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How to Arrange Your Home Theatre Speakers

How to Arrange Your Home Theatre Speakers


Proper speaker placement will give you the best sound reproduction.

The basic rules

Of course, the layout of the room will dictate a different placement, but there are a few rules to follow:

    – A curtain or furniture must not hide the speakers.

    – Beware seats with armrests or backrests that could interfere with sound reproduction.

    – The speakers should be placed at ear level.

    – The front left and right speakers should be at least 1.5 meters apart.

Front speaker placement

Please only place your main left and right speakers at a reasonable height to the center speaker: place them at ear level.

They should also be placed at the same distance from the viewer.

Placing “single-pole” or “double-pole/dipole” surround speakers

Single-pole surround speakers:

    – The acoustic diffusion is direct: the speakers towards the spectator. The speakers are placed at the back or on either side of the viewer.

Bipolar or dipolar surround speakers:

    – The acoustic diffusion is indirect. Placed next to the listener, the bipolar or dipolar speaker will diffuse the sound to the front and the back, creating a “shadow zone”: the speakers are not directed towards the viewer.

    – In this way, the sound is reflected on the walls and is sent back to the viewer. This arrangement of the loudspeakers allows for a wider, more diffuse and directionless sound field, which is much more pleasant.

Pay attention to the absorption and reverberation of your room!

Do you want to improve the sound of your home theatre system? The acoustics of your room is an element to take into account.

Optimizing acoustics

Here are some tips for improving the acoustics of your room:

    – The room should not be too empty: furniture, shelves, curtains will improve the sound of your installation.

    – Carpet is the most appropriate coverage. Conversely, a tiled floor should be avoided. A good alternative is a thick floor mat absorbing sound and avoiding unpleasant reverberation.

    – Don’t stick your speakers to the walls. Move them a good 50 centimetres away.

    – Do not place your speakers too high or too low: you will lose sound quality. Placement at ear level is the best solution.

    – Don’t hesitate to add absorbent objects if your room seems too empty: thick cushions, poufs, etc.

Conversely, a room that is too absorbent and has no reverberation will not be suitable for your installation. You will have to increase the volume to compensate for the lack of reverberation, which will be unpleasant (for you) and annoying (for the neighbours).

Positioning the subwoofer, preferably close to the front speakers


Despite the inability of the human ear to hear low frequencies, it is advisable not to place the subwoofer behind the listening area. You may experience an unpleasant sensation of bass creep.

Placing the subwoofer in front of the listener and as far away from the listening area as possible seems to be the solution.

However, it should be noted that there is no perfect placement. It depends on the layout and arrangement of the room.

Removing the cabinet from the walls by at least 10 cm is preferable, as these can cause resonance.

Compact and miniature speakers on the wall: 1m50 high

Compact speakers are often equipped with a wall-mounting ball joint, just like miniature speakers.

How to install your compact speakers on the wall?

It is advisable to place your speakers 1.5m above the floor. This way, the sound will not be attenuated by furniture and people.

That’s it. Hope these tips help you arrange your home theatre speakers. Remember to leave a few words in the comment section below.


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