and at the same time become more powerful.

It is also possible to equip yourself with a grip on specific reflex cameras. This accessory embeds two batteries and allows a better grip in portrait mode. Tips: it is always recommended to have at least one spare battery to avoid the risk of being without a camera in the middle of a hike or during a wedding…

Different types of batteries

There are three main types of batteries for digital cameras:

– Lithium-Ion which have a relatively short lifespan but is easy to recharge. 

– The Ni-Mh have an average lifespan.

– The Ni-Cd has a longer life. Their average autonomy is rather interesting, but their price is quite high.

They contain products that are very harmful to the environment, such as cadmium. Considering the composition of these products, it is necessary to take care to recycle them well.

Flashes and other accessories still use AA or AAA batteries.

Where to buy a battery?

Consumerist logic pushes manufacturers to develop different battery formats for each model.

– Proprietary batteries are still recommended. They are sold on the Internet and in large stores or specialized stores.

– However, some sites specializing in batteries and other batteries provide quality material at a more attractive price. Compatibility is usually assured, but it is best to ask around and consult user reviews.

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