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Know Your Gadgets | Car Thermometer

Know Your Gadgets | Car Thermometer



 – Car thermometer: how does it work?

 – Choosing your car thermometer

 – Installation and maintenance


When you live in a country with a temperate climate, the seasons come and go, and the temperatures vary. Installing a car thermometer can be simple information for the passengers but a real driving aid for the driver.

Car thermometer: how does it work?

Car Thermometer
Car Thermometer

 There are several different models of car thermometers: digital, bimetallic, analog or with a compass. The function of the latter is to display the inside and outside temperature of the vehicle. 

 The operation is simple: a sensor is placed outside the car, a second one inside, transmitting the different temperatures to the box located under the driver’s eyes. The more powerful the chosen model, the multiple the use of the thermometer would be. Thus, some models will alarm you of negative temperatures and, therefore, a risk of frost or ice.


Good to know: The options are numerous and varied. This simple gadget can inform you of the time, the voltage of your vehicle’s battery or inform your car’s electronic system of the ambient temperature and thus impact your driving by being linked to the brake assist system. It also acts on your comfort: the air conditioning or the heating system is activated if the temperature in the cabin exceeds a level deemed inadequate.

Choosing your car thermometer

Car Thermometer
Car Thermometer

 Car thermometers can be found in supermarkets for the most basic models, on commercial websites, or for high-end products with specific options in specialized automotive stores. Prices differ depending on the brand and options selected.

 – The first price thermometer: it can be digital or bimetallic. Its function is to inform you only about the outside temperature. Its price varies between $10 and $20.

 – The driving assistance thermometer is digital, offers you the time and date, acts as a voltmeter, and indicates a danger of ice or frost through a sound signal. The prices are around $50.

 – The thermometer connected to your vehicle is attached to your car’s electronic system. It warns the brake assist system and starts the heating unit or the air conditioning. This is a high-end model that can cost more than $150.

Car Thermometer Installation

 The installation of the car thermometer is a relatively simple operation. The part that will provide you with the information is equipped with velcro. You just have to choose the location and glue it. We advise you to place it under the rearview mirror or around the radio.

 You must ensure that the sensor is not exposed to direct wind or sunlight to avoid transmitting false information. Here again, it is sufficient to glue the object.

 The electrical connections are not very complex; the system must be connected to the vehicle battery, and if necessary, to the electronic system if you have chosen a connected model.


Good to know: Some models are battery-operated and interact with the car’s electronic system by Bluetooth. You just have to put down the sensors and launch the connection search!


Car Thermometer
Car Thermometer

 A car thermometer does not have a specific lifespan and does not require any particular maintenance. You just have to take a look at its indications to check that everything is working well.

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