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How to Choose a Computer Mouse




How to Choose a Computer Mouse


Computer mouse: intuitive operation

Different types of computer mouse

Computer mouse: wireless or wired


It is possible to adapt the pointing of the mouse buttons depending on whether you are right or left-handed.

A laptop or desktop computer has several peripherals:

  • The computer mouse
  • The computer screen
  • The PC camera
  • The printer
  • The USB key
  • The external hard drive
  • The computer keyboard

Computer mouse: an intuitive operation

The mouse is, like the keyboard, a peripheral that allows you to send commands to the computer.

It allows you to move the cursor on the screen and click on an element to act.

The mouse generally consists of two buttons and a scroll wheel:

  • left button (central button),
  • scroll wheel,
  • right button (secondary button).

But there are also mice with three buttons. Apple even offers a mouse with four buttons.

For each main action, each button has a role:

click press on the main button; this allows you to select an item or open a menu;

double click: double press on the main button to open items;

right-click: to open a selection list;

scroll: roll the wheel; it allows you to scroll a list or a page;

middle-click on the wheel: open a link in a new tab of your browser.

Good to know:┬áSome mice also have additional buttons for navigation, acceleration, games…

Different types of computer mouse

There are different types of mouse:

Mechanical mouse: mouse that works with a ball.

The ball transmits the movements of the mouse to the computer.

This type of mouse is less and less common.

This type of mouse will often need to be cleaned to remove the dust caught in the ball.

Optical mouse: the mouse movements are analyzed by an LED.

Laser mouse: mouse movements are transmitted by a laser.

Computer mouse: wireless or wired

As with keyboards, there are wired and wireless mice.

For wired mice, two types of connectors plug into the motherboard:

computer mouse

  • USB,
  • PS2.

There are adapters from a PS2 port to a USB mouse and vice versa.

Wireless mice work in:

computer mouse

  • Bluetooth,
  • Infrared,
  • WiFi.

Bluetooth mice tend to be the most convenient and reliable.

Good to know: Some wireless mice have a charging cradle, which avoids the problem of dead batteries.

How to choose a computer mouse

With this table, select a computer mouse adapted to your needs:
The type of mouse you choose will depend mainly on how you use your computer:

Type of need for the computer mouse



An entry and middle-range mouse, wireless or wired, in optical, will be a good investment.


It is preferable to take a mouse with wire, with good precision.


A mouse with good precision and extra keys are recommended to make it more pleasant to use during games.


A wireless mouse will be more convenient for those used to watching movies from their computer, mainly since some multipurpose mice can be used as a multimedia remote control.


It’s best to choose a mouse with a minimum of bulk, such as mini mice, wireless, or retractable wires.

Computer mouse performance criteria
This table allows you to compare the performance of a mouse-based on different criteria:

Criteria for choosing a computer


More info


Unless you want to use your mouse with a laptop, it’s best to choose a full-size mouse to provide a better grip.



– The weight varies from one mouse to another.
– For intensive use, it is better to choose a light mouse, between 100 and 130 grams, to avoid straining the wrist.

A mouse with wires will be lighter than a wireless mouse since the weight of the batteries increases the weight of the mouse.


– Not all mice are equally accurate.
– To avoid wasting time clicking on the wrong folders or having selection problems, you should get a mouse with reasonable accuracy.

– In general, wired mice are more accurate than wireless mice.
– Laser mice will also be more accurate than optical LED mice and even more so than mechanical mice.

Comfort, ergonomics

– Not all mice have the same shape, so some mice have optimized ergonomics for comfort and a good grip
– You should test several mice to find the shape that best fits your hand.



– Some inexpensive mice have good ergonomics and precision but need to be replaced quickly.
– For just a few dollars more, it is better to buy a mouse with a longer life span.



– Mouse design has evolved, and there are now more and more different designs.
– You can choose the design you like the most while ensuring that it provides good ergonomics.


Price of the computer mouse

Depending on the type of mouse you want to buy, you can find a mouse from $5 to over $100.
The two leading brands on the market are Logitech and Microsoft.

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