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What Is a Smart Keyring?

What Is a Smart Keyring?


  – How does a smart keyring work?

  – Possible uses of a smart keyring

  – Criteria for choosing a smart keyring

  – Purchase and price of a smart keyring

A smart keyring is a small object that fits easily in a bag or pocket and can just as easily get lost. The “connected” aspect allows you to avoid losing it. Other functions are also available on some models, more powerful, which can be connected to various home automation devices. However, the life span of these keyrings can be discouraging… Let’s see closer below.

How does a smart keyring work?

The technology of smart keyrings is based on Bluetooth: the keyring is linked in this way, virtually, to the smartphone on which you download a dedicated application.

It measures only a few centimetres and can be easily attached to the keyring or any other object that is regularly lost. This technology has already been used for glasses!

The smart keyring can only communicate if it is a few metres from the smartphone. If it is too far away, the application will only indicate the last recorded position of the keyring. For this reason, most of them emit an alert (which can be disabled) when the two objects are too far apart.

The possible uses of a smart keyring

If the smart keyring is most often used to find your keys, thanks to the integrated geolocation process, or by emitting a louder or softer ring on demand, it can also be helpful to:

-Find your smartphone

In this case, pressure on the keyring causes the emission of a ring on the phone.

-Controlling other connected devices

This is an option that is not offered by all keyrings. On some of them, however, it becomes possible to turn on a lamp remotely or enjoy other home automation options with the help of more or less prolonged or repeated pressure.

Criteria for choosing a smart keyring

Smart Keyring

There are several models of connected keyrings, and it is not always easy to choose. Apart from the efficiency, which is verified through user tests to be read online, you should check some points.

The battery

These keyrings work with an average life span of one year, thanks to a battery. They are not always replaceable, and, in this case, the purchase of a new keyring will have to be planned when the battery expires.

The detection range

It can vary from a few meters to several dozen meters. Be careful; depending on the environment, the range indicated in the manual can be considerably reduced.

The sound volume

The accuracy of geolocation can sometimes leave something to be desired, especially in a crowded room. A powerful ringtone will be a real asset to finding the keyring and, therefore, the object attached to it.


This option sends an alert when the keyring moves too far from the smartphone to which it is connected. This option is not systematic, so it is up to you to see if it will be useful.

Purchase and price of a smart keyring

Smart keyrings are becoming real everyday objects. You can find them more and more often in stores that offer connected devices or even in stores related to the world of the car. However, not all models will be present, and it will sometimes be necessary to turn to online shopping to buy a specific brand.

The price of a connected keychain varies from $20 to $50 on average, for a lifespan that may be limited to one year if the battery is not replaceable. However, models for less than $10 are starting to appear on the market.

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