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Know Your Gadgets | Universal Remote Control & Smartphone

Know Your Gadgets | Universal Remote Control & Smartphone

Stop collecting remotes by adopting a universal model or a home automation remote control.

All our hi-fi and video devices are supplied with remote control. Whether it is your hi-fi system, your television, DVD player, TNT and ADSL decoder, etc., you accumulate remote controls, and it becomes almost easier to turn on your devices manually than to look for the proper remote control. 

The solution to your problem: the universal remote control

There are 3 types of universal remote controls:

1. Pre-programmed models

    – They are designed for standard devices. This type of remote control can store from 2 to 10 devices, depending on the model.

    – The identifications are made by codes written on your devices. If there is no code, you can launch the “search” mode of the remote control.

    – However, some models remain relatively limited in the use of advanced functions of your devices. They also do not guarantee optimal compatibility with a too recent installation.

    – They are relatively affordable: from $7.

2. Programmable or “learning” models

    You can program from 2 to 10 devices, but they will adapt more quickly to newer and more advanced devices, unlike the pre-programmed ones.

    To identify the devices, you must point the universal remote control at the device’s remote control whose codes you want. You will need to repeat this process for each remote.

    – You can configure some remotes over the Internet via a USB connection.

    – Most of them have a touch screen, allowing you to select the device you want to control.

    – These remotes consume more energy, so we advise you to use rechargeable batteries if a battery is not included.

    – They are a bit more expensive than the pre-programmed ones: from $20.

3. My smartphone as a home automation remote control?

Universal Remote Control


There are already different solutions to turn an iPhone into a universal infrared remote control or a remote control that drives home automation units that communicate by radio:

    – via a WiFi or Bluetooth module;

    – with a shell for simple configurations;

    – via a dedicated application that communicates with the home automation system.

Good to know: there are applications for smartphones or touch tablets that allow you to use it as a remote control for different devices: computer, TV, Hi-fi, etc. They are generally free. But beware, some applications are power-hungry! So look for your happiness on the Play Store or  App Store, and don’t forget to tell us about an excellent app if you find one!

Home automation remote control of the future: iDevices/Android

Universal Remote Control

The home automation market has moved towards iDevices/Android/Windows and is no longer towards proprietary remotes.

They are halfway between the universal remote and the touch screen and full of technological nuggets:

    – modular with a built-in base of over 10,000 home automation devices;

    – automated upgrades, either by Internet or by learning the codes of an existing remote control;

    – scalable:

        ◦ A host of Android-based programs are constantly coming to market to “gadgetize” your installation.

        ◦ Perfect for home theatre automation and audio home automation.

For example, test a multi-protocol remote running Android 2.1, which can control all your devices via WiFi, RF, or IR.

Home automation remote control: get creative

A home automation remote can look very different and be “designed” in a variety of ways:

    – a dedicated PC or not;

    – a digital screen (fixed), like a touch tablet (mobile), etc.;

    – a smartphone, etc.;

    – a universal remote control, etc.

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