11 Gadgets To Cheer Yourself Up After A Breakup
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11 Gadgets To Cheer Yourself Up After A Breakup

We’ve all been there… A heartbreaking separation that takes the most out of you and that you would rather be without. Time heals all wounds, as the cliché is called, but in the meantime, maybe some lovely stuff can cheer you up. And you, being single, can be fabulous again. Here are 11 things that can get the new single in a slightly better mood.


#1. The Cuddliest Blanket

This one warms you all the time and lets you move freely. The fleece blanket has sleeves and therefore is as cozy as possible. You can read and surf without the blanket rushing down over your shoulders and making you feel cold. Maybe you can even move into it?


#2. It’s Getting Better

Admittedly, it may not help to say that it is getting better. But the truth is, it’s getting better. Here is a lovely pin that the new single can wear. Type: “Right now, it may be for the forest, but I will drive okay again.”


#3. Round-The-Clock Ice Cream

When you do not have the strength to go to the store to buy ice cream, this is perfect. It is a mini ice cream machine that makes ice cream in just ten minutes. You only need to put a few ingredients in the bowl that is already cooled – then you stir and see how it turns into ice cream.


#4. The Pillow With Built-In Handkerchiefs

As a new single, some handkerchiefs can undoubtedly be used. Imagine then having a pillow that is full of handkerchiefs. Just to pick one out when needed, then. It could not be more practical!


#5. Toilet Paper With A Brain Teaser

Activating the brain with something other than the partner is smart. Why not put a roll like this in the toilet paper container? Then there is guaranteed to be something that takes up the thinking activity – even in the toilet. Figure out numbers and figure out problems other than your own.


#6. Encouraging Eggs

The person who has just been dumped probably does not have much energy to cook. It is good to try, but otherwise, boiled eggs are both a good source of protein and fat. Imagine having these egg shapes – which turn your eggs into a cute rabbit, bear, car or heart. Super good to cheer yourself up with.


#7. The Personal Pillow

Here is the pillow that you can make into your very own personal little hug pillow or a punching bag. Either you choose a motif that you really like and have to hug or just cuddle with. Or you put your ex’s face on a pillow and use it to get your frustrations out. Just turn on the pillow when you are angry.


#8. Food For A Whole Day

The whole diet circle for an entire day – in a single chocolate cake! Well, maybe not. But those who feel lonely and vulnerable will surely appreciate the gesture.


#9. Let The Anger Disappear With The Light

Maybe it’s possible to fool the brain a little? Give this to your sad friend and explain that he can light the candle and let the anger and frustration come out as long as it is lit. When it’s off, and when it’s burned out, it’s time to indulge in something more fun. Maybe it works, maybe not. That’s at least a nice thought.


#10. Encouraging Chewing Gum

Even if the ex no longer cares, some friends do. A pack of sweet chewing gum like this might get the newlywed single in a slightly better mood.


#11. The Buddy Necklace

The upgraded buddy necklace “best bitches” shows that you will always be there for your buddy. Breakups suck, but no matter what happens and no matter how much life sucks, it’s at least wonderful to know that there is a really, really good friend left.


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