The Different Models of GPS for Cats
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The Different Models of GPS for Cats

The Different Models of GPS for Cats

Commonly used to guide vehicles or during hikes, for example, GPS systems are now extended to animal tracking. Let’s take a look at GPS collars for cats right now!

Characteristics of the GPS collar for cats

The GPS, whose acronym stands for Global Positioning System, is a device that allows you to locate yourself geographically, thanks to radio signals from satellites.

    – The coordinates of a GPS beacon (longitude and latitude, for example) are sent back by the satellites on a network;

    – The network used for animal GPS is the GSM; it is the network of cellular receivers (cell phones, tablets …);

    – We can know a point at a time T or even view the map of a movement on the Internet.

The GPS equipment for a cat must be as light as possible and small in size to be attached to a collar or a harness.

It is usually in the form of a small waterproof case. The beacon of an animal GPS can be directly integrated into the collar or be independent to be fixed on different supports.

Good to know: For animals, we talk about the beacon, GPS collar, locator, GPS chip, tracer or GPS tracker. The electronic identification chips placed under the skin of animals are in no way GPS trackers.

Advantages and disadvantages of GPS for cats

GPS collars can undeniably reassure cat owners who have already lost a pet or fear losing it. They can be helpful when travelling, for example, during vacations. Finally, they offer the advantage of tracking several cats if needed.

However, the weight of the GPS boxes is often too high for a cat of average size. They are generally adapted to dogs, even if the brands have made efforts to reduce the material little by little.

The prices remain high, especially if the cat can remove its collar. They must be reloaded very regularly, which can be restrictive. And finally, their good functioning depends totally on the network coverage.

Good to know: In case of hanging on a collar, it is essential to take a fabric (or woven) collar with a safety clip, limiting the risk of strangulation. Leather collars are to be avoided because they have no elasticity, and, on the other hand, totally elastic collars are too easy for the cat to remove.

The different models of GPS for cats

The Different Models of GPS for Cats

The most common models of GPS for cats generally have the same features; the differences are played on:

    – the weight;

    – the ergonomics;

    – the battery life;

    – subscription.

GPS collars for cats are connected to your smartphone or tablet (if it has a GPS) through an application and allow tracking of your companion live or delayed.

You can view a map of its movements directly on the Internet or locate it if you have lost its sight.

Pod Trackers©

Cylindrical in shape, it is waterproof, small, light, and suitable for medium to large cats. Thanks to its hooking system, it is fixed on any support (collar or harness).

It has two batteries, allowing one to charge while the other is in the case. The basic autonomy is about 5 days, and finally, it has an integrated SIM card.

Tractive GPS©

Rectangular in shape, it is waterproof and weighs 35 grams. It is easily attached to collars or harnesses. It is suitable for cats over 4.5 kg.

It has a built-in SIM card and a spare battery whose standby time is 2 to 5 days.

Weenect Cats©

It is a rectangular-shaped tracking box that is waterproof like the other models described. It weighs only 25 grams, which allows it to be placed on smaller cats. It can also be attached to a harness or collar.

This one allows you to talk to your cat, like a small telephone. Its autonomy is about 4 days, and it has an integrated SIM card.

Voila, now you know the different models of GPS for cats. Do not forget to jot down your comments below.


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