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An extensive review of the new Google Phone – Pixel 6 (part 1)

We’re currently experiencing the crazy time of the year. Samsung and Apple both released their new phones weeks ago, and we are now expecting the new Google Pixel 6 in a few days. Google started making phones in 2010, but the Pixel line didn’t show up until 2016, and in 2021, we are now expecting the new Pixel 6.

There was a lot of hype since its announcement months back, and after a long-awaited release, we will see the new phone soon. But before we get our hands on Google’s latest treasure, let’s see if it’s worth it or if it’s all just another load of hot air from the tech giants.

The Design

white iphone 4 on white table

The Google Pixel line has long been criticized for its looks – with the Pixel 5’s design being particularly infamous, but the juggernaut of technology has effectively learned from its past mistakes, as the new Google Pixel has a sleek look.

When I took a look at the new phone, I will not hide the fact that it reminds me of a Samsung phone; maybe Google took inspiration from one of its competitors? The camera bar reminds me of the Samsung s10 model, although the bar is much wider on the Google phone.

The camera bar is much more than just a camera; it also plays an important role in the design. Google wanted to play a tri-tone for the colours, so the bar distinguishes between the other two colours.

The Pixel 6 stands out because the back is made of Gorilla Glass 6, compared to the Pixel 5, which had an aluminium back with a thin plastic layer called “bio-resin”.

Users who prefer small devices are unfortunately not well served by this phone. The Google phone is on the large side. The Pixel 6 has a 2400 x 1080 6.4-inch display with a 90Hz screen, and the Pixel 6 Pro has a 3120 x 1440 6.7-inch display with a 120Hz screen.


The first thing we look for in a phone is its sleek design, but we also look at its performance. We won’t go for a phone that looks pretty but is as slow as Internet Explorer (sorry, not sorry). People are very busy and very impatient these days, as I always say, we are a button-pushing generation.

The Google phone is equipped with a Tensor chip, one of the most powerful processors Google has ever included in its phones. The Google Tensor has two powerful cores, two medium cores, and four highly efficient cores.

Even without the most impressive benchmark numbers, both the Pixel 6 (with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of base storage) and Pixel 6 Pro (12GB of RAM and 128GB of base storage) launch apps and multitask as well as any other Android phone on the market.

black iphone 7 on white table


Google is adding a plethora of mind-blowing new software. Google Calling Assistant is a gem when it comes to contacting major companies for customer support. It allows you to know when there is less traffic on the line, so you don’t have to wait and many other benefits that you need to experience.

With the new voice typing feature supported by Google Assistant, you can dictate your messages more coherently now. The new voice feature even allows you to reject calls or snooze an alarm! Isn’t that great?

Now let’s get to the best of the best, the Pixel 6‘s live translation feature. We have Google Translate, yes, but how useful would it be to enable live translation, which allows you to translate any audio or video in real-time? It’s a gem, and beyond that, you can also translate messages via Google Chat, Android Messages, and several other messaging apps.

For more information about the new Google phone such as pricing, read our part two. Let us know in the comments what do you think about the Pixel 6 so far…

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