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What Is the Purpose of the Extension Ring in Photography

What Is the Purpose of the Extension Ring in Photography


– Presentation of extension rings

– Photo lens : 3 different types of rings

– Where to find rings and caps?

– Price of the rings for photo lenses

Extension rings are accessories for photography, just like the tripod, the flash, or the filters. They allow for improving the magnifying power of the lenses.

Presentation of extension rings

Extension tubes and other lenses are used primarily in the field of photography to take advantage of a higher magnification ratio.

However, if the image is magnified, there is always a loss of quality since elements are added to the image’s production chain.

Photo lens: 3 different types of rings

Extension Ring in Photography

There are 3 types of rings for the lens of your camera:

– Extension rings increase the distance between the lens’s rear lens and the sensor.

o This results in a shorter focusing distance.

o The primary defect of these solutions is the intense loss of luminosity.

– Close-up lenses are magnifying glasses (convergent lenses) placed on the front of the lens like a filter thanks to a system of screws or clips.

o Practical and relatively inexpensive close-up lenses are not quality solutions insofar as they generate significant distortions and chromatic aberrations that are pretty annoying.

o There are, however, achromatic close-up lenses.

– Turning rings: these systems allow to take advantage of the optical effects of a lens in reverse of its initial function.

o Thus, the greater the focal length of the reversed lens, the greater the final magnification. Fixed on the body, they can accommodate all kinds of lenses thanks to a screwing system.

o Of course, it is necessary to choose the model adapted to the diameter of the objectives intended to be turned over.

o It is important to know that the rings cause the loss of automatisms between the body and the lenses.

Good to know: Very few manufacturers have developed a cord system to re-establish the electronic connections by connecting the housing to the back of the lens… which is therefore in the front position with a reversal ring.

Where to find rings and caps?

Extension Ring in Photography

– The extension rings are scarce in consumer stores.

– They can be found in specialized stores, but there are not always many references. The advantage of these stores is that you can try the material to evaluate the optical quality and know if the final result corresponds to your expectations.

– On the specialized websites of online photo stores, most of the references are available at more affordable prices than at local retailers. Beware of shipping costs.

Price of the rings for photo lenses

The price of lens caps, reversal rings and extension rings varies from $20 to $600 depending on the model, the multiplication coefficient and especially the optical quality.

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