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How to Choose Your PC Camera

How to Choose Your PC Camera


 – Camera PC: the applications

 – Connections of this camera: USB, WiFi…

 – PC Camera: compare and choose

 – Price of the PC camera: from $20

With the computer screen, the printer, the USB key, the external hard drive, and the computer keyboard, the PC camera is one of the peripherals you can connect to a laptop or a desktop computer.

PC camera: applications

The PC camera, also called a webcam, is a video device connected to the graphics card that allows communication by video on the Internet, including video conferencing.

You can also use a PC camera to take digital pictures, make short video films, and even be used as a surveillance video by configuring motion detection.

Each PC camera has its driver. Then you can use it with the provided software and instant messaging software, VoIP, or other programs.

Some cameras and camcorders can be used as PC cameras.

Connectivity of this camera: USB, WiFi…

PC Camera

Most laptops have a built-in PC camera.

Otherwise, it is possible to connect a PC camera in:

 – USB, FireWire

 – WiFi, Bluetooth.

Good to know: Most of the PC cameras on the market are connected via USB.

PC camera: compare and choose

To choose your PC camera, here are the different points that we advise you to compare:

Criteria for choosing a PC camera



– Some PC cameras have a built-in microphone, so the quality of the microphone may vary from one PC camera to another.
Sometimes, getting a headset with a microphone is preferable for better comfort use.


– You can fix the PC camera on the screens, the central unit, the keyboard, or the desk.
It should have a good foot to prevent it from falling or moving during use.


The options offered from one PC camera to another may vary. You can thus have:
– Motion detection,
– Microphone,
– Automatic image correction,
– Autofocus,
– Infrared to film even in the dark,
– Zoom,
– Face framing…


It plays on the quality of the video. There are PC cameras with different resolutions:
– 352 × 288,
– 640 × 480 (sufficient and most common resolution),
– 800 × 600,
– 1280 × 720 (allows broadcasting a high definition video).

Refresh rate

Corresponds to the number of images per second.

Types of sensors

There are two different types of sensors for PC cameras:
– CMOS: average quality but largely sufficient for video conferencing,
– CCD: offers a better quality video.

Price of the PC camera: from $20

You can find PC cameras for less than $20, but this price will be a minimum for a decent quality PC camera.
High-end PC cameras are sold for around $ 100.
Logitech is the most reliable and popular brand among PC camera manufacturers, followed by Microsoft, Creative Labs, Genius, and Hercules.



Refresh rate

Average price ($)

Genius iLook 300

640 × 480


30 Fps


Logitech Webcam C210

640 × 480


30 Fps


Hercules Webcam Dualpix HD

640 × 480


30 Fps


Logitech HD Webcam C510

1280 × 720


60 Fps


Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

640 × 480


30 Fps


Creative Labs Live! Cam Optia

640 × 480


30 Fps


D-Link DCS-1130

640 × 480


30 Fps


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