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Top 3 High-Tech Gift Ideas For 2023 (Part One)

High tech is omnipresent in our lives. This anglicism could be translated as “advanced technology” and is used to designate a large number of technological products requiring specific know-how. Thus, we can speak of high tech for a television, a mobile phone, a headset, a computer… and even household appliances! We live in an age where technology is evolving at a rapid pace and where the most recent generations are born surrounded by computers and electronic devices.

In fact, if you are looking for a gift that is sure to please you for a special occasion (birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…), why not turn to a high-tech device? Are you wondering what the best high-tech gift ideas are? We suggest you discover them thanks to our selection. You will find products for men as well as for women, children or teenagers.

1. Sports camera

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A sports camera is a product that you might not think of at first. However, it can be a very relevant gift if you have a loved one who practices a particular sport and would like to film their exploits. This could be the case if the person is into skiing, diving, hiking, mountain biking, dancing, and parkour… Moreover, even if your loved one does not necessarily practice an extreme sport, a camera is always a great gift! There is a wide variety of products adapted not only to the sport practiced but also to all budgets.

Moreover, if you wish to offer a complete gift, you can opt for accessories such as a fixing system, a cover, a case, or a pole… Among the most popular brands, we find, of course, the indestructible GoPro, but other brands have also tried to create high-quality sports cameras, such as Xiaomi, Sony or Kodak. Therefore, the sports camera is an excellent gift for both men and women, depending on the sport they practice. It can also be a very good gift for a teenager who will be encouraged to film their performances and progress in their discipline.

2. Wireless headphones

We couldn’t fail to mention wireless headphones among the best high-tech gift ideas. We can’t help but notice that young (and not so young!) people all over the world have quickly abandoned their good old wired headphones and opted for this high-tech version instead. Gone are the days of wires getting tangled up in your bag; hello to this discreet and practical little accessory. Whether it’s for men, women or teenagers, you’re sure to get a gift that will be very useful if you opt for wireless headphones.

Many of us regularly listen to music on our phones, especially on public transport. However, even if your loved one is travelling by car, wireless headphones are also very popular for sports. Wireless headphones are very useful, whether going to the gym, jogging, or simply putting a musical spin on their city breaks. When it comes to wireless headphones, Apple and their famous AirPods come to mind, but there are other brands that offer a comprehensive range of products for all budgets and devices. For example, JBL, Bose or Marshall.

3. Drone

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A drone is a high-tech device that allows you to make incredible videos. However, if you decide to give this gift to a child, he or she will not only be amazed by the images obtained but also by the simple fact of being able to fly this device and pilot it! There are professional versions as well as leisure versions. There are camera drones, tracking drones, folding drones, drones specially designed to go on water and others designed for children!

The latter is particularly easy to use, adapt to the morphology of children and is also more affordable than drones for adults. There are drones for all budgets, and it is possible to buy accessories. The price varies according to the range, the maximum flight height, the autonomy, the lightness of the device, etc.

Interesting brands include Dji, PNJ and Parrot. Before making your choice, we advise you to conduct a discreet investigation into the type of drone that would please your loved one the most to find the device of their dreams! If your loved one is a scuba diver, an underwater drone would be an excellent idea.

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