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How to Choose Your Compact Digital Camera

How to Choose Your Compact Digital Camera



    – What is a compact camera used for?

    – Different types of compact cameras

    – Price of a digital compact camera

    – Where to buy a digital compact camera?


Compact cameras are the easiest to use and carry of all the different types of digital cameras, such as bridges, 4/3 cameras or SLRs.

What is a compact camera used for?

Compact Digital Camera (1)

In the world of photography, the function of the compact camera is to capture instant memories. While this sector is now being attacked by new phones and touchscreen tablets, the compact camera is still the most straightforward tool for capturing family moments and holiday images.

Of course, the options are always more numerous, but the initial principle is that of simplicity. Everything is done to automate the shooting process, and the built-in programs reveal images that do not require special processing.

Naturally, compact cameras also offer video functions.

Different types of compact cameras

Compact Digital Camera (1)

It is necessary to identify their different characteristics to compare digital compact cameras:

    – The optics: some manufacturers focus on offering high-quality lenses for optimum rendering.

    – The processor: the images are directly processed with varying degrees of fidelity depending on the brand and model

    – The angle of view: the wide-angle lens is becoming more common and practical for photographing groups indoors. Some models allow you to zoom in closer to your subjects. There are also cameras specially designed for panoramic photography.

    – Reactivity: both for focusing and for the time between pressing and releasing the shutter, the most recent and most expensive models are approaching the performance of SLRs.

    – The sensor sensitivity: some manufacturers have a higher ISO and are more adapted to this.

    – The definition of the sensor: 10 Megapixels are largely sufficient for this type of camera.

    – Solidity: some compacts are designed to resist shocks. There are also waterproof models.

You can add many gadget functions to the product. However, other technological goods are designed for games.

Price of a digital compact

The prices of digital compacts are very heterogeneous. It depends on the brand, the manufacturing quality, in particular, the optics’ quality, and the various functions available.

The price of compacts can range from less than $100 for basic models to $600 for the most powerful cameras.

Where to buy a digital compact camera?

When buying a digital compact camera, the advice given by the salespeople at the major retailers is essentially commercial. It is, therefore, best to rely on tests and user opinions, which you can easily find on the Internet.

In shops, compacts are often more expensive than on the Internet. The web also offers a broader choice. However, beware of shipping costs.

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