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2 Most Popular FAQs

2 Most Popular FAQs

(A) How to save a mobile phone that has fallen into the water

(B) How to recover deleted data from your mobile phone

(A) How to save a mobile phone that has fallen into the water

mobile phone

– Step 1: What not to do

– Step 2: Wipe your phone immediately

– Step 3: Dry the inside of your mobile phone

Oops, your mobile phone has fallen into the water. Some models are said to be waterproof, don’t take the time to check it.

Take it out, dry it, but don’t overheat it with a hairdryer, and even less with a microwave oven. Drying it with a towel and dipping it in dry rice will do the trick. Don’t try to turn it on until it’s scorched!

Follow all our tips to save your mobile phone.

1. What not to do!

Take it apart to dry it

It may not sound like much, but taking a mobile phone apart is not that easy. Not to mention that you have to reassemble it afterwards. Moreover, the warranty may not work anymore if it has been disassembled.

Dry it with a hairdryer

A mobile phone has a plastic shell. Heat and plastic don’t mix.

Also, do not put your phone in a microwave oven! The cover may melt.

Press all the buttons to see if it works

When you take your mobile phone out of the water, it’s tempting to press all the buttons to see if it still works, and the problem is that you risk getting water inside the circuits.

Good to know: wait until the mobile phone is completely dry before trying to turn it on.

2. Wipe your phone down immediately

Take your mobile phone out of the water, and wipe it off with a dry cloth as soon as possible. A towel, tea towel, or shirt will do; you can also wrap it in paper towels, like a mummy.

Good to know: take the opportunity to remove the battery and dry it and its interior.

3. Dry the inside of your mobile phone

Once you’ve done the above, you still need to get the moisture out of your mobile phone. There are two options:

– Enclose it in a waterproof box with moisture-proof bags.

– Bury it under a pile of dry (uncooked) rice.

Once these two rescue operations are completed, leave your mobile phone to dry for at least 24 hours.

(B) Recovering deleted data from your mobile phone

mobile phone

– Step 1: Case 1: recovering deleted data by yourself

– Step 2: Case 2: Contacting a professional

When you delete data on a hard drive, this data will not be available until new information is written in its place. It is, therefore, possible to recover deleted data on a mobile phone using specialized software. 

Beware: unless you are a specialist in this field, it is better to leave this task to professionals.

Anything can be recovered from your smartphone, depending on the model: PDF and other documents, photos, videos. SMS messages have been stored on the server of hosting companies for many years. This way is the longest because a court decision is often necessary to recover them. However, a mobile phone has several memories, and you could still store your SMS messages there.

Here is how to recover deleted data from your mobile phone.

1. Case 1: recovering deleted data by yourself

Only start if you are sure of yourself.

It is possible to use data recovery software by yourself, but be careful because 2 things can happen:

– Your mobile phone may include a command to overwrite data in case of theft: one wrong move, and this system could be triggered!

– A mistake could alter the data or permanently delete it.

Good to know: you could entrust this task to a computer expert friend; it is not a question of DIY!

Download the right software

Softwares are available to download on the Internet, and they all have an interface from which you can guide the system inside the mobile phone. It will help to spend some time looking at reviews on the web to download the right software.

Good to know: some systems are made to be installed on a computer, you will recover the data from your mobile phone on your computer.

2. Case 2: Calling a professional

Online companies

Some computer companies offer their staff to recover deleted data from mobile phones. They provide an online quote, and then the user sends the device by mail.

Good to know: these companies do not guarantee that you can recover the data.

Take your smartphone to a phone repair shop

Finally, recovering deleted data from a mobile phone is almost similar to the same operation on a laptop. So you could very well take your smartphone to a computer repair shop, which is already equipped with the necessary software.

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