Camera - How to Use the Flash

Camera: How to Use the Flash?

Camera: How to Use the Flash?


    – What is the function of the flash?

    – Camera: how to use the flash?

    – How to choose the flash?

    – Price of a camera flash

Widely used in photography, the flash is a practical accessory like the tripod, filters or remote control. The flash allows lighting up scenes too dark to be correctly exposed.

What is the function of the flash?

In photography, light is essential. However, sometimes it is missing and must be recreated artificially. The primary use of the flash is to illuminate a scene that is too dark. Nevertheless, some models are sophisticated enough to become authentic creative accessories.

    – The use of the flash allows for a higher shutter speed. This makes it possible to identify specific mobile models

    – The flash produces a high-speed flash, in the order of a thousandth of a second.

    – Amateur models produce an electrical power of 10 joules while professional flashes reach 20 000 joules.

Camera: how to use the flash?

Camera - How to Use the Flash

Several types of flash imply different uses:

    – The built-in flash: whether on a compact, a bridge or some reflex cameras, it is generally a backup flash to unblock dark areas.

        ◦ On the simplest camera models, the image is sometimes poorly exposed when the flash is triggered.

        ◦ On reflex cameras, it is necessary to be careful that the lens hood does not produce a shadow when trying to compensate for a backlight, for example.

    – The external flash is mounted on the hot shoe of the reflex camera or can be deported.

        ◦ In the first case, it is electrically connected to the body. In the second, it communicates by infrared and can be triggered remotely. It is a more powerful flash but also more flexible.

        ◦ Via the housing interface, it is possible to synchronize the flash release.

        ◦ The flash head is adjustable, which allows you to soften the tones and play on the origin of the light on a subject.

    – The slave flash is an additional flash controlled remotely by the main flash. This allows you to multiply the light sources and reproduce the effects of the studio.

Good to know: very rich in technologies, the flashes can work with manual settings as well as according to the instructions of the different modes of each camera.

How to choose the flash?

Since it is integrated, it is no need to choose the flash on a compact camera. On the other hand, buyers can choose between proprietary models or brands specialized in flash construction for a reflex camera.

Important: the accounting is more secure between two products from the same manufacturer.

What makes the difference between two models of the same brand?

    – The range: is determined by the guide number. It is the maximum distance at which a subject can be illuminated.

    – The type: cobra flashes are the most common for most scenes, but there are also ring flashes for macro photography, for example.

    – The technology: the metering systems to ensure good exposure.

To get a flash, just read the tests on specialized sites. The market is not huge, and price differences between the two ranges are limited to brand criteria and performance.

Price of a camera flash

A camera flash ranges from $100 to $600.

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