Top 5 Gadgets For Book Lovers

If your friend, partner, or family member has a great passion for books, it may seem easy to give him a gift, but in reality, it is not at all. A book lover, in fact, will already have a personal library full of books of all kinds, so it won’t be easy to figure out which one he or she doesn’t have on his or her shelves or to find out his or her wish list of books that he or she would like to buy.

In fact, you might end up giving him a book he already has, so blows a hole in the water or buy a genre he doesn’t particularly like. The solution, however, is that problem, or you could give him something that he does, however, have to do with reading; without that, however, it must, of course, be a book. So we have compiled for you a list of 5 gadgets to give to a book lover, with which you will surely amaze him!

1. The mini reader


The evening is the favorite time of every reader to leave the stress behind and relax with a good book. However, in the evening, the light in the room could disturb the reading because it is too strong for the eyes. Instead, they need a dimmer light not to get tired, so this is where the reading light comes into play, specially created for books.

It has a tweezer at the end, which therefore allows it to adhere to the page of the book you are reading. But that’s not all, because there is also the mini reading lamp for those who use a reader instead of paper, and lights to place around the neck. In short, there is a reading light for every need!

2. The librarian’s set

Lovers of books generally are very jealous of their volumes, which they keep with love as if they were treasures. Therefore, asking for a book on loan means that you will have to be very careful and treat it with care, but above all, return it to its rightful owner.

In this last respect in particular, if you know your friend’s fear of not returning one of his books on loan, the perfect gift for him is the clean librarian set. Contains a stamp to be able to add on each of his books the name of the owner as on all the volumes of the library.

3. The prismatic glasses


The prismatic glasses are a really original gadget that will leave your friend pleasantly surprised. They are particular glasses that allow you to have a horizontal view of 90°, also designed for readers who like to read in lying down position.

Indeed, reading in a lying position often causes back and neck pain due to the wrong positions taken while reading. With these glasses instead, the problem will be solved because the lenses project the words of the book clearly without having to tilt the head.

4. Book-shaped bag

If you know your friend’s favorite book, we have an original idea for her; it’s a book-shaped bag. It’s not just any rectangular bag because, in fact, most of these bags are handmade creations found at e-commerce insiders, and they come made clean with real books.

They are fantastic because they are very real and you can choose any book to turn into a bag. A bag with a favorite book cover could really be a super appreciated gift that your friend will show off with great pleasure.

5. Bathtub Stand


A reader reads in any situation and condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the subway or in line at the doctor’s office because every free moment is a good opportunity to take advantage of reading an extra chapter of the book. A reader, in fact, also reads in the bathtub, the ideal place to relax with a good book and a lit candle.

Therefore, even while taking a hot bath, those who read need an ad hoc gadget or a desk for the bathtub. It is a kind of tray, usually made of wood, on which to put the book without getting damaged by contact with water, a candle, or a wireless speaker to relax even more with a good background music. It is convenient because it rests directly on the bathtub without it being in contact with water, and there is enough space to fit everything you need for a super relaxing bath.

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