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Tik Tok, the Flagship App of the Year 2021

The new social network Tik Tok has been making news since its creation in 2016, even becoming a global phenomenon. But then, what makes it successful, and why so much hype when there is no shortage of networks?

Tik Tok, How Does It Work?

Tik Tok is a video viewing platform. The most interesting part of its principle is that users can film themselves and make their own clips. To do this, the user goes to a music database of the network and chooses his song. On the latter, he will then film himself dancing or making mimics for 60 seconds. The platform contains a lot of titles in various musical genres, but the most popular are hip-hop and electronic music. One can then post the video to show it to the users, who can also share it afterward. Thanks to this feature, this social network has generated many viral trends that have even left the Tik Tok application to invade other social networks such as Facebook and Youtube.

The buzz phenomenon on Tik Tok is so remarkable that many users have become real celebrities. Like Khaby Lame, who has seen his influence grow since he posted his comical and sarcastic videos in which he parodies do-it-yourself videos that complicate tasks even more rather than simplifying them. He became so influential that celebrities and brands snapped up the product placement in his videos, which helped him get out of unemployment to become a millionaire.

Many young users have experienced a meteoric rise in this genre. Their success is also the platform’s success, managing to outpace Facebook and Youtube in terms of video views. This phenomenon has even cost Facebook its youngest members, who preferred to desert it and migrate to Tik Tok.

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