Smartphone: Features and Prices of Smartphones

Smartphone: Features and Prices of Smartphones


 – Smartphone: the meeting of the PDA and the cell phone

 – Advantages of the smartphone: complete and practical

 – The disadvantages of the smartphone: complex and bulky

 – Smartphone price

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The smartphone is the most complete type of cell phone. It offers more advanced features than the classic cell phone or multimedia phone.

Smartphone: the meeting of the PDA and the cell phone

The smartphone results from the meeting between the cell phone and the PDA: it is a real pocket computer. Its market has exploded since the arrival on the market of the Apple iPhone and its competitors in 2007.

The features of the PDA

A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a real pocket computer with its processor, touch screen, RAM, and other features. Here are the standard applications of a PDA on the smartphone 

 – agenda for organizing schedules, task manager, and address book;

 – Internet: Internet browsing, email software (receiving and sending emails);

 – office tools: word processing, calculator, spreadsheet, viewer for a large number of file formats (images, PDF, etc.);

 – multimedia tools: play videos, music, Flash animations;

 – the possibility of having GPS, wi-fi options;

 – easy data and message entry with the extended keyboard and touch screen (example: Apple iPhone).

The functionalities of the mobile phone


In addition to the features of a PDA, the smartphone has all the functions of a “multimedia” cell phone:

 – calls, SMS, and MMS ;

 – photos, videos, music ;

 – various applications ;

 – Internet connection, PC connection with memory card to store data, Bluetooth, etc.

The advantages of a smartphone: complete and practical

The benefits of a smartphone are numerous:

 – It is a real pocket computer, and you will be able to take with you documents, images, videos, etc.

 – It remains a practical device: the touch screen and the extended keyboard will allow you to write your messages and emails and manage your data more easily.

 – You will enjoy all the features of its “little brother” – the multimedia cell phone: music, photo, etc.

 – Correct autonomy: even if there are significant differences, most smartphones are equipped with a battery sufficient to compensate for the enormous energy consumption of the features.

Tip: You can download the Greenify app to maximize battery saving.

The disadvantages of the smartphone: complex and more cumbersome

The main disadvantage of the smartphone is its large number of features that will discourage any neophyte of the cell phone:

 – Indeed, the applications and functions are so numerous that a beginner would quickly get lost.

 – The multimedia cell phone remains the best choice for beginners.

The other main disadvantage of the smartphone is its size:

 – It is bulkier and heavier than conventional cell phones.

 – It is not necessary to opt for this device if your only need is to make phone calls or take pictures.

Good to know: cell phone manufacturers are obliged to display the specific absorption rate (SAR) for all radio equipment intended to be used near the human body (less than 20 cm from the human body). The SAR values will have to be displayed on the instructions for use and in the places of sale near the device. 

Price of the smartphone

The price of a smartphone varies according to the range chosen, count:

 – up to $ 1,000 for a high-end smartphone;

 – between $200 and $500 for a mid-range smartphone;

 – between $100 and $200 for an entry-level smartphone.

Be aware that you can get a great deal on a smartphone purchase with a mobile plan tailored for smartphones. But the cost of the package is often quite high and with a minimum 12-month commitment.


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