The Best Music Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone
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The Best Music Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

There are tons of music apps available today for both Android and iPhone users. However, if you are looking for digital music platforms in terms of high-quality streaming and affordable prices, you should take a look below!


Basically, Spotify is an app or a digital music platform where you can get access to millions of songs and other works from artists all around the world. Among all the digital music services, Spotify is known for its high-quality music streaming. One of the main reasons for its huge popularity is that it offers the world’s music at your fingertips – for free! And, honestly, there’s nothing more bold, exciting and interesting than that.

It’s hard to deny it; Spotify is an addiction –an addiction that becomes the default way you interact with music and music interacts with you. Just like how Google has replaced newspaper and has become the ultimate way for you to find news, similarly Spotify has become the ultimate way to find new music.

New music, playlists, podcasts and personalized recommendations: Spotify has it all, streamed in one platform. But, most importantly, simple yet enjoyable tasks like playing music are completely free, however, Spotify Premium is also an option. Personally, I’ve never had a subscription and I don’t even plan on getting one at all. You see, their ads, surprisingly, are not disturbing or annoying; they are mostly broken down into “hey, you deserve the premium,” or “here is our current deal.” The part I like about their ads is that they will even hype a new artist, album or hype a specific playlist and I do end up listening to them.

But, if you don’t like hearing your favorite music with advertisements, you should definitely get a subscription. And, I think that the people who are making all the music available to us should be rewarded for their efforts. Their prices are quite reasonable and the quality of the music offered is amazing.

People Reviews:People Reviews:

“Before going into the benefits of having a pro account on Spotify, I need to mention that having Spotify may change your listening behavior. Before the streaming era, I would love to play an album for long hours and then rate many songs (giving stars in iTunes) which then collectively will be a playlist and I would listen to that playlist for sometime before moving to a new album. In the past, finding “good” music was an enjoyable experience. I would spend more time finding music and during this process, I usually spend more time listening to music than skipping to next track. But nowadays, I find myself listening to my own and others’ playlist and not tuning to a specific new release or old album for the sake of finding “good” music. I now have playlists for different mood and usually, play them over and over again. To sum up my conclusion, I think Spotify has changed my listening habit to some extent but I’m enjoying it a lot. In fact, creating a playlist is a “thing” for me and I really enjoy it.” – From Aydin Habibi

“I have no idea why people use Spotify at all. I only downloaded the app precisely because I wanted to listen to a song that wasn’t available on YouTube or anywhere else, I couldn’t even find it for sale, but I found it on Spotify. After a while, Spotify didn’t let me skip songs anymore, or choose what part of the song I wanted to hear, or put the song on repeat, and it started to add random songs on my playlist that had absolutely nothing to do with my musical taste. I knew that Spotify is the kind of app that you eventually have to pay to start enjoying it, but I had no idea that the free version was so useless. I’ve read someone saying that Spotify helps you to find new songs, but how, if they can’t even tell what kind of songs do I like? So, do most people who use Spotify pay for it? Or do they just like to listen to random songs? Maybe. I have no idea, but I uninstalled it and don’t recommend it.” –From Erick Freitas

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