5 Best Tech Resolutions to Tackle in 2022

A new year is a terrific time to get started on certain things you know you should be doing already. Most of us set a long list of resolutions that we normally do not accomplish but plan every year. Best of luck with your endeavors to run every day or do 1,000 pull-ups, but if you need a break, there are a few very important cyber-resolutions you can — and should — do from the comfort of your couch that you will want to adopt to help you in the future…

Resolution 1: Back Up Your Files

 Have you ever gone through a breakdown where you lost all your files? I guess you do not want to experience that in 2022 don’t you? Do you have a backup of your crucial files? Is that your entire phone? Isn’t that your entire computer? You ought to be. Devices go missing, and hard drives fail. Everything significant to you should be kept in two places at the absolute least. Even the photos and files you think are safe in the cloud could be permanently deleted if you lose access to your account. So better be safe this year and back up your files…

Resolution 2: Manage Your Passwords

Resolution 2: Manage Your Passwords
Resolution 2: Manage Your Passwords

You’ll need approximately 2,239,403,048 passwords, each of which should be unique and strong. There’s no getting around it. That’s where password managers come in, storing all of your passwords in a secure database, automatically filling them in when you log in to apps, and assisting you in making sure they’re all strong and unique. Make no mistake: implementing a password manager is a project that will necessitate a significant amount of manual labor on your part in logging and updating your passwords. But the time and trouble it will save you, in the long run, will be well worth it.

Because let’s be honest, we have been through that at least once in our lives… and I know people that since they forgot their password, have to create another account (which is so much work)

Resolution 3: Put Down The Phone More Often

Yes, it may be weird to find this on a tech list, but you should be putting your phone down more often this year. If you spend a lot of time at home, it might be more difficult than you think to stay away from your phone for long periods. The goal is to make the simple, easy glide more challenging by taking a few short but determined steps.

You can start slow; for example, you can put your phone down one hour before bed and gradually add up.

Resolution 4: Manage Your E-Mail Inbox

Resolution 4: Manage Your E-Mail Inbox
Resolution 4: Manage Your E-Mail Inbox

To be honest, my inbox is a disaster. I know that an inbox zero may be an unattainable dream; chances are, you might control your inbox a little better than you do now. A few simple techniques, including employing filter settings and pre-written replies, might help you recapture some of the time you regularly spend in your inbox.

A clear and sorted inbox provides a clearer path for better productivity.

Resolution 5: Make Your Laptop New Again 

Every laptop ultimately becomes too old to keep up with current duties, but long before that happens, it will have become so clogged with a cyber mess that you’ll assume it’s already happened years ago. This year, take some time to defragment your hard drive, delete any software you’re not using, and maybe reinstall the entire operating system.

Resolutions do not stop at sport or studies. We work with technologies and gadgets every day, and it is primordial that you have resolutions in that way. In the comments, let us know what you think of these new year resolutions mentioned above…


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