How to Choose Your Touch Tablet

How to Choose Your Touch Tablet


 – Specificities of the touchscreen tablet

 – Choosing a touchscreen tablet

 – Price of a touchscreen tablet

The touch tablet is between the smartphone and the laptop. Apple has democratized it with the release of the iPad in 2010, and since then, the manufacturers of telephony and computing have been in close competition in this market (Samsung, Apple, Asus, Acer …).

 Specificities of the touchscreen tablet

 The technical characteristics of tablets vary significantly from one model and one brand to another.


 There are 2 leading families of touch tablets:

 – small tablets with a screen of 7 to 8 inches: ideal for optimal portability;

 – large tablets with a screen up to 12 inches: offering greater comfort of use.

 The tablet’s screen can be offered in 4/3 or 16/10 format depending on the model.

 Storage capacity

 Most touch tablets have built-in flash memory.

 – Their capacity varies between 4 and 64 GB.

 – However, some tablet models offer an SD or micro-SD port to increase their storage capacity.

 It is generally preferable to have an external storage disk to quickly backup your data.

 Operating system

How to Choose Your Touch Tablet

 The operating system of the touchscreen tablet, called OS, determines its software environment. Three operating systems dominate the market:

 – Apple’s iOS;

 – Google’s Android;

 – Microsoft’s Windows.

 Depending on the tablet’s operating system, you will not have access to the same applications. Each OS has its store of free and paid applications. The applications are similar to software for a computer.


 All touch tablets have a built-in wi-fi connection. However, some also offer the possibility to connect in 3G or 4G thanks to a specific SIM card slot.

 It is also possible to connect in 3G or 4G thanks to acquiring a 3G key. You can also share the 3G or 4G connection with a tablet.

 In any case, to benefit from 3G or 4G directly from your tablet, it will be necessary to subscribe to a tablet package.

 Good to know: the law specifies the obligation to display the specific absorption rate (SAR) to all radio equipment intended to be used near the human body (less than 20 cm from the human body). The SAR values must be displayed on the instructions for use and in the places of sale near the device.

Choosing a touchscreen tablet

When buying a touchscreen tablet, different criteria should be taken into account:

Criteria of choice

To be preferred

To avoid

Size of the tablet


– a tablet with a 9 to 10-inch screen for maximum comfort of use for daily use;


– a tablet with a 7″ to 8″ screen for an occasional tablet used mainly on the go.


– tablets smaller than 7 inches that offer limited use;


– 12-inch tablets that are bulky and heavy.

Screen type

Capacitive touchscreen that offers an optimal touch experience with the recognition of multiple fingers placed on the screen simultaneously.

Resistive touchscreen that offers less responsiveness (mostly offered on cheap tablets).

Screen format


– 4/3 for the main use in office automation;


– 16/10 for the main use for videos.




– USB;


– SD or micro SD port;



No USB port.


Between 6 and 10 hours.

Less than 4 hours.

Operating system (OS)


– stability;


– regular updates;


– wide choice of applications.


– OS with little choice of applications;


– OS is not widely used.

Specific Absorption Rate

Lowest SAR values.

Price of a touchscreen tablet

To buy a touchscreen tablet, you should count between $60 and $1,000. The price depends on the type of tablet:

– small tablet (up to 8 inches): from $60 to $700;

– large tablet (up to 12 inches): from $100 to $1,000.

But it also varies according to:

– the manufacturer;

– the storage capacity;

– the power of the tablet;

– the features offered.

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