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Bike GPS: Which One to Choose?

Bike GPS: Which One to Choose?



Features of the bike GPS

Criteria for choosing a bike GPS

GPS for the bike: where to find them and at what price?


The bike GPS is a device similar to the car GPS that allows cyclists to navigate to a specific point. It comes in different models offering more or fewer functions.

What are the functionalities of the bike GPS and its criteria of choice? Where and at what price can you find it? All the answers are in our tip.

Bicycle GPS features

Bicycle GPS

A bike GPS is primarily designed to assist the occasional or regular cyclist on his or her various routes so that he or she can easily find his or her way around. It can also include other functions depending on the device, such as:

  • A configuration menu: for easy access to recorded information.
  • A satellite page allows you to know the cyclist’s position by satellite. This function can be useful in many cases.
  • A vector page allows the choice of the desired scale to display the maps. The scale can vary between 1/5 000 and 1/800 000. It allows better visualization of the details during the journey. You can download maps before the trip if they are not included in the GPS bike program.

An on-board computer has a handy function for the cyclist because the bike’s GPS can display:

  • the route information during the trip, the distance of the trip to be covered, the travel time, the maximum speed reached, the climb speed, and the altitude thanks to an integrated altimeter (the page displays the altitude and the profile of the trip taking into account the distance covered and the travel time;
  • but also the total ascent, as well as the minimum and maximum altitude, reached);
  • a barometer: this function gives precise information on atmospheric pressure and temperature (it is helpful in case of heavy precipitation, allowing cyclists to anticipate storms in the mountains, heavy rain, etc. and to adapt their cycling trip according to what the barometer indicates);
  • a compass: identical to a traditional compass, it displays the course to follow so that the athlete can head in the desired direction.

Good to know: the data of the GPS bike can be stored, which has the advantage of being able to view the information collected at any time. This is very useful when the cyclist regularly rides the same route.

Criteria for choosing a bike GPS

Bike GPS

Depending on the mode of use that you want, the choice of GPS for your bike depends on certain criteria, namely:

The number of functions offered.

The accuracy of the information display and the memory capacity.

The battery life is about 20 hours for the most efficient GPS bikes. In case of a long trip, it is better to have an additional battery well charged,

The presence of an alarm and the possible association with a smartphone.

Good to know: some bike GPS can indicate the number of calories burned, a crucial data in case of diet associated with a targeted sports program.

GPS for the bike: where to find them and at what price?

Bike GPS

Bicycle GPS units are available at major sporting goods stores, on specialized websites, bicycle shops, and websites selling second-hand bicycle GPS units to individuals.

The prices of GPS for bicycles vary according to the technical specifications of the devices, namely.

Basic model: between $80 and $100.

Mid-range model: between $100 and $250.

Advanced model: between $250 and $450.

Good to know: for optimal use, some models of GPS for bikes are accompanied by accessories like a cardio-frequency belt or a cadence meter. The price of these GPS units, which are aimed more specifically at hardcore athletes, can reach or even exceed $500.

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