Digital Camera

How to Choose Your Digital Camera

How to Choose Your Digital Camera


    – A digital camera, for whom, for what?

    – Choosing your camera according to the type of photo

    – How to choose your digital camera

The choice of a digital camera depends on each person’s practice type. Identifying your desires and way of living in the photo is advisable.

A digital camera, for whom, for what?

Investing in the most expensive and sophisticated digital camera for all photographic purposes is unnecessary.

Souvenir photo: to fill family albums

Simple entry or mid-range compact

The social testimony: the photo that serves to signify the presence, the acts of everyday life

    – Entry-level compact

    – Smartphones

    – Touch tablets

Travel: to keep track of beautiful adventures

    – Compact with powerful zoom

    – Bridge

    – Hybrid

    – Micro Four Thirds

Creative initiation: the desire to produce surprising, striking images, but without it being a passion yet

Digital Camera

    – Bridge

    – Hybrid

    – High-end compact,

    – Entry and mid-range SLR

Passion: everything is an excuse to capture and produce images

    – Hybrid

    – Amateur SLR

    – Expert SLR

    – Pro SLR

Choosing your camera according to the type of photo

Depending on the style of images you are looking for, you will not choose the same equipment for all types of photos.

Types of digital cameras

The portrait: capture expressions with more or less tight shots

    – Compact cameras with face recognition

    – Bridges with flash

    – SLR with telephoto lenses

Landscape: compose scenes with a considerable depth of field

    – Wide-angle compacts

    – SLRs with wide or ultra-wide angle lenses

Urban: to capture the atmosphere and moments of life

    – Bridge cameras with fast shutter release

    – SLR with motorized autofocus

Wildlife: from a distance, discreetly observe wildlife

    – Medium format SLR with telephoto lenses

Macro photography: for close-up photos and tiny subjects

    – Some compact cameras with a macro option

    – SLR with macro lenses

Reportage: to tell a story, a narrative illustrated in images

    – Bridge cameras

    – SLR with transtandard zoom

How to choose your digital camera

Several criteria are taken into account when choosing a digital camera:

    – The level of practice: having a reflex is no guarantee of successful photos.

        ◦ Mid-range compacts will give more satisfying images to those who do not wish to spend time on more creative techniques.

        ◦ Using a reflex in “all automatic” makes no sense and is likely disappointing.

    – Ergonomics: depending on how one feels.

        ◦ Each brand and each model has its specificities.

        ◦ Some devices are aimed at niche customers (such as waterproof digital devices)

    – The price difference between a compact and an amateur reflex can go from 1 to 20.

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