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Gadgets You Should Not Waste Your Money On (Part 1)

We live in a rapid-evolving world, and each day we are witnessing the release of new gadgets. It is important to know what you are investing in and ensure that you are not wasting your money on unnecessary gadgets. Let’s get into it and save you from using your money the worst way…

Gadget #1: Non-4G Phones

Right now, when buying a phone, you should make sure that it supports 4g connectivity; if not, you are wasting your money. There are a lot of phone operators that are now closing down their 3g services. It does not make sense to buy a 3g phone as the data packs normally cost a lot more than 4g data.

Gadget #2: Non-Branded Power Banks


Many businesses are giving away non-branded power banks after a certain purchase amount. Still, many people are persisting in buying non-branded power banks. You may be asking what the problem is with the non-branded power banks… Okay, first and foremost, they can damage your phone’s battery in the long run, but also there is a high risk of catching fires and even exploding.

Gadget #3: HD Or 720p TVs

With the invention of new, clearer and better TVs, HD and 720p are becoming outdated. There is nothing wrong with 720p, but it can be a nuisance depending on screen size, view distance, and how much pixel density bugs you. So, investing in such TV now will not be worth it.

Gadget #4: VR Headsets

You may think that virtual reality is not outdated, and you are not wrong – VR is still popular, but it still needs a lot of work. These headsets will cost you an arm and a leg while providing limited content. They are not supported in many apps and games, so you will find yourself playing the same games over and over till you get bored and here’s how you waste approximately 500 dollars.

Gadget #5: Smartphone’s Memory Card

In 2022, this is a big NO-NO! You do not need memory cards for your smartphones anymore. Even the most basic phones come with a minimum of 32 GB of internal memory, and you have a different storage platform that may help you stay within your range.

Gadget #6: Portable Gaming Consoles


Who needs portable gaming consoles right now? This makes a great gift to a child who is not allowed to have a smartphone yet, but let’s be honest, smartphones games have steeped up the games for since long- there is a myriad of them, from the intellectual to the athletic we all get our shares. So, it does not make sense to waste your money on a portable gaming console if you already have a smartphone.

Gadget #7: Non-Bluetooth Speakers

I have a lot to say on that one- I won’t understand why people are still buying non-Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are easy to use, practical, and connected to almost every device. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers available on the market, and they have different price ranges, so you won’t have to spend a lot if you don’t want to. There are a lot of brands that are cancelling their head jacks, so no Bluetooth is becoming the only option.

Gadget #8: Wireless Chargers

This will be a thing- just not right now. Wireless chargers have many advantages- don’t get me wrong, but it is still very limited. There are a lot of phone models that won’t mount onto any wireless chargers or charge as rapidly as they may claim; as it is quite a new product, you should wait for it to prove itself before spending money on that.

These are among the first things to never spend on if you do not want to waste your money. Let us know in the comments if you want to read part 2 of this blog…

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