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What Is a Smart Clock

What Is a Smart Clock


– Why choose a smart clock?

– How does a smart clock operate?

– Options of the smart clock

– Buying a smart clock

– Price of a smart clock

Smart clocks help you get up on the right foot! This is their primary use, even if they do not all have the same functions to achieve this result. These morning gadgets are becoming more and more numerous on the market, so much so that there are almost more prototypes for sale or being financed than there are alarm clocks available in stores.

Why choose a smart clock?

Current alarm clocks are not always the most pleasant. Even if it is sweeter to wake up with music than with a ringtone, the snooze function is the enemy of an efficient wake-up. smart clocks make it easier to get up in the morning by basing themselves on your natural sleep cycles. They play with sounds and light therapy for a smoother wake-up or ask you to perform specific actions to turn off (walking is one of the most frequently used).

Nevertheless, smart clocks are also designed to make it easier to fall asleep by emitting sounds or telling you the ideal time to go to bed. These functions are also found in smart clocks for children.

The whole family can use a smart clock, and some are even designed to wake only one of the two occupants of the bed, thanks to a thermal scan and the very targeted diffusion of lights and sounds.

Smart clocks can also communicate with other devices in the home and, for example, start the coffee maker or tell you the weather or traffic status.

How does a smart clock operate?

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A smart clock comprises two elements: the alarm clock that sits on your nightstand and the application you download on your smartphone. The link between the two, usually made by Bluetooth, really allows the name “connected”. Therefore, the smartphone must be close to the alarm clock (less than 20 m) to take advantage of all the options. Some alarm clocks connect to the Wi-Fi network, but they are still rare (and it is pretty unusual to have to set your alarm clock remotely). 

The alarm clock itself plugs into the mains (allowing some models to act as backup chargers for smartphones) and can then be programmed directly or via the dedicated app. As for the personalized data to be recorded, it will be necessary to go through the application to integrate all the valuable information to take advantage of the various functions of the alarm clock. It is also through this means that it will be possible to make the difference between the week and the weekend or to prepare (or recover) from a long trip. 

Some alarm clocks are accompanied by a sensor (in the form of a small plate or a small module) that slides under the mattress to record body movements, breathing and heart rate. The application will broadcast advice to indicate the best time to get up or go to bed! After several nights, it is possible to analyze your sleep better and offer you a personalized experience.

The options of the smart clock

The smart clock can then offer various functions.

For a gentle wake-up call

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Depending on the model of a smart clock and the options you select, the device can wake you up in several ways. For example, it can emit a progressive light for a wake-up based on light therapy (at a predefined time or according to your sleep cycles).

If you are more sensitive to sounds, you can opt for nature sounds or music taken from your playlists on your favourite online music sites.

Even more original, the olfactory alarm clock stimulates your sense of smell thanks to scented capsules.

To gain in comfort

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Some smart clocks offer an option to recover from sleep deprivation in case of jet lag, for example, with programs over several days. One of the latest alarm clocks on the market also offers a function that allows you to get up a little earlier each day, very gradually.

Always with a view to comfort and saving energy, the smart clock can send a message to the thermostat in your home when you wake up or fall asleep to adjust the temperature.

The smart clock can also act as a coach, giving you advice on how to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

The little extras

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More and more smart clocks connect to Google Maps and thus offer a real-time traffic estimate to give the best time to leave for work. They can also be used as smartphones chargers (several USB ports).

You can ideally include the smart clock in the home automation system of your smart home. Indeed, they can connect to other connected devices in the house according to predefined scenarios. This function should develop in the years to come to trigger the opening of the shutters.

Finally, there are models for children that act like a baby phone, night light and music or story player. They use symbols to tell your little ones that it’s not yet time to get out of bed.

Buying a smart clock

Smart clocks are among the home automation accessories currently developing the most. Some brands well-positioned in the electronics sector offer their models in household appliance stores. Others remain reserved for an even more confidential market and can only be purchased via the Internet on the websites of trustworthy brands (or even via online financing campaigns, for some alarm clocks).

Price of a smart clock

The price of a smart clock is necessarily higher than that of a classic alarm clock because it offers many more features. You will generally have to spend between $150 and $250 to get a connected device (and not just an alarm clock with a dawn simulator).

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