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iOS 15.4 Is Out Now — All the New Features for Your iPhone

We are in the iOS 15.4 era; Apple gave us an outstanding update only five months after iOS 15 was released. As of March 14, iPhone users can download the new iOS while already installed on the new iPhone SE 2022. Are you ready?

If you do not have the new iOS, just check the Settings app and look into General; there, you’ll be able to look for new updates. From there, you only have to follow the instructions on-screen.

I recommend that you back up your phone while updating it and let your phone plug during the whole process. Remember that you will need an iPhone later than the 6s to have the update.

The Top Features 

Use Face ID With A Mask

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We all know the struggle of unlocking your phone with the mask; if your hands are busy, you will need to stop what you were doing to unlock the phone using the pin-code. Thanks to iOS 15.4, you can now unlock your phone using your Face ID, even if your mask is on.

However, you should know that if you enable this feature, you will give up a certain level of security, but it will take away the trouble of unlocking with a face mask.

You can enable the feature on Face ID & Passcode; you will find a toggle for Face ID with a mask on. When you are done setting everything up, you will be able to unlock your phone even with your mask on.

Only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models support the feature. I have the Use with Face Mask setting with the iOS 15.4 beta on my iPhone 13. Unfortunately, with the same beta on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I do not have it.

New Siri’s Voice 

In 2021, Apple wanted to be more inclusive and allowed users to choose between a female and a male voice, compared to the only default to a female voice. But now, with the new iOS, you get to choose between more than two options.

This brings your assistant to a new level and allows a more gender-neutral tone to the voices available.

Live Text integration with Notes and Reminders

If you’ve used iOS 15, you’re certainly familiar with the Live Text feature, which allows you to capture text with your phone’s camera and paste it into other apps. Previously, you could utilize Live Text with Notes and Reminders, but iOS 15.4 improves the text-scanning feature’s integration.

Additionally, the pop-up menu in both apps now offers a Scan Text function. A camera window appears when you click that, enabling you to capture text from a book, note, or photo. Once you’ve entered all the information you need, you can tap Insert in your Note or Reminder.

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New Emojis

How can we have an update without new emojis? IOS 15.4 is proposing more than 30 new emojis. There is a heart hand, pregnant man, biting lips, and many others with seven new hand gestures among those new emojis.

Emergency SOS Prompt 

You will notice as soon as you have downloaded the iOS 15.4 that in Setting, your phone will ask you to ‘Review Emergency SOS Settings’. This will allow you to call your emergency contact quickly whenever you press the volume down and the side button.

So, as soon as you download the new iOS, you should update your emergency contacts.

There are a lot more to talk when it comes to the iOS 15.4. Do you want to know the downside of the new iOS or the advantages? Let us know in the comments…

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