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Guide on Alarm Clock for the Deaf

Guide on Alarm Clock for the Deaf

 People who are deaf or hard of hearing may have difficulty waking up in the morning if they do not have an alarm clock adapted to their disability.

 What are the most effective alarm clocks for the deaf? Fortunately, there are a variety of devices designed for people with hearing loss. Follow this guide!

 Alarm clock for the deaf: criteria of choice

 Deaf and hard-of-hearing people who want to maintain their independence have the opportunity to find an alarm clock that will help them get out of bed without difficulty.

 Here are the most commonly used models:

 – The vibrating alarm clock: battery-operated or mains-operated, it can work in ringing or vibrating mode, depending on the user’s choice. This alarm clock for the deaf, associated with a wireless cushion placed under the pillow, vibrates strongly when the alarm clock goes off. In addition, a powerful buzzer is activated, and the display flashes at the desired time.

 – The flash alarm clock: produces strong light signals. Its unique features are as follows:

Alarm Clock

 ◦ it is equipped with a vibrating cushion (depending on the version chosen) associated with an alarm that can reach 100 dB;

 ◦ it connects to a telephone line to alert the deaf or hard of hearing person through a telephone call;

 ◦ it allows adjusting: the tone of the ringtone, the radio’s volume, the intensity of the brightness, the projection of the time.

 – The vibrating watch: ideal for travel, it can also be worn by children. It has several features, depending on the model, namely:

 ◦ the sound alarm function;

 ◦ a countdown timer with adjustable counter from 30 minutes to 24 hours and programmable ;

 ◦ a key lock preventing any false manipulation;

 ◦ a vibrating function with several power levels;

 ◦ a backlight.

 Good to know: the choice of an alarm clock for the deaf must be made according to the user’s needs and degree of deafness. Some alarm clocks are equipped with functions that are not always essential for a deaf person. People can also use these devices without a hearing impairment but who have great difficulty waking up from sleep or who use earplugs. 

 Price of an alarm clock for the deaf or hard of hearing

 Alarm clocks for the deaf are available on Internet sites proposing articles adapted to the deaf and hard of hearing or hearing aid specialists.

 The price of alarm clocks for the deaf varies:

 – between $30 and $100 according to their technicality;

 – between $100 and $200 for the most sophisticated alarm clocks combining more functions.

 As for the alarm clock, it is necessary to count between $20 and $100 according to the functions it offers.

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