Tips on Choosing Your Cell Phone

Tips on Choosing Your Cell Phone


    – 3 decisions to make when choosing a cell phone

    – Choosing your mobile: the package

    – Cell phones: 3 main types

    – Choosing your cell phone with or without the package?

Types of package, options, classic phone, multimedia, smartphone… It can be complicated to find your way in the wide choice offered by operators. Here are the right questions to ask yourself when choosing your mobile. 

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3 decisions to make when choosing a cell phone

Before buying your cell phone, you should ask yourself 3 main questions

    – the type of package: mobile package (monthly subscription with or without commitment) or prepaid card;

    – the type of device: extra-simple cell phone, multimedia cell phone or smartphone;

    – buy the package and the phone together or separately.

Choosing your mobile: the package

When it comes to a portable package, you have to choose between two key principles. You can then personalize your offer thanks to multiple options:

Mobile package: you commit yourself to 12 or 24 months or choose a package without commitment. You select several hours per month, your options such as Internet access, and pay each month.

Prepaid card: you don’t pay a monthly subscription; you recharge with a card. The credit is usable between 1 week and 1 year depending on the operator, and your number is valid from 1 month to 1 year after the last recharge.

Cell phones: 3 main types

Tips on Choosing Your Cell Phone

    – Extra-simple phone: we are witnessing a return of straightforward cell phones used only to call and send messages.

    – Multimedia phone: the multimedia phone has been democratized (camera, video, music); it has become the mid-range cell phone.

    – Smartphone: born from the meeting between the cell phone and the PDA, the smartphone is a real pocket computer. Its market has exploded since the arrival of the Apple iPhone and its competitors. It now has a substantial market share.

Choosing your cell phone with or without the package

    It is not surprising to find smartphone offers from $1, but you need to count a minimum of $40 packages per month, with a commitment of 24 months.

        ◦ – Buy the phone with the package:

        ◦ This will allow you to get an excellent discount at the time of purchase. During the package, you can change mobile thanks to the points accumulated. You will then benefit from a reduced rate for the mobile, but you will have to recommit for 12 or 24 months.

    – Buy the mobile without a plan: you pay the total price for your mobile, but you are free to choose the plan that suits you best, with or without commitment.

It is advisable to calculate the most practical solution when buying a cell phone. Indeed:

    – Even if you benefit from exciting prices when buying a cell phone with a package, this does not necessarily mean that it is the most advantageous offer.

    – You should know that when you buy a cell phone with a package, the operator subsidizes part of the cost of the phone. However, it then recovers the subsidized amount on the amount and duration of the packages.

Please note The subscription of a 12- or 24-month package allowing the deferral of the purchase price of a cell phone on the subscription price in the case of acquisition of this device at a symbolic cost constitutes a form of consumer credit and is not exempt from the regulation of credits, as are operations with successive execution.

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