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Top 11 Best Queer Adult Toys

Today’s sex toy industry plays a special role in the average queer person’s love life. With hundreds of different types of toys, thousands of models of each type, it’s almost impossible to find what you need. We need to destigmatize and remove the taboo behind sex and let’s be honest for a minute, one of your acquaintance has a sex toy and there is no shame behind this. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about queer adult toys.

What are sex toys?


A sex toy is an object or device designed to enhance sexual pleasure or facilitate orgasm. When used safely, sex toys can add a new element to a sexual encounter. People with penises can use sex toys and accessories to enhance sexual activities, including sex with or without penetration (oral sex and dry humping).

These sex toys and accessories include vibrators, wedge pads, harnesses, butt plugs, anal toys designed to exercise sphincters and deepen prostate stimulation, sleeves for mutual masturbation, and restrictive outfits such as cock rings.

A gay sex toy is actually a normal sex toy; it’s just more pleasurable for a homosexual activity than for heterosexual activity. And maybe that’s not even the best definition. Maybe gay sex toys are just a special breed of marital aids designed specifically for the pleasure and arousal of people of the same sex. Yes, that sounds much better and is probably more accurate.

Be that as it may, gay sex toys are a special brand of pleasure tools designed to inspire passion, improve relationships, and break down the inhibitions that often come with using heterosexual toys for homosexual activity.

11 Types of Gay Sex Toys

Health experts warn against toys made of gelled rubber or PVC, which can promote the growth of bacteria or leak chemicals. Here are the most common types of sex toys for penis owners:

1. Anal beads


Anal beads consist of several beads of different sizes attached to a string that you can insert into your or your partner’s anus and then pull out slowly or quickly to enhance an orgasm.

2. Anal plugs

Anal plugs are designed to stimulate nerve endings in the anus. If you choose a plug, choose one with a flared base, so the toy doesn’t accidentally slip into your or your partner’s anus during anal play. Since the anus is not naturally lubricated, anal toys require a lot of lubricants.

Clean your anal toy after each use to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your or your partner’s body. Inflatable or expandable models (plugs you can adjust before or during penetration) or graduated sets can serve as practice for more ambitious anal play and comfort during anal sex.

3. Ball chains

While plugs provide continuous, static pleasure, anal toys like ball chains – anal balls of varying sizes connected by a string or “chain” – combine the feel of a plug with movement when pulled out.

4. Ball stretchers

Ball stretchers are weighted rings worn around the scrotum during penetration, similar to a cock ring for the testicles. Ball stretchers are an element of BDSM play designed to cause pain and pleasure at the same time.

5. Cock Stretcher


Cock stretchers come in many different formats. It can be a dildo attached to a penis ring, a cuff that conforms to the penis, or a hollow strap.

6. Cock rings

Cock rings restrict blood flow to the penis, causing a tight feeling, and are sometimes used in conjunction with a penis pump, a device that stimulates the penis by sucking to create a vacuum. Penis rings are available in a range of materials for different levels.

7. Double-sided dildos

Double-sided dildos allow simultaneous penetration of partners who both want to reach the bottom. The double-sided suction cups make it easy for both partners to use the toy of their choice by attaching it to both ends. This type of dildo is ideal for couples with different penetration preferences.

8. Goose Head Dildos

The tapered, bulbous tip of goose head dildos mimics the initial insertion of a hand into the anus and is considered a training method for fisting.

9. Mutual masturbation aids

These aids are designed for non-penetrative mutual masturbation. The stretchy silicone sleeves have open ends where both partners can insert their penis to stimulate it hands-free.

10. Stimulating Rods

Sounding Rods are thin, slightly curved rods that can be inserted into the urethra. These rods can be used as part of BDSM or fetish play.

11. Vibrators


The prostate gland in the male reproductive system is located in front of the rectum between the bladder and the penis. It is surrounded by thousands of sensitive nerve endings that are generally untouched and can produce intense orgasms. Two-pronged prostate massagers target the prostate and perineum; bullet vibrators or “butt bullets” feature an egg-shaped device inserted into the anus and produce buzzing sensations via remote control.

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