Which Are the Best Online Gadgets Stores?
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Which Are the Best Online Gadgets Stores?

Are you excited to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Do you need a gift for a geeky friend? No matter what you are looking for, I hope you find your inspiration and get some valuable gadgets and electronics by visiting the following store.


DealeXtremeFounded in 2005, DealeXtreme is one of the best web stores created in China. It was established as a direct business to consumer e-commerce retailer and is now known as a specialty leading retailer that specializes in a mind-boggling variety like networking products, electronics, accessories, tools, flashlights, toys and so many more. Commonly known as DX, the company has now reached over 1 million customers and is now backed by over 3000 suppliers. With over 210,000 items, 1000 categories and 1000 new daily additions, the company has been ranked among the top and most diverse catalogs in the industry.

Customers particularly appreciate their impeccable customer service, which is usually available 24 hours a day 7 days per week through the Customer Service Express. The company is also known for having the best warranty in the industry. In addition, they offer free shipping worldwide. Sounds amazing, right?

People’s Reviews:

“I’ve made several (4 or 5) orders on dx.com and all of them came on time (2-3 weeks). I was able to track the package. They had a bug with my user account (couldn’t see the ‘My Account’ section), I sent a message to support, they contacted me 2 days after to tell me that the problem was fixed and asked me to check if it works so that they could close the ticket. I was really surprised. I’ve already recommended the site to my friends and a couple of them already successfully bought some things from them.” – From Marko

“I came across this site by accident and so glad that I did. They have a huge selection of items. I was after a large air pump for an aquarium and they had a lot to select from at very competitive prices. Having already done a fair bit of research I decided to buy a 4 outlet pump which was cheaper than what I had been paying for a double outlet. I ordered on the Tuesday afternoon and received it early Thursday morning, my normal mail isn’t that fast! The pump is working on 2 large aquariums and going strong. Communication with them was fantastic also. I was very impressed with this company, good prices, great range of goods, very fast delivery so I’m going back for more.” – From Sharon

“I’ve bought items before and while there was always a 4/6 week delay they always arrived. This time the package arrived in country at the beginning of December 2021 according to their tracking number but after a month nothing had changed. I contacted them at the end of January and was assured that if it had not arrived in two weeks a refund would be issued. There was no delivery and now my emails are being ignored. Not happy !!” – From Peter

“Horrible customer service, i wanted to cancel an order and opened up a request, they did not reply so i made another ticket, and they still didnt reply and they shipped my order out instead. I asked on the forums and people gaslight you into thinking its your fault because dx.com has this strange system of pushing back requests if you try to update it. Any normal customer would update a request if no one replies to it! DX.com doesnt tell you their strange system of pushing back requests if you update it at all. You can potentially end up not having anyone reply to your request at all because you update it a week later to ask for support.” –From S.M

“I have ordered from DX several times. I have ordered Cree LED flash lights, ******* battery chargers and 2.5″ USB HD enclosures. All items arrived just as described and in good working order. Most of the time in padded envelopes but well protected for shipping. I will order from them again when I need some handy gadgets.” – From Tim




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