Memory Card

How Do Memory Cards Work?

How Do Memory Cards Work?


   – Memory card reader: use

   – Memory card reader: the different formats

   – Memory card reader: criteria to compare and choose

   – Memory card reader price: from $5


The memory card reader is one of the central processing unit components, also called the “tower” for the desktop computer.

Its other components are the graphics card, the sound card, the hard disk, the DVD drive, the processor, the motherboard, and the RAM.

Memory card reader: use

The memory card reader, also called a flash card reader, allows you to read the different memory or flashcards found in cell phones, cameras, or GPS devices.

Your computer may integrate a memory card reader. Still, if it is not the case or does not propose compatibility with all the memory cards, it is possible to get an external memory card reader.

The external memory card reader plugs into one of the computer’s USB ports.

For a desktop computer, it is possible to get an internal memory card reader:

   – this plugs into the internal USB port of the motherboard or its COM port,

   – The memory card reader is then placed in the front of the central unit.

Memory card reader: the different formats

The most common formats are SD, mini SD, MMC, and compact flash.

There are different types of memory card formats.

According to the devices and their models, we can find a memory card of the type:

   – Compact flash,

   – SD: Secure Digital

     ◦ We also have the mini or micro SD format,

     ◦ The mini or micro SD cards are often sold with adapters to read them as SD memory cards.

   – Memory stick,

   – Smart Media,

   – MMC: Multimedia Card,

   – XD picture Card.

Memory card reader: criteria to compare and choose

Which type of memory card reader to choose?

We advise you to compare the supported formats, the performance, and the price.

Formats are supported by the memory card reader.

One of the most important criteria for choosing a memory card reader is to look at how many memory card formats it supports and ensure it is compatible with the format you are using.

Sometimes, spending a little more money and getting a memory card reader compatible with many memory cards is better.

This way, you won’t have to worry about compatibilities, such as changing phones or cameras.

Memory card reader: what performance?

Using a memory card reader rather than plugging your device into the computer, you will gain in speed, but it is essential to know that some memory card readers provide a better transfer rate than others.

It is, therefore, essential to compare the speed of each reader.

On average, the transfer rate of a memory card reader can vary from 11 MB/second to 30 MB/second.

Memory card reader price: from $5

The price of a flashcard reader can range from less than $5 to more than $40.

These price variations depending on different criteria such as supported formats, performance, design, and size…


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