How Much Money Should I Spend on an Android Smartphone?

The smartphone has become an indispensable accessory of everyday life. Indeed, all the most essential things in life are there, starting with our agenda, favorite social networks, web journals, and even books. And with games on top of it, it becomes inseparable. The smartphone is undoubtedly the device we need daily, but how much should we spend on this gadget?

It’s All a Question of Use

Indeed, in the range of android smartphones, you can have some, even for less than 100 €, but it all depends on the functionality you need. If you will only use it to call and send messages, the most basic and cheapest model is in this price range.

So, it would be best if you determined what you want to use your smartphone for. Do you make many Skype calls, Whatsapp, or watch many videos on youtube and Tik Tok? If so, you will need a large screen with a good resolution. This range will then cost you from 130 € to 210 €.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a photo enthusiast and spend all your time taking photos, you need a smartphone that can match the performance of a professional camera. So, in this range, you will find several brands that offer many choices of products. You will find the cheapest of this range at 350 € and those that will allow you to zoom up to 10 times and take pictures at night, even in very low light are at 1200 € a piece.

This gives you an overall idea of what you need to get the android smartphone you need, but remember that you can always compromise to balance this performance and fit it into your budget.

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