The Impact of Technology on Christianity: A Blessing or a Curse? (Part 4)

In the first and second articles of the series, we’ve been discussing how technology has been a very crucial tool in bringing us closer to God. However, we can’t also forget how this same tool can also be an obstacle to developing a deep and intimate relationship with God. However, isn’t it true that somehow this obstacle, i.e., technology can tell us just how full of holes our relationship and commitment towards God is.

The Curse

You Communicate Differently

You Communicate Differently

Communication is a key aspect of any relationship and as I previously mentioned, Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship with God. Many believers simply go about their life and do not attempt to communicate with God because He is omniscient and they believe that He will already know what they’ll need. God is omniscient, that’s true, but He still wants us to communicate with Him. Throughout the Bible, prophets and apostles have urged us to talk and ask God what we need and they also taught us that He will always answer the prayers of the obedient believer. (Examples of Bible verses are: Psalm 145: 18, Psalm 107: 28-30, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 58:9, Psalm 18:6, James 4:2, Mark 11:2, Matthew 7:7, Luke 6:27-28 and many more).

Unlike some other religions that urge their believers to communicate with their gods through meditation, Christians need to talk to God just like how they talk with their biological parents. There shouldn’t be any sharp contrast between conversations between those two. Your communication with God should be real, emotionally intimate and alive. And, you are not supposed to worry about how you receive or understand God’s answer; He created us and He knows how to convey His message to us.

Now, getting back to the subject, my point here is that technology has had a significant impact on the way we communicate with God. Our daily communication with each other has already been affected by technology, with phone calls and face-to-face conversations being replaced with private messages using social media platforms, emails and many more.

These types of communications are preferred by Gen Z and Millennials because they are effective and convenient modes of communication. However, the same cannot be applied to communicating with God. What I meant here is that you cannot equal a Biblical message or scripture forwarded on WhatsApp with communicating with God. Listening to a Christian song on Spotify or sending a “God bless you” in your messages has nothing to do with growing closer to God. Failing to understand this simple philosophy can be very damaging to your relationship with God.

There’s More Distraction

There’s More Distraction

Just be honest with yourself here!

There must have been several occasions when you had free time and could have prayed or read the Bible but instead, you chose to spend quality time with your smartphone. There must have been times you preferred watching the latest series on Netflix rather than an online sermon or preferred tuning to Ed Sheeran’s new song rather than listening to a classic of Don Moen. And, it’s hard to admit but I’m sure there must have been at least one day –or rather one Sunday – when you’ve chosen to hang out with your smartphone and iPad rather than going to the church.

I know the last phrase hit really hard but it’s quite common among believers today. I’m not blaming people for their choice, but rather emphasizing on the fact that technology is a distraction for Christians. Sometimes, it can feel as if your phone, TV or Facebook is calling you or pulling your attention. And, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that you’ll most likely be distracted when you have to go to church or communicate with God.