Which Storage Gadgets and Accessories Can Tidy Up Your Home for Good?

Which Storage Gadgets and Accessories Can Tidy Up Your Home for Good?

Interesting question!

I’ve thought about this numerous times and if that question popped into your mind as well, then here are some of the best (and affordable) storage gadgets you need to buy if you want to get your house in order.

Welli Bins Washable Storage Bins

Welli Bins Washable Storage BinsHaving piles of shoes in a home is definitely not a pretty sight but shoe organization is a huge dilemma. I know some who’ve even had to sell a significant amount of their shoes to a re-sale store because they were unable to organize them properly in their house. I agree that today you can easily find shoe racks on the market; however, many of them require you to spend an outrageous amount of money. And, honestly, sometimes the problem isn’t always about shoe organization.

When people come home from work, for example, they often tend to throw their shoes in the hallway, the living room or in their bedroom. This is one of the main reasons why you think your house is being pilled up with shoes and why you keep tripping over your own shoes.

Personally, I think the right place for shoes is not in any of the living areas of the house, but rather in the entrance hall, for instance. And, instead of buying or installing a shoe rack, how about buying a Welli bin?

Welli bins are strong, durable and washable storage bins that were manufactured with plant-based materials. These light and portable bins are 100 % waterproof –also making them very easy to wash – and are favored by homeowners for their simple yet stylish design.

According to online buyers, these bins can be used to store anything you can possibly imagine –from magazines and newspapers to shoes, beverages and plants.

Customer Reviews:

“When your closets are a wreck, only these bins can save you.” –From Nelly

“I’ve been using it to store my favorite flowers and sometimes my son’s toys and it’s really good. No need to look for extra storage space in the house.” – From Daniella

“Gives me great organization, can fit cans, perfect for storing a bag of potatoes as well as onions, or even several bags of dried beans. This bin is way stronger than what I imagined.” – From N

“I don’t know why people keep saying it’s good as I am going to have to return mine. It arrived at my house beat up. It looks like these bins were already used, or had been dropped, kicked around and just not taken care of in general. They are pretty thick and seem sturdy but look like absolute garbage in the condition they came to me in.” – From Dan

mDesign Pull Down Spice Rack

mDesign Pull Down Spice RackSpice racks are absolutely essential in the kitchen, especially if you cook on a regular basis; you’d want everything to be within your reach while you are cooking.

There are several types of spice racks; some are small and simple shelves that can be placed within the pantry while others are wire shelves that can simply be hung on the pantry door. Some spice racks have titled shelves that can make it easy to spot the seasonings and some can even be towers that can spin like some sort of carousel. Wall-mounted spice racks are often favored as decorative units and less as storage accessories while the in-cabinet spice racks are often chosen as they are adjustable in size.

Over the years, I’ve had several kinds of spice racks but the best of all is the mDesign pull down spice rack. This storage accessory is known for creating space even in the most cluttered kitchens.

Customer Reviews:

 “I bought two of them and i love them. I wish I had more places to put them so I could justify buying more. They have changed my spice cabinets and made it so much easier to find things and to actually use them. It is so easy to see what I have and how much I have of it so I don’t run out. They were very easy to install (maybe 10 minutes) and they are fairly sturdy. They pull down so easily and hold a lot of spice bottles.” – From T







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