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Wall-Mounted Barbecue, Perfect for Evenings With Friends

There is a huge variety of barbecues, each with its own specificities. But nowadays, the wall-mounted barbecue is seducing more and more people with its practicality and design. Find out in this article why it is so popular.

The Characteristics of the Wall-mounted Barbecue

As its name suggests, it is a wall-mounted barbecue made of steel. It is usually fueled by charcoal. Both very aesthetic and very practical, this barbecue is composed of a folding steel bowl. Foldable, the barbecue takes up little space. It is also composed of a disc fixed to the wall to protect the support from the fumes. It has an ash tank that allows successive uses without emptying the bowl. It can be easily fixed to the wall thanks to 2 anchor points, and once closed, it occupies only a tiny space.

The Advantages It Provides

Space Saving

This barbecue is a convenient option when you only have limited space. As it is composed of a folding basin, you can close it once you have finished your grilling. This way, you can use the space freed up to do other equally exciting activities.

Authentic Taste

Since the wall-mounted barbecue is fueled by charcoal, it gives a rather unique taste to your grilling. It provides an excellent taste to vegetables and meats, a special and indisputable flavor. It is a smoky taste linked to charcoal cooking that cannot be achieved with any other type of barbecue. Moreover, the possibilities of recipes are infinite with the wall-mounted barbecue because, in addition to smoked or grilled meat, you can grill fish or vegetables in aluminum foil.

An Excellent Quality/Price Ratio

Indeed, this type of barbecue is one of the cheapest outdoor cooking methods. It is very economical because its price is between 50 and 200 euros on average. This price is explained by the material and the easy use that does not require special technology.

Efficient Cooking

The characteristics of this barbecue allow for efficient and long-lasting cooking. Indeed, it provides cooking at very high or very low temperatures according to your preferences. It also allows cooking directly on the flames to grill and caramelize the exterior without burning the food. Indirect cooking is also possible. The latter consists of raising the temperature in the center of the food to eliminate bacteria and cook it without burning it. It is a slow cooking method used to cook game, poultry, or delicate dishes such as fish or vegetables.

Wood-burning barbecue - PLEK 66 inox - ROCAL - wall-mounted / metal

An Asset for Conviviality

For outdoor dining traditions, the wall-mounted barbecue is an ideal ally. It promotes conviviality and sharing. Whether you are with family or friends, the pleasure of grilling with charcoal brings everyone together.

Maintenance of the Wall-mounted Barbecue

Cleaning and maintaining a wall-mounted barbecue is not a very difficult task. For your barbecue to last for many years, it is necessary to clean it. Simply scrape the grills with a steel brush after each use while still hot. When they have cooled down, soak them in a bath with dishwashing liquid and brush them for 15 minutes. Also, remember to remove the ashes. Note that some models have a drip tray for faster ash removal.

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